this just keeps getting deeper - 8/20/2019 -

Just a public service announcement Becky. Westboro Baptist Church is not racist, in fact "Gramps" held a lot of empathy for the colored man (this sentiment comes from Fred Phelps himself), most of his immediate family including himself were also registered, democrats :story: who shared equal malice for both the Bush and Obama Administration. And as they spiraled down the rabbit hole of brainwashed insanity it got to where it was just dead soldiers they would protest, among other things, in general regardless of their sexual affiliation.

That isn't to say that fags didn't get the brunt of their hatred that and people who defected from his little cult but thats a whole different box of crazy that doesn't need to be opened. My rambling point is this, anyone who is going to protest something should do a little research as to what it is they are protesting that way you don't look like a fucking idiot when you talk about it. If you feel passionate enough to attend a protest Becky, be informed. This is just further proof as to what a fucking sheep Becky is and to how god damned ignorant of the world that Fat Amber is.

Or maybe I am just a fucking sperg because cultist leaders fascinate me as much as serial and mass killers do :)
I get where you're coming from. I love documentaries about random dark shit. WBC are fucking insane, though. However, you are correct, they aren't racist oddly enough. They are raging homophobes and when they get to the point of "protesting" children's funerals to the extent that other folks (I think it's Rolling Thunder, some biker whatever usually steps in) have to get involved to ease the stress for the families, they can fuck off and die in whatever fiery pit they think the fags are going to.

I'm bored just looking at the thumbnail so I'm not about to watch that mess. But I did look at the comments, and boy is Fat ALbert pissed. She's active on at least four sockpuppet accounts today: Des B, Scoti Colin, Jo Black, and Cool Guy. The fact that people won't stop talking about Amy's parody video has her absolutely seething, but all of her complaining is getting people curious, so they're heading over to Amy's channel to see what all the fuss is about. Good job, Hamber, in your hilariously poor attempt to defend yourself you're actually giving Amy views. :story:

literally low-key
Amber asks: If you could volunteer what cause would you get involved in. Becky quickly comes up with three different causes. My question is what's stopping you? You have time, you have money. Quit pretending you care.
Bolth of these assholes are so delusional. They are assigning qualities to themselves left and right in this video that they do not possess. Becky thinks she's polite and Amber thinks she's empathetic for example.
Becky says her parents raised her to be humble. She don't need that high falutin Kraft macaroni and cheese. LMAO

this just keeps getting deeper - 8/20/2019 (Day 63 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- Fuck this shit. More dumbass "Q&A" from the same fucking stack of cards. SKIP. Seriously.

- Nobody has enjoyed this, Hamber. Because nobody asked these questions. None of this was "HIGHLY REQUESTED".

Q: Who among your friends is most deserving of fame and fortune?
Hamber: Becky's cousin. (One who apparently isn't dead. And can sing and shit.)

Q: If you were absurdly rich, what selfish luxury would you indulge in?
Hamber: "Selfish? What does that mean?" (Your NPD is shoween, gorl!)
Necky: A projector, to watch movies on the wall?

Q: At what point did you become aware of the concept of "cool" and how did that affect you?
Hamber: *tells a story of Necky asking her if she's cool and TrollLynn responds with "Sure, but it's not cool to be cool" and confused the poor simpleton*
Hamber: "I don't know the concept of cool." *time-wasting rambling* "Middle school."
Necky: *describes her Yo-Yo phase when that was trendy/cool*

Q: If you could resurrect one person for a year, who would you choose and why?
Necky: "Somebody who could get this country back in shape."
Hamber: "But that person doesn't exist."
(Guess there's no answer to this one, then. Moving on!)

Q: Where do you go and what do you do when you need to restore your energy?
Hamber: "Hah! I sit in my bed all day!" "I'm not normal!"
(Moving on!? That's your "answer"?)

Q: What's a common trait shared by everyone you've dated?
Necky: "Geminis." *astrology nonsense*
Hamber: "I don't believe in horoscopes or zodiac stuff"
(Wow, one of the few things Hamber's said in months that I can actually get on board with.)

