Things that scared the shit out of you as a little kid. -

Were you scared of the dark as a kid?

  • Yeah.

    Votes: 64 21.4%
  • Lol no.

    Votes: 45 15.1%
  • I was scared of the things that I thought I saw in the dark.

    Votes: 190 63.5%

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Gentleman Gamer

Cake farts sorry for talking to you like an animal
A racoon scared us Girl Scouts in my first camping trip. Those bright illuminated eyes nearly ruined us toasting our msrshmallows.
For me it's the fact that they look big and fat with the way their fur is, especially when your a little kid and you're shorter. Plus the fact that I was misled into thinking every Raccoon naturally had Rabies I was pretty fucking terrified and would scream and run whenever I saw one.
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