Thing that personally piss you off. - So, yeah as the tittle says, what pisses you off

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Speaking of YouTube...

You can make a playlist of music and have it running in the background, right? No issues, right? Wrong. YouTube likes to pause your music about 30 min in and pester you to click a box to prove you're still there. You have like 15 seconds to do this or it basically kicks you to an error screen. YouTube isn't profitable and never has been, but that won't stop Google from trying to twist your arm to get you on YouTube Music. It's worse on smartphones - you have to have the YouTube window front and center at all times, you can't even splitscreen it. And it STILL pesters you to check in periodically.

Fuck you, you shifty-eyed faggots. If YouTube was in the business of making you money, I'd say "whatever" but YT has not been a money-maker at any point ever and you treating it like it's supposed to be is both hilarious and exceptional. If you really get shitty about this I'll probably just load up Foobar2000 and play my FLACs and shit. You're a mild convenience and a try-before-you-buy at BEST, you upjumped shits.
And that's why I keep all the music I listen to on my computer.

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People who get offended by the most mild type of humor.

Example: Talking to someone the other day and he started going into the whole "Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the government!" conspiracy. I said "yeah, everyone knows Professor Plum killed her in the observatory with the candlestick! Wake up, sheeple!" and the guy lost his shit. You're not funny! You sound like a kid on the playground with how stupid you are! Some things shouldn't be joked about you insensitive asshole! Blah blah blah...

Fucking seriously? I see this all the time in my area where people go into autistic meltdowns if your sense of humor is spicier than a Charlie Chaplin short.


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Hanging picture frames pisses me off. Even more so if they're odd dimensions and have two hooks without needing two hooks. It can be made yet worse by there being just over a dozen of the flippin' things, and their owner wanting them 1. arranged evenly across two walls, 2. down some stairs, 3. with one wall longer than the other..

..Love, thy name is "saintly patience" and "geometry/trigonometry."

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I want to break things when someone is snacking loudly within like 7ft while watching me work. Any further or not actively working on something and it's fine, but it's getting really hard not to hit someone or just walk out of whatever I'm doing over this


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I got a one week suspension in my job for asking a Hispanic customer to speak English. They assume that I was telling them to "go back to Mexico" when I actually said "if I went to Mexico, I would speak Spanish there like I speak English here".
This. I don't understand people who abandon their country to come to America "for a better life", but don't care enough to learn English.

Look, this country was not conquered by Spain, we don't speak Spanish. Mexico was - they do. You'd think they'd want to give up that conquistador language that marks them as a conquered people for the language of the country they freely chose instead.

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-People who have to tell you all the intimate details of their medical problems. No, I don't want to hear about how you got food poisoning that gave you 12 hours of explosive diarrhea, and no, I certainly do not want to see the pictures from your colonoscopy.
-When my cat has a hairball on my bed in the middle of the night. It's so much fun changing the sheets at 3am.
-Fucking robocalls.
-Stink bugs. They're fucking EVERYWHERE in this area.
-This fucking heat. I absolutely LOATHE hot weather. The only thing I like to do in summer is swim. Other than that, I hate summer time with a passion. I can't stand the heat. Plus there's no hockey.
-People who feel the need to absolutely bathe in perfume. I mean, a dab here and there, don't just drench yourself in it!
-Anyone who tries to talk to me when I'm watching a Penguins game. SHUT UP! Unless there's a fire, flood, or earthquate, GTFO!

Oh, and I'll disagree on the whole handicapped parking space thing. People don't always look disabled. Could be a heart condition, or else arthritis that gets worse as you go on. I have sciatica and I might be okay when I set out, but by the time I leave, sometimes I'm practically using the buggy as a walker.
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People who try to apply modern day values (for better or worse) to people/art that existed in the past.

You like reading Lovecraft? Hurr Durr! He was a racist dude! You a racist also? It's problematic circulating his stories still!

Like a few Beatles songs? Durrrr!!! John Lennon was a shitty husband and father! How can you support someone like him!

Usually these re.tards get basic info wrong and spread misinformation to other re.tards as well. Mark Twain was a slaveowner and racist! A huge racist!!! REEEEE! Get annoyed and ask if they've ever read Huck Finn or even know one thing about Twain, their response is "but...but...he had Huck say nigger! That means he's a racist!"

I don't mind ignorant people. All that means is you don't have the knowledge of something but are willing to be taught. We're all ignorant on some degree. I fucking DESPISE stupid/willfully ignorant people.