Things Tom Actually Is -

Space Cooter
Tom is a reject. I think that's the funniest part about him. I'm watching his latest video where he tells his sob story to some poor legal secretary. It really hit me: Tom has been rejected more than possibly any human in history. I may have lurked around a while but I'm still a newfag so I won't type some long essay about each point. But just in case I missed something, Tom has been rejected by the following people and organizations. Note these are not Ivy league schools or elite clubs. Most have no barriers to entry.

1-His family
2-Other hobos
3-Other hippies (rainbow family)
4-Occupy Movement (lol)
5-Other pedophiles
8-All social media
9-Musicians (Tom's saxophone is physically painful to listen to)
10-Other trannies
11-last but not least: Kiwi farms!

Happy day Mr Wasserberg!

Thomas Highway

I ain't no senator's son, son
True & Honest Fan
Absolutely unloved by family.
Barely tolerated by acquaintances.
His death would only matter to those who hate him and want to gloat about him being dead.

its hip to fuck bees
50% shittier than all the hippies I grew up around
A fucking retard with no idea how engineering works
somehow alive
wannabe cock repository
1/9th the bullet sponge 50 cent is (so far)
the rapist in the psych ward that people are too afraid to incarcerate
in desperate need of a bath

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest
An old man that is a dog fucking pedophile hiding behind hormones to keep men from beating him to death for being sick dog fucking child rapist.

That is why when Tom dies there needs to be a well catered party for all Kiwi's to join at a national park. No POI badge is allowed to attend. which unfortunately includes me if i set up the party and catering.

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Apparently Tom finally attempted to settle a debt, then changed his mind and tried to threaten PayPal into cancelling the transaction