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Im not mad at Abbey's video. It was nuanced and based in science, while being careful of not diagnosing or making assumptions. She's a professional and was trained to see any patient or case study as such.

I watched the whole thing and I see where she was coming from and her intentions were clearly not to come off as confrontational in the hopes that Amber would take some of the advice. Maybe thats the problem, it was too real, and with the absense of *hate* in the video, our gorl couldnt dismiss it as easily. Of course Amber had to do a shit ton of mental gymnastics to misunderstand all of Abbey's points on purpose to the point of rationalizing her own bad behaviour.

What Abbey failed to understand is that Amber doesn't want help. She wants asspats and pity while monetizing all her bad behaviours.

This Abbey Sharp video is really going to contribute to the death of this cunt. It’s basically coddling her and verifying all her nonsense.
Not sure if Abbey is just an opportunist or grifter with all these diet reaction vids. Seems like she is an actual certified professional, but yeah the vid was ridiculously soft and coddling so of course Amber chose it to react to. (As opposed to diet commentary vids like that bodybuilder chick who is pretty matter of fact and stern regarding Amber's diet)

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she's going to be fat the rest of her life so even if she didn't have her uterus sucked out she would never have a body capable of having children
her child would be fat like her because amber is stuck mentally as a 13 year old
Yes, and furthermore, Amber does not want to lose weight. I do not understand why people are suggesting any treatment for her. She is 30 years old and unless she is taken under the protection of a legal guardian because she is a risk for herself, Amber can do anything she wants and if she does not want treatment, there is nothing that can be done for her. She is quite clearly happy to be that size and does not even want to do the strict minimum to get bariatric surgery. She thinks that she is pretty this way and could not accept having sagging skin.

As far as adopting, she would need to have an assessment done by the government and I do not expect her to pass that assessment. She probably believes that getting a child is like getting a puppy. In reality, it is mostly an aspirational goal that she is not expecting to fulfill.

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Abbey is a dietian, I watch her videos sometimes and I agree with her view of food for the most part, which is to have a healthy relationship with food. When I saw her video about Amber, I thought she was being WAY too nice and all the comments were defending Amber. It's obvious they don't watch Amber. Her video on Trisha Paytas (idk if I'm spelling her name right) was better.

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Yes, and furthermore, Amber does not want to lose weight. I do not understand why people are suggesting any treatment for her. She is 30 years old and unless she is taken under the protection of a legal guardian because she is a risk for herself, Amber can do anything she wants and if she does not want treatment, there is nothing that can be done for her. She is quite clearly happy to be that size and does not even want to do the strict minimum to get bariatric surgery. She thinks that she is pretty this way and could not accept having sagging skin.

Yes! It dumbfounds me that the same people in her comments make the same suggestions, over and over and over again. She doesn't want to change. Being a giant lardass makes her fairly unique - and it's the only thing that makes her special or that makes people interact with/watch her. She knows this, she loves to eat, she can make idiotic videos and people will still watch them and give her coin, so she has her life the way she wants it, complete with lobotomized "girlfriend" she doesn't even have to sleep/have sex with.

As far as adopting, she would need to have an assessment done by the government and I do not expect her to pass that assessment. She probably believes that getting a child is like getting a puppy. In reality, it is mostly an aspirational goal that she is not expecting to fulfill.

Because she's a fucking idiot who doesn't know anything about how the real world works. People who worry about her potentially adopting a child need to get over it. It ain't happening. Ever.

you all really watched 1 hour and 23 minutes of AL already? must be really bored during quarantine...

Nope, but I'm considering throwing myself in front of that train later to do a recap.

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ALR makes me MOTI for a number of reasons, but I really hate her constant assertion that she gets a disproportionate amount of hate for her actions. She's constantly whining about how other YouTubers do the same things she does (e.g. go on shopping sprees, film mukbangs, etc.) and get less hate.

I don't know what's so hard for her to understand. ALR gets hate not because she's grotesquely obese, but because she's a shitty person with no redeeming qualities, and much of this shitty behavior is linked with her weight/eating habits. She is so ubiquitously disliked (for good reason) that no matter what she does she'll receive nasty comments-- at least until she shows long-term, consistent change, which we all know won't happen.

