Things that scared the shit out of you as a little kid. -

Were you scared of the dark as a kid?

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  • Lol no.

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  • I was scared of the things that I thought I saw in the dark.

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A child's imagination can be both a blessing and a curse. We were all scared of certain things as kids, whether it was our mind playing tricks on us or something that you saw and just couldn't get it out of your head.

For me it'd have to be the dark. Whether it was the moonlight coming through the window at night making it look like shadows were moving on their own or something that was just barely out of my field of vision so that my eyes couldn't quite exactly make it out, but could still see that there was something there.

One especially bad incident was when I awoke in the middle of the night during winter, only to see what I could of sworn to be some guy sitting in the corner of my room, facing me. With his arms holding his knees, and the rest of his body shrouded in the darkness.

My eyes were locked in it's direction as I was panicking on what I should do. I wanted to scream for my mom, but I felt that might make whoever it was lunge at me to make me keep quiet, and so it would get me before my mom would get to my room.

I also thought about just running out of my room, but since this was the corner closest to my door I thought it would just snatch me up all the same.

After a couple more minutes of staring it down trying to force my eyes to adjust to see at least a glimpse of what it really was so I could convince myself I wasn't actually seeing the thing I thought I was seeing, with nothing else left, I cocooned myself in my blankets and stayed that way until my fatigue got the best of me and I accidentally fell asleep.

In the morning, I could see there in the corner were two garbage bags full of clothes that we were giving to goodwill that my mom had put there the prior night without my knowledge.

I racked my brain on how I could of saw what I saw out of two misshappened garbage bags but never came to a proper conclusion. I think it was just me being half asleep combined with me not knowing there was in fact something in the corner because after that one time, I was never visited by that mystery man again.
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We watched an episode of Dr Who where there was a hydroponic setup on a spaceship or a space station or something, for growing food. It's been about 30 years since I saw it so I'm fuzzy on the detail but someone on the spaceship was doing experiments and accidentally created sentient plant life, called Vervoids I think. The Vervoids would come out of their pods and killed people with this poison dart thing on their hand, and the costumes were weird green leaf/plant themed obv.

My sister's bedroom had these really old granny-style floral curtains, and when the streetlights shone through them at night, the pattern looked kinda like a plant-based face repeated over and over on the curtains. We were both convinced they looked like the horrible creatures off Dr Who and hated looked at them, to the point that my sister would get me to come into her room and open the curtains after our parents had sent us to bed so that she could sleep.

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Toy soldiers traumatized me as a kid. I was afraid of the dark after that, I was afraid my toys would come alive at night to drag me under the bed never to see the light of day again.
Oddly enough I wasn't afraid of Toy story, I loved that movie.

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I remember I couldn't enter lifts as a kid, but that may have had something to do with watching speed.


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The ocean and the beings that lurk within. I always hated underwater areas in games. I ended up quitting Monster Hunter Tri very early on, just because you needed to go underwater to progress in the story (fuck you, Lagiacrus). My fear still exists, it's just not as bad as before.

On a side note, thank god Monster Hunter: World has no underwater sections.


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Fire. No idea why, must've been something I saw on tv when I was really small, but I used to have nightmares about fires that'd wake me up screaming. Even now if I smell burning and don't know where it's coming from I feel panicky.

When I was about 4, my dad spilt tomato sauce down his shirt and pretended he was bleeding. Fucker scared me so bad I was hysterical and my mum had to take me out of the room to calm me down. :lol:

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As a kid, i had a series of increasingly terrifying nightmares involving them, for some reason. Now i just think they're pretty cool
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Fucking Silas Volkmire from Battletoads. I was absolutely terrifyed of letting the game's short intro play, because I knew he would appear, but for some masochistic reason, sometimes I let it play until he appeared on the screen, so I had to run out of the bedroom and pet my cats or something.