Things that go against the BLM narrative - the USA is on fire because of the media's lies

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BLM was never about police brutality or reform or defunding, it's just racial politics for black superiority not equality

This dude (ignore the gayass pokemon avatar) puts it the best way possible, they don't care about fighting for "justice" it's just power for power sake.

All of modern social justice is just fights for superiority.

Special privileges for minorities and special privileges for women.

It's just people trying to exploit whatever they can to get ahead in life, it's actually incredibly nasty and evil that they've figured out that they can exploit left wing identity politics, to prey on people's better nature, to try to get ahead.


What's Driving Authoritarianism Today?

Two years later and we are witnessing a similar rinse-and-repeat of this same strategy where the left’s recent activism functions in tandem with left-leaning media which have together been complicit in driving woke capitalism and authoritarianism. Conversely, activist groups like Black Lives Matter have been on the receiving end of the economic benefits from woke corporate structures while also receiving favourable media representation for their actions while most media elides any criticism of how these groups have destroyed grassroots activism while being sponsored economically in part by right-wing capital.

This is revealing. Everything we're seeing is not organic; that is, it's being funded by several of the usual suspects (eg Open Society, Ford, etc) as well as large corporations. This is a revolution approved by government, the ultra-wealthy and huge multi-national corporations. It is not seeking to destroy the system, it is co-opting and solidifying control over all of us for the system.

You too can have your own Autonomous Zone, as long as it conforms to the vision politicians have for you. Go ahead and try to set one up but instead of commie its conservative, where guns and religion are not only allowed but encouraged. That shit would be shut down so fast it wouldn't even make the nightly news.

A reaction is precisely what these assholes want. Propping up the mentally ill segment of society and insisting we give into their demands is designed to elect fear, disgust and anger. The best response is no response. That's right, just ignore or pretend to go along in public/online. This is all just one big
gay op to bait Trump and the rest of us. Don't react to it. Let them destroy themselves.

If this fails into provoking an all out race/culture war, and I suspect it will, I think they'll try to stage a leftist coup before the election. This isn't about Obamagate, Hillary's emails or Nancy Pelosi's dentures, it's about more than that. It's all about the mad money everyone (except us) makes with the assistance of the People's Republic of China.

This is certainly not organic. However I don't think being passive is a good strategy. The schools and media machines are full blast woke-capital as demographics are being shifted. I agree that a race war with the idiots in the streets is largely a waste of time. Instead, I think we have to consider the necessity of deposing our elites, which are openly throwing their weight behind this, by whatever means necessary.

Societies need elites, and ours have, in some combination, failed and betrayed us. Replacing them won't be pain free but it is certainly an option. The difficulty of the task being in removing those with their claws dug in. I could see this most cleanly being done with enough public support and a political administration willing to get their hands dirty. I'm not convinced the Trump administration would do this, but if his anti-establishment momentum were to continue to another, perhaps. However I don't for one second think we should rule out other strategies, in tandem or alone. If we lose the momentum that currently exists against woke-capital, I'm not sure we'll be given an opportunity to get it back.

Here's a good video that'll get anyone up to speed on woke-capital, which inherently goes against the BLM narrative by drawing light to its roots. I don't necessarily subscribe to all the notions of grand conspiracy, but none has to be true for those in power to collectively be drawn towards opportunity at the expense of the rest of us. That they know it is against us is too obvious to be a conspiracy, however.



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It'd be nice if this wasn't the Clown World of Current Year.

But because humans are often jerks and scumbags, and jerks and scumbags tend to gravitate to power and influence, here we are.

(also the 2010s and especially 2020 killed leftist credibility)

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