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This is how you don't play lifereal life manual

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by Zack the ripper, Aug 20, 2018.

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no one can help you

  1. 1-when you get lucky you should NOT take it for granted : phil was lucky when he got popular and i use that term loosely but he didn't try to improve on his craft let's playing is a meme i know but there are alot of ways to stay on top had phil actually tried to get better he would have been a true legacy let's player
    2-a)if someone took the time to watch\consume the shit you are putting out you should NOT take it for granted : phil from the git-go treated his fans as numbers like on his hit series ridiculing friends request which i know is a joke from the master jokester but hey it counts
    b)people are shit but if some of them decided to help you then it's on you to take care of them and NOT view them as tools : phil and his CT buddies had the worst "work" relationship anybody can ask for , it was evident that phil saw his buddies as tropes to use in his video
    3-Criticism is a bitch but if you got it then you are actually doing something and thus you should NOT be afraid of it : phil as we know is on his pussiest when it comes to facing criticism be it his banning crusade on twitter or turning off his yt comments , criticism is to a creator is what fat is to our diet you can neglect it all you want but without it your nutrition game is trash
    4-Always keep yourself in check ; always KNOW who and where you are : going by phil's narrative the tax thingy was an ambush , according to phil khet and panda were his soulmates too ! you are responsible as an adult to research this stuff and to not fall for those gold digging bitches
    5-you should as an adult KNOW where your limits are : phil is famous for his paymeton's debacle with project 7 any other normal human bean should have the oversight to know that rambo and howard aren't gonna show up but hey phil was wishing he could pray this one away and we all know what stars' answer was
    6- There is always an alternative : phil has this thing when he thinks what he has is special and unique which is what gave birth to his raw unedited meme but in truth there are alot of people who offer the same product only better and his ignorance of this only adds to the hilarity
    7-Always look out for the number one: phil is known for his deep jealousy to the better streamers out there and instead of scooping out his competition he'd rather fume with jealousy and mental-masturbation or mental-accident
    8-There is always a price and you should always be prepared to pay it : phil always whine about how he has no time to do the shit he wants to be it his pet horse or other stuff ,but this is the cost of doing what he does and his denial to admit that leads to him sounding like a bitch , also the ps4 pro and the tv which he should have bought himself years ago only adds up to the childish bitch image
    9-Always have a way out : phil is famous for his "i didn't have an opportunity to have plan b" shtick
    but as we all know he could have had a plethora of plans that the alphabet wouldn't keep up with , as in any business things always have a chance to not pan out you as a dave disciple you should always keep that in mind
    10-Tunnel vision sux ass : while tunnel vision helps you level up your diligence it's not recommended for prolonged use , it can lead you to become a hermit in a big lonely house with no friends and family , don't get me wrong money is great but money alone won't be there for you when the going gets rough and your daughter leaves you for tyrone

    i wrote this and left out the ego issue (or issues) that dave has because he is an autist and i was trying to tell people that even a shitty person could have done better than dave , cause alot of us peepul with intelligence you know brains that are hinged properly have some similarities with dave no one is immune to laziness ,so i wrote this one out to show that even fellow autists could have done better so they won't be afraid of truning into daves davettes :biggrin:
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    Zack the ripper

    Zack the ripper Super villain

  2. His only way out now is when he has a heart attack on stream after an extended begathon.
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  3. He has "outs"....he is just completely unwilling to consider them.
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  4. well technique he has no way out , not with the house the condo the cars the gamestop credit
    if he considers downsizing then yeah totally he has plenty
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    Zack the ripper

    Zack the ripper Super villain

  5. .45 worth of copper?
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    The Captain

    The Captain Friend of Marvin and Splendid Meat Sticks
    True & Honest Fan Christorical Figure

  6. Phil would fuck that up. He’d be the dumbass that pops it in his temple and spends the next 20 years in a coma.

    Then there will be poor Kat on stream, “I need that money, I really do. I need that money to pay his hospital bills.”

    I’m just kidding. She might call 911, but she’d be shacked up at Tyrone’s before the ambulance arrived.
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    harbinger DarksydePhallus

  7. Ja ja, interesting stuff. Gave me a little spoon of personal inspiration, cuz as you stated we all have one or another similarity with Phil (pigs are genetically close to humans).

    But damn, the red text messed with my visuals. Appeared nearly 3D.
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    Wurstbrot Basic Understanding Of Time

  8. im a professional trust me :biggrin:
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    Zack the ripper

    Zack the ripper Super villain

  9. For me too... in fact, watch Dave's dumpster fire of a situation is like updating my "life anti-virus", his life in this current state, is like everything that you should not do.

    And you can apply this to everything:
    Finantial Decisions
    Relationship Decisions
    "Career" Decisions
    Friendship Decisions

    Is just bad decisions left and right, and it's the best display, to learn and avoid doing the same thing, even on a small scale.
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    DoubleBored I'm bored

  10. You could've just summed this up in one sentence: "don't be a r.etard"
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  11. Lots of people file for bankruptcy. It's hard but it's not something to an hero over. I would bet Phil would get to keep one car out of it.
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    sperginity croissant fresh
    True & Honest Fan

  12. Yes, but would his ego allow for it? We are talking about Phil here :P!
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  13. Phil is only playing Ryu in SFV. His logic is that he only is playing one character over and over so he will learn everything about the game and then he will automatically be good with the other characters.

    Maybe Phil is acting like a exceptional 14 year old boy for most of his life so he will learn everything about how the world works and if he gets to be 60 years old he will know how to be a responsible adult.
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  14. Sometimes he fumes with physical-masturbation.
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    Power Armor

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