It's nothing short of fascinating how delusional this fatty is. If ALR were a decent person, she'd just be another whale in the deathfats thread and wouldn't have an entire subforum dedicated to her.
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"Okay, so when I make my mukbangs, I don't purposely eat a lot of food. When I do mukbangs, that is literally the meal that I would be eating. I have never binged in a mukbang before."

Amazing that she thinks that admission makes anything better. :story:
She says at the 5:49 time stamp that she normally eats 2 egg rolls, but eats twice as many egg rolls in the video due to it being a mukbang: ''I only need two, but I figured since I was filming a mukbang..' She remarks about the egg rolls, 'they're huge!' @5:48. So, she's contradicting herself. She stated in another video that she eats more in mukbangs, because she thinks they're more entertaining.

Obviously, she's had periods of days or weeks where she claims to have been eating what she films in mukbangs/eat with mes only, yet, she didn't lose any significant weight. Whether she overeats on cam or eats less than she normally would, she still eats an insane amount of crap when the camera is off. If you stay within the same 5 lb, up or down, no matter what you're eating on cam during a period of time, your eating habits haven't truly changed, no matter what you decide to show people.

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Exposure therapy is used for a lot of anxiety/panic issues. Like say you had a fear of the dentist. The therapist might have you handle dental tools to start, measure your reaction, sit with your discomfort until you calm down and relax. Repeat until a step up, when they might have you sit in a dental lobby for a few minutes at a time, feel the stress, and relax. Amber doesn't do discomfort, so she knows this won't work for her.

exactly. amberlynn has never really expressed a specific phobia/panic/anxiety issue, she just blankets it all in with 'muh mentalz'. there's nothing she's particularly afraid of to expose her to. even cancer didn't scare her enough to make her change her ways or try to fix herself in any way. she's not scared of being a laughing stock because she clowns her 600lb body everyday to the mass public. the only thing she is ever anxious or panics about is getting and scoffing food.

i'm not sure why she seemed so repulsed by the idea of exposure therapy though because i doubt her dense fat-soaked brain even knows what it is.

Has Amber always gone off about triggers as much as she did in this video? If this becomes her new favorite word I swear to god...


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Amber will never and does not want to change because she is a narcissistic cunt with very very few qualities other than the tran wreck aspect. She puts not effort in to her craft at all and is one of the laziest youtubers who gets a decent amount of revenue. She continually gains the system and Abbie COULD of RESEARCHED this aspect because this aspect alone shows she does not want to change.

Abbie may be qualified but fuck so is Katie Morton and is a garbage person so having qualifications does not mean you have good intentions. Example due to Katie Morton's malpractice she is a licensed MARRIAGE COUNSELLOR not a specialist even due to her malpractice has probably killed Eugenia Cooney as she known things privy but did not disclose them. Only because someone is a professional does not give them credence.

In this example though Amber and Eugenia are very similar as they produce content to embolden themselves, Amber and her narc behaviour and EC for her weight but also narc traits too. These people do nothing but enable her gratz Abbie you stupid bitch.

