Thing that personally piss you off. - So, yeah as the tittle says, what pisses you off


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My professor changed the syllabus at the last minute again. :stress: (:_(

We were supposed to have a quiz on module 3 part 1 tomorrow, but instead, the quiz is on module 2. She did this with the midterm too.

My class is full of tards who waited like twenty years to go from their associate's degree to their bachelor's degree. This class is not even that hard and stuff. Most of the stuff I remember off of the top of my head, and very little information is new to me. The professor is awesome, and she really does care and tries her best to help the tards. She even made quizlets for us. Her exams and quizzes have no wild curve balls.

When is it going to be December 9, 2022?

Thanks again, kiwis, for listening to Lurk_Moar rant about her collage eddycahshun woes and complaints.

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When people take forever to get to the point. Or they go off into something else for minutes. One minute, I answer the phone. The one minute turns to 10, 20, 30 minutes, even an hour.

Or even awkward silence in-between conversations. Or I'm just anti-social.


Atleast things I wanna fuck are 3D
The "fuck you, pay me" types, especially ones that are artists.
I understand not working for free, but they made it so every MsPaint doodle fuck charges 20$.
Are also dumb often:


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Super short TV seasons, split TV seasons, etc. I am out of fucks to give about how much each episode costs, whether the episodes are longer, the sfx, who is writing/directing/starring or any of that bullshit. 8 episodes slow-dripped over a 10 week span, skipping weeks because of "reasons." A year goes by, maybe more because reasons. Ads start running for the show that time forgot, and you forgot it too. And now season two only has 6 episodes and they're going to split it into two parts, airing 3 episodes now and 3 episodes next year, but it's still one season. It's not that valuable and all of these shows and channels can go fuck themselves.

The Last Stand

Be very, VERY gay.
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The Last Stand

Be very, VERY gay.
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So anyway I was in the store right? I was going to get some groceries at Giant, the new one at Main Street. I haven't been in Main Street in forever, I usually go to the store a mile from town. You know the one town where my friend lives at? Anyway, I walked in and noticed that they had a sale on fruits for .69 a pound I only buy organic and whatnot but the fruit they had didn't say that. I was talking to the manager about this, do you have organic fruit I want to make smoothies. I have this new recipe I found from my mom's mom's nephew. matter of fact before walking in the store, he called me from Florida. Florida is nice this time of year, I would like to go but they're Trumpers down there with their sunburn skin ....



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Rob Zombie has more or less confirmed that Werewolf women of the SS will never be made. For those who don't know it was originally a trailer he made for the Quinten Tarenntino/Robert Rodriguez project grindhouse the trailer is bellow

I mean just look at it. It's like playing all the Wolfenstein games after snorting a shit ton of angel dust of a hell's angel's motorcycle tailpipe. and get's not that it can't be made in current year, where everyone who disagrees with leftist/progressive politics is a "nazi." and you can't portray nazis in a comedic way anymore.

no, no, rob has said the only reasons he can't/won't make it is because 1. He doesn't own the rights to the idea Dimension films (now paramount) does, and 2. grindhouse while a cult classic was such a failure only the Robert Rodriguez trailer Machete ever became a spinoff from it.

So yeah this trailer is all we'll have unless rob does what he did with house of 1000 corpses and buys the rights to WWOTSS himself and independently produces the film on his own.