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Allah Kedavra
  • A lot of people really need someone who genuinely pays attention to them and listens to the shit they have to say. You can make someone's day by sitting down with them and asking a couple questions about whatever makes them excited.
  • People who love you mostly want you to be happy and safe: by doing what makes you happy, you make them happy too.
  • Worrying is like paying a debt you don't own.
  • Don't get too mad at people for shit they did without the intent of harming you, if they own up to their mistakes. Most people aren't evil, we're all just kinda dumb.
  • Never waste a chance to be kind, never deny anyone the opportunity to be kind.
  • Most things worth doing are a little scary to do.
  • You shouldn't try to teach an ass how to take a shit. Let people do their job.
  • It's easier to clean a bit every day than to spend a whole day cleaning. Don't let shit pile up.
  • Never date anyone you wouldn't love to be friends with if they didn't fuck you.

Don Herbert

Mr. Wizard
Trust but verify, forgive but don't forget. Holding grudges, and allowing yourself to become a passive victim, both corrode the soul in near equal measure.
Sleeping on a big decision is helpful. First instincts still deserve consideration.
Truly easy livings only come from crime and inheritance, and often not even then. Quick fixes are stop gaps, not discounts. Toiling needlessly isn't a virtue, but nothing worth having comes easy.
Natural rights may be bestowed by God but their condition is perpetually in flux, and they're secured by men. Apathy and ignorance are more to blame for the erosion of liberty than malice.
If you like shadow boxing to the Rocky theme songs to start your day, you should either keep your eyes open or maintain a clutter-free living area.

Pitere pit

Has man gone insane?
. Family and closed friends can be cunts sometimes, but is handy to stay close at them if anything wrong happens to you or them. Unity creates force.
. Some friendships come and go, but the true ones stay with you at the worst times and you help them too.
. It might sound cliche, but some things are never too late to do, like studying. Knowledge never die.
. Death is shit, but you can make it less shitty on your last days. Don't make a huge show about it, just keep all the papers done before you are gone, the instructions of your funeral and tell your loved ones that they shouldn't be sad because you are gone, just happy because you are in a better place and not suffering anymore. Keep the banter and laughs until the end. If you go, may your last gesture on your face be a smile.
. Sometimes we gotta deal with the shit we did and can't be fixed. However, you can create new better moments by learning your mistakes.
. It is better to say someone how you feel about them in the moment that bottling up and exploding later.
. At least keep some alternatives to all your plans, even minor ones like taking the bus to your job, someday the bus won't be there.

God of Nothing
  • Goodwill more than often leads one open to manipulation and abuse.
  • Forgiveness is an overrated virtue often given to the undeserving.
  • Being unreasonably indecisive is often worse than just choosing the bad outcome.
  • Validation is completely unnecessary and will lead you to depend more on others.
  • Pessimism and Optimism are often misplaced and very often toxic.
  • It's absolutely fine to feel somewhat bitter about your past: letting go or accepting it is far harder than people make it out to be and will still never fix it.
  • Good and evil are arbitrary, contemplating either or striving to be purely good will lead to misery.
  • Confidence is not learned, it's achieved by accepting the outcomes of situations no matter what they be and going in anyway clear of grand visions of failure and success weighing you down.
  • The only thing in life you control is yourself. Beware those who believe in Locus of Control for they will preach complete internal Locus of Control.
  • Always question your beliefs to be sure if they're worth having or even your own.

Emperor Julian
-Order must begin within, if you wish for Sanity and good to prevail you must begin with yourself and move outward.
-People naturally gravitate towards good slightly, the universe just tips the scales the other way.
-Keep your word, it's the best credit their is
-Buy really expensive good shoes, you'll save a great deal of money and pain.
-Be sure to complain at corporations at any opertunity, you'll get loads of free stuff. Especially if you're nice about it.
-If you're fucking a girl pay special attention to the Clitorus, the more she orgasms the more she'll be willing to do stuff for you. It amazes how many people get this wrong.
-Pulling girls is pretty simple, as them if they want a drink.
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Babylonian Money Magic Slave
  • No one understands you and nobody cares its on you to be understood and liked
  • It's easier to change some ones mind if your's at least seems changeable nobody gambles without hope of winning
  • Put your parachute on first then check your passengers if you don't take care of yourself you can't take care of any one
  • Failing to complain is often just as much of a problem as complaining too much
  • Intelligent people believe stupid shit all the time and so do you

8. It’s always risky to try to turn a hobby into a job. You may just ruin something you used to enjoy.
This is in contradiction to today's modern wisdom, "Pick a job doing what you love. You'll never work a day in your life".

working hard at something dosent always guarantee succcess.
Correct. Actually what guarantees any good changes in a person's heart and mind is only suffering. Loss, and the hellish pain that comes with it. Hard work can't give you that in its self but will train you in the form of discipline.