this shit is almost AN HOUR AND A HALF? gotdamn
(not pictured, the probably hour and a half it took her to arrange both her massive self AND a laptop into the same frame)
-hi guys, people have been asking for her to react to this
-shes so nervous bc people are such meanies to her *squweeee*
-it probably chaps her ass that people asked a dietician to react to her
-abby says people bully amber so shes smugly looks at the camera
-abby says to talk to your dr about nutrition and alr nods along like shes an expert
-she really cant let any signle detail fucking go she has to stop and correct the smallest most irrelevant details
-who cares when it happened gorl you gained like 300 lbs on a WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY
-shes defending mookbongs again "just me being honest"
-she tries to say she doesnt binge in her mukbangs, bc the huge amount she eats is just her regular meals (we know) that would be binges for other people (sometimes)
-shes judging skinny mukbangers for eating too much
-quit pausing to be smug about how youre better than skinny people alr you fcking cow
-"iVe dOnE hEaLtHy mUkBaNgS bEfOrE"
-here come the fake tears when confronted with the fact that her eating caused her cancer
-"its all my fault boo hoo food ruined my life" FOOD ruined her life, she didnt ruin her OWn life, it was the FOOD
-she might actually be crying but it literally means nothing bc she will never change
-talking about her hysterectomy again
-she really didnt think this lady would bring up her OBESITY CAUSED CANCER? suuure, not just taking the opportunity to get more sympathy again lol
-you were never gonna have kids amber (thank god) so stop with the boohoo barren act
-alr appreciates that this dietician wont diagnose her (bc she doesnt have it) unlike her haydurs who UNdiagnose her
-tries to convince us she doesnt lie about what she eats in a day (liar)
-stop. fucking. pausing.
-ew that nasty pasta shit was featured lol
-the nerve of her to sit there and listen to this advice as if she'll listen to it
-of course all she heard was "make the smoothie but also eat more shit with it*
-smoothies make her dizzy, of course
-shes oohing and nodding at this advice, like shes totally understanding. if its never sunk it before it wont now
-bitches that abby keeps talking about her cancer *works up tears again*
-all this is doing is making her hungry
-fucking god she said she was hungry as i wrote that. what a cow.
-alr tells us the importance of nutritional balance, what an expert
-shes mad that abby says she sets herself up to binge, didnt have any comments to make there lol
-"im very all about low calorie" BITCH WHERE
-now shes trying to predict what abby will say because GUYS she KNOWS what WORKS
-more boo hoo muh cancer
-she has a total epiphany that she should eat more veggies
-the dietician lady told her to eat bigger meals guys its fiiiiine
-her bitchy face whenever abby says cancer lmao
-"people are INVALIDATING my STRUGGLE but theyre nice to the SKINNY people"
-her mukbangs are totally not binges guys.
-"i should film another binge to prove it" sure why fucking not. get that coin
-i hate how fucking smug she gets when other people are shown eating more than her
-shes doing that "omg can you believe how mean people are" voice and i hate it
-shes so jealous of skinny people that can do 10000 challenges
-now shes reading hate comments can you believe how mean people are to our dear dainty princess but theyre so nice to skinny girls?
-"the skinnier you are the more accepted it is to do anything" youre not overweight youre GROTESQUELY OBESE
-"i feel like mukbangs should be okay if its a normal meal youre gonna eat" yeah but when thats meal 1 of 10 for you....
-more smug face when abby says bullying obese people just makes them fatter
-"tough love doesnt work on me" bitch NOTHING WORKS ON YOU
-continues blaming her audience for making her overeat and binge but its not her fault for staying on youtube its our fault for not kissing her ass more
-"are internet trolls the reason for amberlynns binge eating?" "IM GONNA ANSWER THIS." tl;dr its her fault but realllly its the haydurs fault duh.
-abby just keeps handing her excuses. this is basically an assisted suicide at this point
-"when i eat by myself i eat so fast" youre just eating all the time thats the issue
-"i dont binge in front of people" except in her relationships, confirming she doesnt consider becky a person lol
-i cant believe this lady is basically giving her a free mukbang pass. shes gonna be smugly riding this high for weeks
-"i hate blaming anyone other than myself" BITCH SINCE WHEN
-weight loss is on her mind 24/7 suuure
-shes gonna start crying again lol. i think its bc abby said she cant even do normal activities
-crying bc apparently even if she loses weight shes just gonna gain it back. confirms shes gained a lot back (we know)
-abby throws in a lil comment about gaining back the famous 89 ellbees and alr scoffs
-alr basically says that people in her comments cant jude her bc theyve never walked in her size 42 leggings. kind of implies they dont know what its like to be hungry
-she also says that a 1200 calorie diet would make her binge to 800lbs. youre well on your way anyway
-she has no comment on abby talking about therapy. suspicious
-"wow this is making me realize i only ever eat after emotional hunger" like her mind is blown that shes not actually hungry shes just a fatass who eats to eat
-shes started messing with the camera and lights bc she doesnt want to listen
-EVERY psychologist shes seen says she has BED
-now theres a therapist talking and alr nods along again like she knows all this already
-"i eat a cupcake and im proud of myself" bc she hasnt eaten the whole dozen. except she does
-more fake epiphanies about "wow im so messed up"
-my mentulz
-she ate 900 calories a day in virginia but also crazy binge. make it make sense
-shes allegedly in the 520's rn
-jenny craig was unhealthy bc she always though about food. unlike every other day.
-her heavy breathing is really distracting
-therapist lady says diets dont help bc it makes them feel like failures or something, as alr nods along and tries to look sad
-alr shits on inpatient care bc its not to help lose weight its to help treat BED. bitch. cow. cunt. THATS THE FUCKING POINT
-it astounds me that she wont go get her supposed BED treated bc its not a magic weight loss vacation
-"when i stop binging i lose weight" no shit dumbass
-admits she binges every night, which she will deny later im sure
-its takes a long time to lose weight, who knew?
-shes not saying she doesnt need to lose weight, but its just soooo haaaard and people are soooo meaaaaaan to her WHY is that OKAY
-god shes just so bullied and mistreated why wont someone HELP her
-its puts her in a dark hole. oh soon enough.
-shes crying again bc she "just wants to be normal"
-shes literally crying bc other people eat normal portions and not her giant ones lmao
-now shes crying over triggers and about the mean comments again. get off youtube then my fucking god
-still pretending she doesnt love herself more than anything else
-keep blaming the comments alr, just keep reading and eating yourself to death
-once again she ignores the comment about getting therapy
-her normal hunger is a one but her EMOTIONAL HUNGER is like a 15 my god why cant we understand "the things that she goes through"
-if she starts using her pillows as stress balls when she eats theyre gonna be so stained and greasy ew
-she disagrees with these professionals bc shes craving mcdonalds (its probably on the way) and thats BAD FOOD.
-has that fatty mindset of "bad foods dont count if you eat good foods with it" how often do we see them eat huge meals but they will put a little side salad or something with it lol
-says it doesnt matter how satisfying her meals are bc shes gonna binge no matter what
-alr shits on exposure therapy bc its 'scary' which i believe is the fucking point
-now shes acting like if abby was her dietician she would thrive. liar, youd listen to her for 2 days and then film a smug burger kind mukbang
-she likes that theyre not talking down to her (unlike everyone else)
-abby implores the haydurs not to be boollies anymore and amber cries some more
-alr keeps things private now bc people are just so mean
-we'll never know he tRuE lYfE bc BULLIES
-amber totally loved this you guys shes gonna subscribe bc it was soooo educational
-she wants people to put a random word (that she then gives us) to prove that we watched

