this is difficult... 04/18/2019 -

  • our gorl did not sleep well last night, she looks like she showered
  • Thursday is her weigh in day, shows us on Friday
  • Becky jolted her awake, so she could not go back to sleep
  • has ayyyyyygs and the pre-cooked bacon for breakfast
  • Rafe is with them, Necky has her hair in "piggy-tails"
  • "carbs are great"
  • confesses to having a larger than normal meal
  • wants to compensate by not eating for the next eight hours (this is gonna go well)
  • contradicts herself by saying that she will eat a serving of carrots
  • wants to "eat to live, not live to eat"
  • wants to be an inspiration to herself, she "knows herself, knows how she has failed at every diet, and how much she sucks"
  • is obsessed with accelerate by christina aguilera it gives her super bean bag powers
  • does a cover of it (it was amazeeeeen)
  • "baby lotion does wonders to your hands"
  • is successful in the "fasting situation"
  • wants to lose 10lbs in her first week
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6 bacons
she wants to fast for 8 hrs? she says "I don't recommend this", on the heels of just having to fight off a binge for hours? even says doing things like this ends up in her binging?

She's literally trying to find ways to fail, it's so transparent.

Also Necky eye-fucking the camera while squirting baby lotion into her hands...if I wasn't gay before...

Mark it on your calendar, gorls! Hair washed on 4/17/19. Let's see how long we go before the next washing.

Is it just me or didn't she look way better with short hair. It fit the whole fat overgrown preteen boy look better. Now that shit just looks weird.
The pigtails look stupid, and her hair as it currently is could use some layers/highlights/something.


Gotta go crazy fast
Yeah no shit. There isn't an easy way out of your situation. 400+ pounds to lose isn't a little bit extra weight you're gonna get off in a a week of effort. You've built this body with a life of bad habits and tearing it down will take a lifetime of dedicated effort.

Very Honest Content

(Formerly a) Niggo(?)
Ten minutes.

Close up Amber starts out complaining about lack of sleep. This was recorded yesterday she claims. Thursday (today) will be the weigh in day. She's been down from her new highest weight. She wanted to binge yesterday but made herself wait it out...after a few hours she didn't binge. Not sure how true this is.

Making three eggs, plenty of lumbering around the kitchen, adds everything seasoning and some bacon to the eggs, 210 calories in eggs, 90 in bacon. Not bothering with checking her math because really I don't care what she eats.

Becky models off two short pigtails for her hairstyle. It's something else alright. Amber gets her to jig on demand too, must have been scared of Amber's rising bingemonster? There's a Rafe (I guess? I can't id the entire lesbian Kentucky mafia on first sight but I think that's her assumed name) sighting here.

She's trying to go to sleep in eight hours without binging now, maybe she'll snack on some carrots as she already had a 'bigger' meal off camera before this part. Cut to supposedly three hours later after her 'arm workout' ... AND THERE'S THE TIME LAPSE ARM UP WORKOUT CLIP, SPEAK OF THE FUCKING DEVIL! Play this section at double speed, I dare you. She doesn't understand how reaction channels to music don't get copyright struck. Because Amber, the 'reaction' is commentary on the song or in some cases criticism and that's protected speech. The more you know big Al...she almost got the two open sores on her left cheek covered this time, I could barely see it again but it's still there. She says she didn't binge, because of course she said so...

I liked the part where she showed herself writing down her workout, there's some funny parts I guess? Plus, it's short but just long enough to monetize ads on.

Captain Ahab
She starts her video with her moon face shoved in front of the camera and immediately starts rambling about sleep issues and Be ky supposedly waking her up. One might imagine Becky is a nickname for sleep apnea.

Announces that Thursday will be weigh-in day, but doesn’t want to make any promises, which is Amber for fuhggedaboutit.

She claims to have been losing some weight with each weigh-in.

The binge monster has been chasing her but she didn’t give in.

Prepares a healthy breakfast of bacon and a plateful of scrambled eggs with some extra sodium on top. She waddles round the kitchen. Hagrid has really let himself go.

Becky proudly displays her shortbus hairdo, while Amber screeches like an exceptional individual in the background.


They managed to lure a third pig into the nest.

Becky, egged on by Amber, slaps her ass. I threw my tablet against the wall and missed the next scene.

Amber had a “bigger” meal.

She’s looking for her phone then remembers she’s recording with it. The fat has affected the brain.

Disaster. There are 8 whole hours left till sleep time and gorl stresses out because she can’t eat any more food. She rambled about her blood sugar dropping too low and she can like totally DIE, you guys. With distress plastered all over her moon face, she announces that “she’s not gonna be eating for a while.”

She allows herself to eat one snack. “Carrots” supposedly. Eating just that is her challenge for the day. She’s wants to be an inspiration to herself and the big wide world beyond the nest.

She did her arm workout but you might miss the clip if you blink. Instead she rambled about her favorite workout playlist, which consists of one song. Sadly, she decides to sing it for us. She and Becky are worried about getting a copyright strike rather than causing the artist to jump off a cliff. She then leaves to call some bitch.

Amber was successful. She “hasn’t even ate” the carrots. Sadly, she hasn’t discovered grammar either.

The weigh-in will be uploaded on Friday. Doesn’t say which year.

Plans to lose 10 pounds but will be happy with 8.



*sobs in dovahzul*
she wants to fast for 8 hrs? she says "I don't recommend this", on the heels of just having to fight off a binge for hours? even says doing things like this ends up in her binging?

She's literally trying to find ways to fail, it's so transparent.

Also Necky eye-fucking the camera while squirting baby lotion into her hands...if I wasn't gay before...
man she cant even go 1 full hour without food

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