Never Scored

True & Honest Fan
-Nobody cares about your house/computer/car/etc as much as you do. Learn to fix as much shit yourself as you can.

-Your parents are in you an you can't escape it.

-You're not entitled to have someone take care of you.

-Rights are an abstract idea that don't exist outside organized society.

-There's always a way to make extra money. If you think there isn't, you haven't tried.

-Consumer debt like credit cards is cancer. Debt on assets such as land or a house or equipment to start a business is OK as long as it's kept under control.

-The kind of people who run for town council are the kind of people who look over your fence and report what's in your yard even if it doesn't affect them. They're the kind of people who report posts on the internet instead of just ignoring them. They're the kind of people who raise their hand to tell the teacher you're not paying attention in school. Those people move from town council to other politics and they end up running things. So just remember that the country is run by nit-pickers who look over your fence and report you for putting new siding on your shed without a permit.


Fascist Emperor God-King
"What a woman says in ardent love may as well be written on the wind or running water"
Is true.

Your opinion of yourself many orders of magnitude more than other peoples' opinion of you. and ultimately it's what dictates other peoples' opinion of you in the first place. Control your routine and you control your life. Take the pussy.

MAPK phosphatase

Cell Death Regulator
- There is always someone smarter, more capable, and a harder worker than you are. Don't hate them out of spite for being better, become their friend and learn as much as you can from them, then befriend the smart people who know less than you so that if they ever surpass you, you can learn from them too.
- Humility is a valuable asset.
- Relationships require maintenance, and if you aren't going to put in the work the other person isn't going to either.
- Everyone is inescapably human. Expecting any more or less will only be met with disappointment.

Emperor Julian
one occured to me earlier.

If you're being served by someone or speaking with a call centre employee. Remember this conversation is a boring chore for them with no real personal gain, that chirpy demenor is a facade. If you start to annoy them they'll do the bare minimum for you at best and may start engaging in malicious compliance and deliberatly fuck with you as much as they can get away with. If you're really unluckly they'll start messing n ways which would get them fired but are hard to prove.

Classic examples of your reward for being a hateful cunt people trying to serve you.

- Laughing at you behind your back, any obvious personal issues are fair game here.
-Doing a really half assed job with your problem.
-keeping you in the dark about everything.
-Looking for excuses to refuse you service.
-Neglecting to mention solutions to your problem.
-Providing you exactly what you wanted because they know it's a real bad thing.
-Incorrectly filling out paperwork which will fuck you hard further down the line.
-Spitting in your food maybe even a couple of pubes if both you and him/her are real assholes.

All this obviously assumes you don't overstep the absurdly low standard coporations expect of customers. God help you if you're stupid enough to cross the line. I once saw member of the general public cost himself 2000 in house repairs and a cancelled policy because he called someone a Racial slur.

On the opposite end always remember that most low level employee's you interact with hate the company with a depth and scale you could never hope to meet. They will help you fuck the company into the dirt any chance they get as long as you don't annoy them personally.

You can forgive people for the asinine shit they do. You can forgive then for the pain they will cause you. Because you forgive does not mean you should forget.

Don't post on the internet if you're mad about something or have strong passion on something. Not without admitting you might be wrong.

You can enjoy something or enjoy being with someone. That is no excuse to blind you to any faults. Because you like to do something or to be with someone, do not think it or they are perfect.

If a relationship is tits up and you fight every damn day, evaluate if it's worth it.

Cook. Nobody gives a fuck if you cannot feed yourself. In the same token learn to shop for groceries.

Ask for help if you have no clue on how to do something. However ask for help from either a source which gives you the information without judgement or from people you trust. People will fuck you up to get ahead.

Take care of yourself. When you die, regardless of what afterlife or lack of one you believe in, there is no do over.

In a dangerous situation or if someone's life is in danger, react. You can fall apart later.