This is How You DON'T Play Videogames (2018 Edition) -

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Let's look forward pahsitively to 2019!
What are the absolute worst gameplay moments from DSP this year?

Any moment, as long as it's from a 2018 playthrough, is eligible.

If you can, leave video proof with timestamp of the moment. Using any video, even a TIHYDP, as source.

If i have enough time, i might make a compilation from your picks and upload it.

Falling asleep during Yakuza6 and FoTNS

Purposefully drawing out the Orphan of Kos fight for his 2 hour night stream (refusing to heal to do so)

Silent Hill trying to cheese the final boss by using all his ammunition outside the final room.

Blatant phone checking during ED, including sitting and reading a guide how to beat a relatively simple puzzle.

Hard to pick the most egregious but I would probably select the falling asleep. 1) against twitch tos 2) shows how really interested and commited he is to games 3) they were second streams which start in the afternoon his time so how is he out of energy??

He didnt know you can headshot in rdr2... I mean... Its the same for most console games.

He didnt know how to control snake on mobilphone.
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Running off the pier and dying in the 2nd GTA Vice City playthrough. If this were a one time thing, then I wouldn't have considered it, but guess what? This happened in his 2012 playthrough too, on the same mission and the exact same boardwalk no less. The worst part is that I can't tell if this was genuinely him being incompetent or if he planned it because immediately afterwords, Dave looks at the facecam and presses a fail sound button. Not a children's entertainer guys. You can see both the 2012 and 2018 clips of this side by side here at 1:38:10:

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I nominate the Silent Hill 2 run. Even in condensed form and as a big fan of the series I really think one is one of the worst playthroughs he's ever commited to thu legacy. I tend to point and laugh when people get turned into diaper filling mental midgets over just about anything related to videogames (hi there big time DSP fan Crossing Eden) but this is one of those times I totally understand why DSP in particular gets under people's skin when he looks to tackle a classic. He proceeds to turn it into something resembling a tutorial for how to read instructions (he used a guide throughout) and his video guide of how to follow another guide is completely useless.

He considered SH2 "one of the best games ever" and not long into the playthrough admits he can barely recall a single thing about it. He played the shittiest broke ass port of the game available that people warned him against. He played on hard mode and was dumbfounded that the enemies are in fact difficult to kill. This trash version has way less fog than the original but Phil claims the original never had any either and the increased(?) fog here makes the game harder. Repeatedly shits on the fans for encouraging him to play on Hard. Adding to my theory that he genuinely doesn't try every button on the fucking pad when playing any game it takes him over an hour to figure out you can turn the flashlight on/off and then forgets the function is a thing for hours thereafter. He shuffles around in the dark multiple times unable to progress because of this and blames the game for it. This is the tip of the iceberg.. there a hundred more examples. Skipping right along to the biggest thing that irks me.. probably just the fact he insists he he understands the designs and symbology of the entire thing. He's got a deep understanding of the plot and its themes. This man's head is a fucking cabbage (detractors are caterpillars I guess) but he understands a densely layered narrative while after the videotape reveal late in the game he explains to the viewers "it's almost like a realization for him about his past" - Almost? Okay then. :story:

Watch the playthrough at your peril.

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