so basically this was just an hour of amber alternating between being smug about how this dietician gave her excuses to binge, and crying bc people are just so mean to her and its all their fault that she gained 300lbs on a weight loss journey when if people had only been kind and kisses her honda sized ass shed be a skinny instagram model by now


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ALR: I never binged on camera
Also ALR: I should film ANOTHER binge so you guys can see the difference.

So for what I heard she lost 100 elbies around the cancer saga; reaching 499 or something and oh how amazing (Charlie Gold lost her challenge) (ALR was intuitive eating then Freshly came around to ruined everything)...
... and she gained 60 back already?

ETA: Who's the binge eater muckbanger ALR talked about?


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I skimmed through this video and heard Amberlynn say something about having “a great time seeing Christmas lights with Becky and thought I would vlog it.” After uploading the vlog she sees comments like “Too big for that car, you need a new one” etc. and apparently it changed her whole mood and caused her to binge.

Amberlynn is pretty much a slave to this channel as it’s her only source of income. She can try to punish viewers by going dark for a couple weeks but eventually she’ll want the money and will come back to see the same comments.

I don’t know what else she expects. This is YouTube. The day she declared herself to be a weight loss journey channel pretty much sealed her fate. I’ve seen the tide change in her comments when she made some progress or when she had cancer. So she can either get cancer again, or just lose weight.

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