Things About Transgender Intersex People People Who Hate Me Need To Know

Dec 29, 2019
i wanna laugh what are some of thomas videos when he is crying or having a nervious meltdown?

Embaby Cumjar

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Apr 30, 2021
Do you believe in your diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder and have you ever been treated for it? Are you for or against anti psychotic drugs?


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Apr 10, 2013
How about it happened forty years ago and you have ZERO evidence that I am any sort of sexual predator today, you self consumed pseudo-intellectual twat?
Except for all those time you admitted to it.

Oh, and the dog molesting. You admitted to that too.

You pedophile animal rapist.

Dee Price

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Oct 22, 2018
Well Tom i am not going through all 18 pages it is fruitless anyways. We all know you are a moron that is full of shit and totally dumb to the facts.
you can't see the communities i'm well respected in from here, chickenshit cartoon.

Your statement makes you a very gullible fucktard for believing such utter bullshit.

what i say and what deviant dorks living in a virtual world think i said are two entirely different things.

why don't you do that and live stream it?

why do you believe such absurd shit, you fucking insanely jealous fuckbag? i only mentioned 9 at all because of Nigerian provisions. I've been very clear that i do not condone arranged marriages of girls of any age to men more than twice their age. It must bother you deep in the core of your brain washed being to see somebody with a penis accepted as a woman. your phallophobia is intense, you misandrous meathead.

I'm still waiting for that point by point rebuttal , dear.


Forgive my flat out calling you a Nazi instead of somebody who is most likely ignorant of the mental conditioning by the industrial fascist society you live in. You almost certainly have never met an African woman. Did you read those links? It is an ancient cultural practice that I choose not to stand in judgement of. I'm definitely not keen on arranged marriages for girls under 14 and never with somebody more than twice her age.

Morality and correctness are entirely subjective things. Most of you believe things about same sex attraction and transgender identities that are not correct or moral in the eyes of the medical science, the law of families of queer people.

keep flailing @Mariposa Electrique i own your maliciously misandrous and misinformed insecure infantile imbecilic self with it's delusions of adequacy, cupcake.

you're a maliciously misinformed misogynistic millennial mental midget. your opinion is worthless and your self loathing obvious.

your values are worse than laughable and you're a delusional self loathing twat foaming nonsense from your mouth about me, you disgusting bigoted bitch.

i'm sorry you feel the way you do, but dispense with the paranoid assumptions, please. I never said anything about race. I said you were probably in denial of the fear conditioning of the industrialized society you live in. that is all and you reacted with all the hyperbolic histrionics out of nothing but the cognitive dissonance. Most of the people here are obsessed with hatred and fixated on nonsense. i hurled no slurs and i was not abusive.

My overriding contention is that predator capitalism, patriarchal authoritarianism, religious nationalism and the so called "protestant work ethic" has resulted in congenital stupidity in the most complacent slaves in the history of Empire. Not one of you can refute anything i say, so you make up all this outlandish shit to destroy my credibility.

why do you ask? are you hoping these sick fucks have me suicidal?

you are so insane that it's pointless responding to your delusional raging. heroin? got some real evidence of that, you ridiculous rat queen?
WOOF WOOF Thomas where have your fingers today Mr DOG FINGERS