Things you learned/understood now that ruined things of your childhood -

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I used to like Simpsons but now I question them constantly making Sideshow Bob a villain, sometimes a maniac when he had actually made some good points.
Questionable decisions made about characterization aside (hi Lisa) you could just kind of view it as both "broken clocks are right twice a day" and "try not to judge the point by the person making it". But I'm pretty sure The Simpsons has gone so far up its own ass by now that if you're not watching it to laugh you're watching it for the wrong reasons.

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Damnation dignified
Furries! ruined things of my childhood.


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I wouldn't go as far to say "ruined" but Disney.

I was such a Disney fan as a kid. Donald Duck was my man. Loved the movies. Still unironically enjoy a lot of the songs from the movies. Mention it today and it seems you either get a bunch of leftist SJWs screeching about how evil Walt was, and it's so horrendously unfit for children because "muh gendurr stereotypes!" Or you get Disney tumblrthots who sperg on constantly and ship cartoon characters instead of just enjoying the music or the animation.


I enjoyed John Stewart until Stefan Molyneux pointed out that he never paid any of his interns despite being against corporate guys.

I enjoyed John Oliver until he hit his phase where his humor wasn't catching up with his increasing propagandizing; by the time he was funny again, his points were no longer valid to me and too painful to watch. Shilling for the IRS didn't help.

I watched NBC during the invasion of Iraq just to hear the death tolls, because at age 4 I just liked hearing numbers. I also thought Iraq was pronounced "Ira-cue".


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I'm not sure if it counts, but there's videogames from my childhood that I actually really liked that I went and got the emulator/rom for and realized that modern gaming ruined my ability to enjoy them. Just too damn tedious.

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"The Sweatbox" basically shattered the Disney magic, but that fucking wage-fixing scandal they and many others in the industry had done for over a decade (or even as far back as the '90s, something went on during that time, too) secretly made me glad that I never attempted to try and get that dream job at Disney or Pixar. That was just as they started making live-action remakes.

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The lean Michael Jackson did in the Smooth Criminal music video isn't really so special when you learn he had little slats cut into the floor and had inserts on the soles of his shoes that locked into them.

He has to line that shit up just right on stage in front of a crowd with lights and shit going off. It still requires tons of strength and you can hurt yourself if you fuck it up. I can see how it loses it's magic but at least for me it game me a completely different appreciation of it.

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I am unable to enjoy Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns after someone pointed out to me that Batman doesn't kill people in his comics.

Nah, just fuckin', with you. I love those movies and don't give a shit about the comics.

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I also have issues with Disney, mostly because of the monopoly they have on everything while still trying to show off that magical fantasy face. I love Disneyland but if I were a creator of any kind I would not let Disney get it's grubby little mouse paws on my shit.
I'd have to say learning that when Nemo grows up in reality since his mom, brother and sisters are gone he turns into a girl. Also he has to copulate with his father. In the Lion King I realized A. Nala and Simba were basically hinted at getting it on with that one song. B. They are either siblings or cousins. There are tons of dirty jokes in kids movies that I get now. The origin of most of the Disney movies is actually darker and in the case of sleeping beauty she was raped.
I'm honestly amazed Rocko's Modern Life didn't turn me into a deviant, with how often I watched that cartoon as a kid. Needless to say 90+% of it went clear over my head.... but it makes it amazing as an adult.