this is difficult... 04/18/2019 -


Don't cry for me, I'm already dead.
I don't understand- how is eating " a serving of carrots" supposed to make up for the big meal? This would only make sense if the carrots were going to be instead of junk not in addition to the junk.

I guess I'm the stupid one though because Amber knows everything about nutrition, she's said so hundreds of times while gaining hundreds of pounds.

Suddenly Stupid
Wow this is one of the most shocking videos I've seen of her in a while.

Not only do we get to see her shuffling about in all her glory, we get to stare at the horrifying acanthosis nigricans she has on her hands. Seriously, she must not realize that despite all her bleating about how she doesn't have diabetes, these shots of her discolored hands basically prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that her pancreas is just as disappointed in her continuous binges as we, the suspension on her car, and the scooters that are forced to ferry her around walmart are.

Surely she would never show her hands if she realized what the condition of her skin signified. At this point she might as well just record herself telling us how healthy she is while pointing the camera at the needles and bottles of insulin prescribed in her name.

(btw do you think she can actually get into a car anymore? seat belts are now comically out of the question either way that's for sure. you'd have to get a set of mover's tie-down straps to secure her)

With her hair down, she reminds me of Mr. Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street. I genuinely can't remember the last time her hair looked this clean.
4 months ago, around vlogmas if I'm not mistaken, is the last time we saw her with it down.

for some reason with that video title, i thought for sure amber would be talking about the massive binge shit she just had to squeeze out
Lezbereal, this isnt the Chantel show.


Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
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You guise! She totally looks fatter in this video. She’s been playing sweet inspiring dieter since she lost all those subs, and has done a few full body shots to get the feeders back. But I swear, since we saw her spinning like a hippo in that black dress a few days ago to yesterdays fake cooking vid, she’s put on 20 pounds. I can see why she can’t walk, she lidurally cannot walk, there is too much fat to move her legs apart. That kitchen waddle was horrifying.

Of course, she’ll show a 4 pound loss or whatever on weigh in day but it’s a lah. She’s getting bigger.

She’s 600 pounds for sure, no “almost” about it.

I believe she has already had her consult with the WLS provider and the packet contains financial paperwork she needs to submit but also the diet plan that she needs to follow. She has been so against low carb in the past but seems to always be showing, and commenting, on her lower carb alternatives (But I'm not low carbing it y'all)

She will drop some weight by following the plan and if she can hoard enough vlogs maybe even try to pass it off that she is losing weight herself after WLS


Yep. Her face is fine in older pictures, and they say she was in some kind of accident that did it.
Yes. She had a "bike accident" when she was younger, which I'm choosing to call "fell off a bike like a regular tard noob" that knocked her face off-center. Don't feel bad, she'd still be ugly asf.

Here's the stream where she admitted it. All praise to Queen Cxnt.

EH 110

I've always wondered how falling off a bike could knock your face out of alignment. I'd like to see a pic of Becky before that happened. I bet she looked the same. It's less embarrassing to say you were in an accident than admit your face is just naturally a fucked up mess.

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