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Anything you put off until tomorrow or later will not get done.
Your actions affect other people far more than you think.
There is no high without a hangover of some sort.
Skillsets, personal property and appearances do not define us as much as we like to think. What really matters is intelligence and empathy.
God is.
Know Thyself.


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  • You can love someone even if you are no longer in love with them
  • You can see someone who hurt you are a positive figure in your life
  • You can miss something with all of your heart yet never want it back for anything in the world.


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Most people when recalling a memory will instinctively look up and to the right. Someone who is making something up will look up and to the left.
I think the urban myth goes the other way, but from what I recall of FACS, it's better to watch the hands.


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Over the years? What I have learned?

- Shut the Fuck Up. Seriously. Anything you say can be used against you, at any time.
- Things you don't say can also be used against you.
- I renamed Los Angeles "Los Assholes" and there is a damn good reason for it.
- Never assume that you are the most competent or most qualified person in the room - you will find out soon enough, if you are.
- Don't try to win over douchebags. They are douchebags, after all.
- Avoid taking your kids out in public, unless accompanied by another adult. Refer to "Los Assholes."
- Find out what is required of you, and do it. Then Shut the Fuck Up.
- In general, no one wants to hear about it. Be an adult, and save it for later.
- Do not use racial or ethnic slurs. It is tacky and cruel.
- Skipping dinner and eating a tin of Danish Butter Cookies every night raises your cholesterol level.


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Why not kill all MAPs?
Everyone is an asshole, the golden rule is for suckers.
Always keep a treat for yourself for later, you'll need it and future you will thank past you for it.
Whose Line is it Anyway is still funny, except the Drew Carey years.

- Don't act like you're wise and give aphorisms and advice unless you have something to show for it
- Apply Aristotle's rhetorical triangle whenever you're in a debate or reading secondhand information, especially the less prestigious instances
- Goethe was the original Chad
- Always hold secret meetings at the Three Broomsticks and never the Hog's Head
- If you don't know who the idiot in the room is, congratulations, you're in an idiot-free room and have won at life
- Walk away from Omelas
- Pointing out others' errors and folly doesn't always fix them, but at the very least it diverts energy from being used to commit new ones
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Deep breathing actually helps you relax, 3 sec inhale 1sec stop 3 second exhale 1 sec stop and repeat.

If you cook nonbagged rice rinse it in water a few times to make it less sticky.

Cats show affection by slow blinking. It works if you blink at them too.

Alt+PrntScrn screenscaps the window you currently are at.


Check your immunoprivelege.
Here's one:

Be kind. Be empathic. Don't project ill-intent on others. People are individuals. Separate out the wheat from the chafe.

Here's another:

Concerned people are toxic. If somebody has genuine concerns, they will voice them to you privately. Otherwise they are sabotaging your credibility.

If you are concerned about somebody, present solutions to their problems, because otherwise you come across as clingy, unreasonable and critical.

Third one:

If somebody is being a jerk to you, call them out on it in a way that embarasses them. But be swift and timely, and know your audience.