Thing that personally piss you off. - So, yeah as the tittle says, what pisses you off

ProgKing of the North

People who name their kids after fictional characters. I'm specifically talking about characters that have weird names that don't occur in real life. The school my mom worked at had a kid named Anakin. I recently read something about people naming their kids after GOT characters, including Theon. Congratulations, asshole, you just guaranteed your kid is gonna be miserable growing up.
Good news is if the kid troons out and decides to get his dick chopped he doesn’t have to change his name

It's pretty much a matter of sounding exceptional without trying to sound exceptional and without actually being exceptional. Going completely off-the-cuff and keeping it short tends to result in what people would call a proper shitpost.
I've always thought about it as more of a state of being kind of thing. It's like an in the moment sort of deal.

Someone besides myself and the mailman has been touching my mail.

Someone wants to die.
Pffft. I don't even check my fucking mail.
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Sprig of Parsley

Damnation dignified
Loud talkers. Seriously pisses me off when I can have my headphones on, with music going full blast, and it STILL doesn't drown out the two idiots sitting less than five feet from one another who are too autistic to just talk normally and instead bellow like a fucking elephant.
On a similar note, people who try and have a conversation with me while I have my earbuds in.

1. I cannot fucking hear you over my friend Layne Staley, dumbass. Increase your volume and I might just increase Layne's to make a fucking point.
2. Earbuds in is generally a good sign that there isn't much I'm interested in discussing with you. And you call ME socially inept. Fuckhead.
3. It's always some banal shit that doesn't matter anyway. You're not entitled to a conversation about the weather with me, shithead. Say something interesting or pound sand.

Sprig of Parsley

Damnation dignified
I seriously hate ties and their omnipresence in anything but the most basic-bitch work environments drives me insane. I mean, I love how they look at times, but tying a Windsor properly is somehow difficult for me first thing in the morning, I really don't like having things around my neck like that, and caring for a nice silk tie properly is kind of a fucking pain compared to most other things in my wardrobe. (Having some cheap-but-serviceable ties is handy though.)


You're a nog.
The words "undocument immigrant", "migrant", and anything that ends in -phobe -phobic or -phobia that isn't an actual phobia.

Also the stand-up fan that I have has a twelve hour automatic shut-off function that I can't disable. Both that and the fact that the manufacturer had the balls to label it a "feature" piss me off.

PL 001

People/family/friends who can't ever be bothered with you, or act like you're the scum of the earth....until they want something (usually money) then you're their best friend.

It's anger inducing, but also depressing, especially when they think you're oblivious to their behavior.

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