Things you find oddly satisfying -

Syaoran Li

Totally Radical Dude
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Cracking open a bottle of my favorite whiskey

A soft comfy mattress

The 90's anime art style, I always like seeing artwork in that style in particular

Fresh air on a cool autumn day
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Robert Sanvagene

Autistic Lives Matter™
Successfully fixing something that's broken.

New appliance smell.

Sitting in an old shitbox car, either as driver or passenger, with ice cold air conditioning on a hot summery day.

A bowl of homemade soup on a cold wintery day.

Bringing the bins in after they've been emptied, especially if one or both bins (i.e. garbage + recycling or garbage + garden waste) were almost at the point of overflowing.
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Master Crouton

dude wheres my kratom
my satisfying childhood pastime was sticking strands of hair or a string up my nose and tickling until I sneezed. I can't sneeze from doing that anymore for some reason.
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greetings frum india i hate gays
When there's a strong downpour and everyone is trying to find shelter and wait it out, and you just resign to getting drenched and walk out into it and stroll home.