this site is amazing - people of interest personal accounts -

just found out that tommy the tooter has an account on here to refute any/most claims made against them..... holy shit. this site is fantastic.

any other people of interest with accounts on here? it's an understatement to say that their posts are pure gold.

also, it would be kind of cool to make a master post of all their accounts + highlights? (lmk if that already exists)


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Richard "Terra" Jones Tranny that destroyed his life after trooning out, extremely funny at the beginning, but boring now. Long read.

James Terry Mitchell jr. Horrifying pedo that raped a girl approx. half his age when he was 16. Utterly disgusting and horrifying, sadly will not be put in jail.

Katie Charm The most autogynephiliac (sp?) troon you´ll ever meet


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How could we forget @Drain Todger, who came here to post demented pseudomedical screeds about the coronavirus, was immediately doxed and outed as a brony, quasi-incel and general weirdo, but now seems on his way to becoming a pretty chill member in decently good standing (hi David! Hope you are well!), even gently self-parodying by uploading a Nurgle avatar (based.) His coronaposting thread is full of tl;dr and occasional hilarity.