Q: When it comes to handling conflicy, are you more like your mom or your dad?
Hamber: "Bolth."
(insert WORDS MEAN THINGS rant, knowing it's just TrollLynn being a troll)

Q: Recall a moment when you immediately knoew you were in trouble.
Hamber: "When she met me." (You joke, bitch, but it's the clear truth, plus 100 elbees)
Necky: When she broke her thumb going into a forbidden disused GOAT HOUSE and hid her injury for days.

Q: When was the last time someone saw you cry?
Hamber: "I CRY EVERY DAY FOR THE STUPIDEST REASONS." She claims to be a very emotional gorl. She couldn't be a police officer because she would feel too bad 'pooling' people over.
Hamber: "I feel people's anger." *ignores every angry comment though because they're haydurs*

Q: What are some overrated pleasures in your life?
Hamber: *laughs to self because Necky has no pleasure in life and she knows it*
Necky: "Phone."

Q: *rules card*
James Bond: "Homer! You're supposed to take those out of the deck!"

Q: Is it wrong to be ashamed of one's country? Why or why not?
Hamber: "No, it's not wrong." "I'm ashamed to know that, like, my generation is a part of it." *STUPID LIP SMACKING*

Q: What type of person are you least likely to become friends with?
Necky: "Someone who is extremely right-weenged."
*stories about Necky's upbringing and Christian schools*

Hamber: "Don't get offended by any opinions! Because that's the point - they're opinions! We won't get offended by yours if you don't get offended by ours!"
*Internet collectively voices their opinions about Hamber*
*Hamber gets offended*

Q: What do you get complimented on the most?
Hamber: "My winged eyeliner."
(So, nobody compliments her at all, because nobody compliments her eyeliner and that's the most compliments she gets.)

Q: If you could be a volunteer for a year, what cause would you be involved in?
Necky: Autistic kids (shocking no one) or LGBT center (shocking no one) or at an Alzheimer's place (shocks a few people, as this would suggest the reason Necky stays with Hamber is because she has Alzheimer's and keeps forgetting how it all happened).

Q: Would you rather give your past self advice or ask your future self a question?
Hamber: "I would give my past self advice." *rant about time paradoxes without knowing what a time paradox is*
Hamber: "I would want to change my size." (As if giving herself advice would have stopped her 600-pound life from happening? Or is this just the usual wish fulfillment fantasy of something requiring NO effort yields the result she wants and doesn't have because it requires EFFORT?)

Q: What is something about the way your parents raised you that you are thankful for?
Necky: Raised to be polite and humble. She doesn't need nice things (as evident by her continued relationship with the HamBeast).
Necky: Equates KRAFT mac & cheese as a luxury/fancy thing. Right up there with "organic" shit.

Q: What are signs that you have chemistry with someone?
Hamber: "When you can't keep your hands off of each other." Yes, the emotional stuff is cool too, but you have to "connect in bed" (which for her is when the bed sags under her weight and gravity 'pools' her partner in until they connect).

(last one, finally!)

Q: If you were to give a tour of your hometown, what would be the highlights?
Necky: "There aren't many." Apparently there's an art museum and a "haunted museum".

Hamber to Necky: "DO you enjoy doing these??"


Hamber: "In ten years, we'll do this again." (Like she'll live anywhere near that long...)

(Once again seems like you'd have a better chance to timeline this video based on the state of her ever-deteriorating fingernail polish.)

TL;DR: Q&A and nothing is deep about it except Hamber's infected navel. SKIP.

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everyone in the comments is asking for a reaction on Amy's video. I don't think AL could even do a decent comeback video.
Yeah we'd pretty much just get a seething neurotic narc response a la Chantal or Amber's last video. She might lurk the farms for some material bc lard brain does not think of anything but cheap garbage and food and she'd be hard pressed to come up with anything by herself. Would be funny to watch her blatantly steal jokes from people who make fun of her and Amy Slaton. However she probably thinks she's above Amy and won't bother.