Things that scared the shit out of you as a little kid. -

Were you scared of the dark as a kid?

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  • I was scared of the things that I thought I saw in the dark.

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My mom dad uncle and friends were watching Friday the 13th part six once, at first in the beginning I say down with them and acted all excited I can even remember asking "who's got the popcorn" but it got to the part where Jason woke up from his grave and then I started freaking out and by the time he punched hoss' heart out I was running from the room my uncle repeating what I said earlier about asking about popcorn.

So yeah it's kinda funny in hindsight given my Avatar and username and now I'm a huge fan of horror movies and Jason lives is on of my favorite entries in the Friday series.
My parents let me watch An American Werewolf in London at far too younger age and it terrified me, couldn't sleep properly for days after. I love the film and the design of it now though, it's still one of the most savage looking werewolves put to screen

Ghoustbusters is an all time classic as well, but those hell hounds scared the crap out of me. I had a closet by the foot of my bed and kept thinking one would burst out as it did in the film.

You can see the theme developing here, but Gmork from the Neverending Story was proper nightmare fuel. Although watching it back as an adult it's his dialogue that is the creepy part

And for a bit of variety, I was bought an illustrated version of The Mummy which contained a picture of it chasing after someone, which I had to cover up to avoid looking at it. The was also a line about a character walking up some unlit stairs and feeling it brush past him, which I thought would happen if I didn't turn the light on when going to bed.

The clown from The Brave Little Toaster:

From that same movie, the junkyard magnet.

The thought of an entity that could come down from above, grab you and take you to your death, with you powerless to stop it, made me uneasy.
The air conditioner going crazy and dying scared me as a kid.

Watching this film is one of the earliest films I can remember watching as a young child and I was really disturbed by it. Only recently I was able to figure out the name of the movie.

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Tp this day I despise the very existence of swans. They're violent, irrational, territorial, and downright jerks. For you see, when I was a wee bagronklekid I was chased by a swan around a lake for lord knows how long. Bagronklepop laughs up a storm about it to this day...

I don't remember the event all that much as I had a smooth child brain but I still remember it on a visceral emotional level. All it takes is to see a swan and the 'drenaline starts a goin.

Fuckin jerkbirds.

Orion Balls

Some nonce called me a "dumb cunt", today.
Baths were terrifying because I knew somewhere deep inside that the overflow plate was going to come to life and eat me. Especially when the bath was too full, and the water gurgled through the plate.


*Edit*- Oh, and the Nome King.

Honestly, everything about Return to Oz was creepy, from the doctors at the beginning to Dorothy's companions in Oz.
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Meh. Just an egg with a bacon blanket.

I heard a story about a baseball player feeling something weird in his ear during a game. He went to the doctor and it turned out to be a living moth. My bedroom was downstairs and I remember walking halfway down and seeing a moth. I was so terrified I froze in fear and just starting screaming and crying. I was so convinced it was gonna happen to me that it took me years to actually be able to walk past one.

To this day, moths still kind of creep me out.

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Deep end of the pool. Never know when the pool shark would come and kill you. Hell, I still hate the ocean and want little to do with it.

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Deep end of the pool. Never know when the pool shark would come and kill you. Hell, I still hate the ocean and want little to do with it.

Those fucking pool sharks. We had a whole series of old Time-Life books about the wonders of the natural world, and one photo showed a wobbegong shark with speckles and markings just like the light refraction at the bottom of a pool ... or a bathtub. Even worse, our local pool had these long t-shaped marks on the bottom (marking the swimming lanes, I guess?) that a child's mind could easily turn into hammerheads.

Stranger Neighbors

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For some fucking reason my father thought it was okay to show me Nightmare on elm Street as a child.

This scene fucked me the hell up.

This movie came out when I was like seven and I watched "Stand by me" just before seeing this movie, as a result I was unbelievably afraid of Keither Sunderland
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I was terrified of the Zombie Chickens and Jano in Rayman 2. I could never get past the stages they appeared in.

Of course nowdays they're just goofy, but back in the day I had nightmares about these two.
I had a book about these toys that came to life in the dark and would have eyes come out of the sockets to look around corners. I had nightmares about killer teddy bears and drowning or being eaten by alligators, and this happens in re-occurring dreams still. Always be cautious of dark water in my dreams.