Things you thought about KF before joining -

At first, I only heard about KF from a news article talking about this site that doxes and harasses people getting shut down back in Jan 2017, didn't think much of it and just shrugged, figuring gay ops had caught up to someone. About a year later, I saw an discussion with Null and it sounded more like a place for former channers who were too old to bother with ops and raids but still wanted to laugh at internet drama. Of course, once I joined, I realized this was actually a secret gay dating site where we pledge our allegiance to the glorious nation of Israel and its prophet, Benjamin Netanyahu, PBUH.

Some Manajerk
I thought it was almost all about Chris-Chan, with maybe little bits and pieces dedicated to a few other speds who had caught their attention. then my mind was blown when i cam and lurked for a while, and fought CWC was just a tiny little bit of what KF covered. he wasn't even the only one with his own sub-section!
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Koning der Pijpbeurt
After reading about Kiwi Farms in the classifieds, I was a bit hesitant at first; however, upon my first visit I was blown away by the product quality and friendliness of the staff. Null himself even welcomed me and personally made sure that my stay here was pleasant and any convenience was handled accordingy. I have since told all of my friends about KF and my family and I will definitely be returning here soon.

Rating: 10/10


  • Quality assurance
  • Amazing customer service!!!
  • Clean and organised
  • Atmosphere
  • Professional
  • Sometimes a long queue for the chocolate fountain

Coleman Francis

True & Honest Fan
I thought the users were ugly because I looked at that Tumblr page that reposted all the pictures that were in the old "post your selfie" thread.

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