this video is so raw you guise fawk—2/26/2020 -

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"These things are not true." Okay, offer up the proof. It's really, really easy. See that thing in the corner under that dirty towel? It's called a … SCALE. Step on it & show us the reading.

So she's working through her mental problems , is she? Funny, I don't remember her mentioning a therapist recently. And her intro to that segment said it all... patterns. They take a long time to change, no matter how mindful you are & how much therapy you undergo - it's not a matter of a few weeks.

Why on God's green earth do these people not keep their dishes in the kitchen cupboards? Are they that lazy or are the cupboards that stuffed with food?

Admits what we all knew & acknowledges we all knew - she was essentially immobile pretty much all of last year. As best I remember, she spent all year vehemently denying that... as well as a ton of others things & her assertions have long been provne false. Forgive me if I'm not the first to jump on the "I believe you!" bandwagon.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Theonly good news in this video is that we're spared watching her eat.


gay ass bitch
Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 22.16.23.png

Our gorl is looking extremely unhulthy and showing off her extra clean (definitely not beetus) knuckles again. She's not gaining or maintaining weight, you shitlord haydurrrrrz guys.

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Why are her boring videos so long this year? Make them 10:01 like all good Jewtubers do.
The longer the video, the more adsense she can stuff into her videos and get more shekels.

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Well, someone has to do it, I guess. I'll take my turn in the pit.

She thinks naming her video after a meme that mocks her is cute or funny or something.

We begin with her doing her stupid cackling laughing about Twinkie Storr trying to play with Rarity. That is cute. Would have been cuter without her stupid laugh.

Whines about people thinking she is gaining weight, or off track. Says yes, she went on a date and ate sushi, went out to the arcade and its pizza buffet. Says she allows herself to have these treats and isn't trying to hide it.

More footage of Twinkie Storr and Rarity. Finally stops acting like a meth-ed out chipmunk and cuts there.

In bed, complaining about the lower wisdom tooth on the right side of her mouth. Hey, dingus, why didn't you just get it pulled when you had the other one pulled since they already had you gassed? Not a lick of sense about efficiency or money. Says wrapping a blanket around her jaw and putting pressure on it helps the pain. Took ibuprofen. Face still looks terrible. Says being out with friends doesn't mean she's off track. Says she's happier, and "deserves more" - yeah, pass me on that one, you lazy sloth - and "productive", whatever the fuck that means. We get a "muh mentals" and she was "paralyzed and caged" by that. No, you were just lazy. Was "scared" that Zombie Beggy was the was she was going to be permanently, but she's better. Many, many "like"s in this. along with the first "because hi" idiot phrase.

Sephora order unboxing. Boring. Somehow it should be "obvious" that she got some sparkly bullshit. The mascara say Better than Birthday Sex, but she edited out "sex". Just say it, dumbass. Must open it. "Obviously" does not have her tripod, with all the shaky phone cam.

Time lapse of her doing a jigsaw puzzle like some old fart in a home on activities day.

Next day. She's been "cleaneen, cleaneen, cleaneen." Now she's sitting down, taking a moment for herself, because lord knows she doesn't get enough of THOSE in any given day. Says she likes to have game shows on as background noise while cleaneen. Here's a thought: why don't you start having some documentaries or anything educational on as background noise instead? Maybe you'd learn something about that big wide world that exists outside the bubble of Wommart and Kroger. "Sometimes I'll just sit in my room...maybe once a day." Sure, fatty. Once a day.

Talks about The Invisible Man and Fantasy Island movies and wants to see them in theaters. Does some kind of teenage giggle nonsense about one of the female leads in Fantasy Island, tee-hees, hand to mouth.

In the kitchen, is drowning apple SAUSAGE in her usual seasoneeens - black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder. Non-sodium, you guise! Yeah, sausage is already seasoned, idiot. Maybe you should cut back on those seasoneeeens and enjoy the taste of the actual food. Throws some frozen h.ash b.rowns in there. Uses olive oil in the pan. +1 point, but you have a long, long way to go.

The girl who doesn't take naps took a nap. Traction alopecia still in effect thanks to the poop bun. Claims not to like a bunch of stuff on the counter. Sure, Jan.

The sausage is "livin' its best life" as it sizzles in the pan. Pretty sure the chickens weren't living their best lives when they were processed and made into sausage, but whatever. Says "I feel you guise would be telling me not to use oil, but you told me TO use oil." Total bullshit. People have been pointing this out forever.

Full body shot in the kitchen. Claims "Some stuff makes me look smaller than I am." Really? Were we all in a coma when that happened? I think not. Mentions the tripod, which of course she cannot find. She's "So proud of herself, you guise." because she can do normal human things like wash dishes and cook a meal. Wants people to give her shelf asspats saying she should be proud of those accomplishments. Then "It's like humbling." Yeah, I don't think you understand how "proud" and "humble" are not the same fucking thing.

Finally admits to being immobile, although we all know how she acted like a cunt when anyone suggested it. She's being "as humbling as possible. I'm not being smug. I'm just proud." ContradictionLynn.

