This is hysterical - together snowflakes form a mighty blizzard!!!! that is entirely melted by the word nigger


fucked up queer

This made me LOL. I'm guessing jannys are getting a massive amounts of reports for 'foul language'?

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What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
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I feel out of the loop here. Is there something on twitter causing an influx of visitors, or is it just a joke that I missed?
Yes. Dream's followers are looking up information about his latest controversy. When they do, they're drawn to this website without knowing its reputation. Null is just warning them what to expect.

EDIT: ninja'd by @CasperTheGhoul

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"You're a small, irrelevant island nation"
Shouldn't "Gay people reproduce by molesting children" be "Gay people reproduce by molesting children and indoctrinating them"

Or is "molesting" a catch-all that includes grooming and indoctrination?

Nitpicking but it just reads in a strange manner.
No, traumatic reenactment and other coping mechanisms make indoctrination unnecessary.
Great statement Jersh.