this just keeps getting deeper - 8/20/2019 -

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As usual, the comment section is already poppin


Amber and Becky droning on about their boring, miserable lives for 20 minutes by asking questions off of cards. YAWN. There'll be a part three to finish the cards and pump out to more shitty, filler content.

I have much respect for all the commentary channels that sit through all this inane drivel for their clip/meme videos. Big AL, Becky, and their tutti fruity roomies are the platonic form of boring when there's no drama.


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Don't watch this, yw
But you'll miss out on Amber's deep use of the word "cool"!
Amber said:
see cool to me is a word that you use in like middle school....

like in middle school I would wear butterflies in my hair and that was cool I thought it was cool
Actually, no, you're right, I'm tapping out.