Finally admits that sitting there at the stove without being able to see the food was dangerous, just like everyone has been telling her. We're off to hunt down straws because all her teeth hurt. WTF does this have to do with anything? She got the straws from "the Amazon", because South America is a real hub for cranking out metal straws.

Drinking sparkling water although she claimed previously to not like it. Takes a drink from the straw and says it hurts. The same way it would if you just drank from the bottle. Says she didn't want to admit to herself how bad off she was. Comes up with a definition for "bedbound" as someone who showered in bed, couldn't move from it, etc.

Now we get to when she went to the doctor about her laaaayyyyg, no blood clot, doctor said something about "circulation", but of course she never told her viewers that and said it was a just a pulled muscle. Claims that's when the lymphedema started because she was in bed all the time. No, DoctorLynn, that is not the way that happened. You already had lymphedema by then, clearly seen in previous videos. Claims her "mental space" got so much worse when she was in bed and that's when she got "bigger and bigger" when quite clearly she was mobile enough to do shit and gained weight throughout the year.

Says she likes her h.ash b.rowns super crispy. Yeah, we know. Dry gorl and all that crap. Your food would be so much better if you didn't cook and season it to death. She's going to be so transparent, cannot even remember her own stupid meme: this video is so raw you guise, fawk.

Says when Rafe and Hannah would visit they'd all hang out in Big Al and Beggy's bedrom. What kind of visit is that? Thinks her monstrosity in the pan is done. She still thinks she's acting as a inspiration. She was in such a dark "muh mentals" state. Another mention of that mystical friend who told her to stop Freshly and cook for herself.

Naturally is going to dump hot sauce on her fucking food. That's another thing to stop dousing your food in.

Claims the meal is 400 calories.

Clarifies that when she said mook-bongs weren't helping meant they weren't helping the channel, but brought in serious coin. Duh. Says she is done eating on camera. Place your bets on how long that will last. More cackling laughter.

Has finished her gross meal, says video is super long, so she's ending it here. Standard signoff.

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So she finally admits that she was bedbound and immobile, starting 2 years ago? Fawk, Amber. All that time spent lying and denying being bed bound (even admits to fake vlogging to make it seem that she was mobile when she couldn't do anything but sit in bed) and now she feels she can finally come clean from her lies cause she has supposedly lost weight and is doing soooo much better?

Get the fuck out of here, lol. This is why people despise you, gorl.

This video is just full of excuses and her fishing for asspats. It's funny she chose this shitty ass video to mock herself with being "real and raw" because she has never been that at all. Liarlynn is all you'll always be, gorl. Point blank period.

Also maybe try buying a puzzle with a few thousand pieces instead of 300 etc. piece puzzles for children and autists. You'll feel more satisfied and won't waste so much fucking money and space in your home. No one cares if you're gonna donate them or whatever the fawk.

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Yah she's absolutely maintaining at best and on the road to gaining... but just gaining in reality. What's that Dr. Now quote? People this size are only ever losing or gaining. There's no maintaining.

I don't know why I continue to be surprised by the level of delusion in this lolcow. But here we are.

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Whines about people thinking she is gaining weight, or off track. Says yes, she went on a date and ate sushi, went out to the arcade and its pizza buffet. Says she allows herself to have these treats and isn't trying to hide it.
She said that she can only stay on track if she let's herself off track once in a while and she shows all of that because she wants to share all of her journey. Logic Lynn over here thinking that off track means staying on track

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"I was practically bed bound last year guys hahahaha. Luckily I dropped 400 plus pounds and that's no longer still a risk!"

She talks as though she's lost all she needs to and that she'll never ever be back to that bed bound stage. 50lbs to her is like a pound or the 5 for a normal weight person. You got a lot of them to go AL.

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I don't fucking get how someone with those legs and at thhat size in general can act so positive. I'd be fucking depressed 24/7 and just lay in bed if I was Hamber's size, but she just seems delusional about her weight.
She is depressed 24/7 and lays in bed all day. She puts on an act for vlogs, so she can try and pretend that it isn't as bad as it is.

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Why's she been uploading this shit so late at night? The last video was also weirdly timed.

It can't be said enough how truly rough she's been looking lately. Like a warmed over ham.
Probably uploading late so the reactors can't get to it and get a video up, so she gets all the views via her channel for a period of time before people start watching her on the reactor channels instead. Gotta get that coin!

I agree with you on the second part. I watched some reactor who I can't recall now saying her skin looked so good. It does not. It looks bumpy and dirty, and you can see all the bumps in the closeups. Given her general lack of hygiene, it doesn't surprise me.


This video rub me the wrong way..

She talked like she’s cured of her obesity because she’s had lost 50 lbs. Btw, She was extremely sick to the point her throat was swollen and painful to swallow but she’s all better now. She can now go out and eat again.. and eat ‘ice cream’ and go to gatti’s pizza buffet.

She said her lymphedema is getting worse now? Dietof low sodium and weight loss is suppose to ease these symptoms.

What I’m just trying to say is this doesn’t look like it’s going to end well. She’s ‘maintaining’ which means ‘gaining a little’ and she’s doing this alone so if she ever has one of these ‘depresshun’ spells again, it’s going to be fatal..

I hate how smug she is in these past few videos so to help with that I’ll just pass by the forums see what’s up.