Things Book publishers do that annoy you - A thread


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Publishing shit.

Trying to force a book into a particular, very specific genre so to make its marketing easier, even asking the writer to completely cut scenes that wouldn't appeal to the target demo. That is a extremely risky move, since if you market the book to the wrong demo, it won't sell.

Italian author Giuseppe D'Andrea wrote a horror/fantasy book called Wunderkind. In his intentions, it had to be a Lovecraft-inspired urban fantasy for adults. His editor was like: "Oh, the main character is a kid, so we'll market this thing to kids, and we'll break it into a trilogy". They published the first two books, but they sold so badly that they never printed the third one, that had just the digital edition (here publishers do that to books and writers they don't trust).

A writer I know told me that her editor was very anxious about the target of her last book: she wrote a love story between a female tourist who goes to spend her holidays in a small town, and the local doctor, with a dash of "village comedy", but her editor wanted to market it to teens because a minor character, a teenager, has a couple of scenes throughout the book.
That Wunderkind book sounds really interesting, can you tell me more about it?
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Related to the movie covers, if they switch to worse looking covers for newer editions. For example, instead of this pretty good cover:

We have a boring ass cover:

Another one is when you need to start exploring the description of an omnibus to figure out you aren't buying the same books a second time, rather than have the info be one of the first things said.


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Also remembered another thing (I honestly have so many but I won't get too autistic) - when you have a series and the editions don't tell you what order they come in. I can understand loosely connected stories not having little number or plurb saying what order you should read them in, but a proper trilogy (or such) has no fucking excuse. And look, sometimes you can read the back and deduce which one is the first in the series, but sometimes not even that works PLUS 2 and 3 (and so on) can get mixed up since you have no context for what happened in the previous book(s). Is it so hard to just give me a number or "the first book in the X series" or something like that?
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Printing dumbass labels onto covers that look like stickers and including quotations of reviews onto covers.
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They did exactly the same shit on Richard Morgan's latest book. Not even the cheap paperback edition, but the 1st edition hardback. The worst part? It's advertising the netflix series of Altered Carbon, which has nothing at all to to do with this new book.
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I concur with people complaining about book covers being changed to promote movies or TV show adaptions, that almost always suck, who wants that? Maybe the only time it's tolerable is for Jurassic Park.

The funniest example of that I can think of is the version of Stephen King's Nightmare and Dreamscapes with a cover to promote the... Dolan's Cadillac movie, yes, that runaway hit... Dolan's Cadillac.

I mean nothing against either the story or movie, it's just funny that they thought a cover centered around DOLAN'S CADILLAC would make someone buy it.

Dolan's Cadillac!

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In origami books, where the 'before' stage of a complicated fold is the last thing on the page, and you have to turn over to see the 'after' stage. When a model reaches a point where, by making a fold, you are also making several secondary folds, and the underlying geometry of the model is shifting and mutating, you need to be able to see the folding steps and the shape that you are aiming for, side by side, on the same page.


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When a book gets a new edition with a cover that tries to pass it off as imitation of a Hip New/Fashionable Thing. Especially jarring if aforementioned book is what the HNT was inspired by.

It irritates me when the back cover of a novel doesn't have any actual information about the book beyond a one-sentence blurb that gives the vaguest idea of the theme and the rest of the space is filled with contentless praise from reviewers nobody's ever heard of.
I hate it with a passion ever since teenager me nearly paid real human money for Twilight.

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Bad translations. Many of you would never guess how terribly books in your languages are butchered, either due to arbitrary censorship or because the translation is a free interpretation.

Feast for Crows cut the part where a character feels attracted to other for no reason,probably the translator being a prude.

Harry Potter 7 was translated as "Horrocrux" despite "horcrux" is perfectly pronounceable in Spanish

And recently offender: "The Madness of Crowds" is now "La Masa Enfurecida" despite a literal translation is possible ("La locura de las masas").