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@Whatthefuck I don't it's so much her losing weight, as she looks like she has lost some, it's more like how it was lost (simply too sick to eat rather then personal motivation) and that she's already 'justifying' eating treats and other stuff.

Unless she staets dealing with what is driving her to overeat, she'll simply start regaining again when it rears it's ugly face once more.
Oh, I completely agree. Any weight loss was purely incidental and in no way related to actual effort. She did the same shit last year. She's not capable of making any meaningful change. I'm certain the loss was related to Neckster changing her diet in conjunction with the ridiculous 6 months of antibiotics and whatever tonsillitis BS she had going on through the holidays.

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Yeah I call BS. No way her lyphedema is getting worse if she lost 50lb and is maintaining/losing more. She must be rapidly gaining again, which causes the lyphedema get worse with a revenge.
Just remember that Amber is simple. Lymphedema "gets better" with weight loss, but improving lymphedema just looks like looser, floppier, hanging skin. I don't think she's losing weight, but I also don't trust Amber's perception on whether or not her lymphedema is getting better or worse, because she's visibly had it since like 2014 and claims she's only had for 2 years. All anyone with lymphedema can hope for is that the skin gets loose enough that it can be surgically removed. Losing weight will improve the pressure on her skin but the lymphedema itself will look worse, like her legs are melting and covered with skin grafts someone pilfered from a ballsack.


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Sooo, if any of this is true, just gonna breeze by the 2 years of LIES about how hulthy and active she was, huh? Miss "I am not a liar" and "people love to make up things about me" IS (of course) a liar and everybody was exactly right about her (of course) because she's waaay too stupid to hide this shit. How proud she must be.

And- did this idiot just use "puzzle" as a verb?


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Oh, I completely agree. Any weight loss was purely incidental and in no way related to actual effort. She did the same shit last year. She's not capable of making any meaningful change. I'm certain the loss was related to Neckster changing her diet in conjunction with the ridiculous 6 months of antibiotics and whatever tonsillitis BS she had going on through the holidays.
Yeah. whenever she does put in effort to try to prove a point, she only gets to about a 20 lb loss max before she starts "treating" herself and fucks it up again.

Remember how she was going to stop putting her hair in the poop bun?

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Amber doesn't remember.
Does she not care about losing her hair? If she absolutely must put her hair in a bun, she should put it in one lower on her skull, like this:

EDIT: This video is 100% storytime filler content because she has nothing to vlog or talk about.

So proud of herself! Everyone glorify her! :story:
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I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
HOLY CHRIST :cryblood::cryblood::cryblood:

is it possible to have lymphedema in your neck hump?

(what the fuck)
I cant remember the exact quote but she went off on someone on a IG q&a that "if you were smart you would know it's due to high cortisol" which means all amber did was look up why she was growing a hump and saw one article about it.

Also I just want to add that this entire video was AOver explaining how much better her life is now that she's lost 50 and gained back 10. Admitting that she's maintained this month means admitting she shouldn't go out to sushi, pizza, ice cream and McDonald's. If shes truly eating like that pineapplepinup food diary and shes not down more than 20lbs this month then shes eating 4000 calories still. Where is the weigh in with the maxi dress?

fucks sake, go to the fucking dentist. Why go to all the effort of trying to essentially eat around your mouth parts, which you've admitted doesn't work. She claimed she'd been to the doctor 4 times recently: go to the fucking dentist. Did the 11 year rotten tooth not teach you anything about how tooth pain doesn't get better it only gets worse?


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Pointing out the obvious: if she was really on track like she wants us to believe, she should have lost another 50 pounds by now. If she's already lost that much in a couple months, she obviously can (she was "sick" but let's not address that). She really thinks we can't put two and two together. If you lost 50 in a month, you can lose 50 another month. But you want us to believe you're on track when you're gaining weight? Alright, sis.

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I'll happily 'glorify' AL... maybe in 2024 when she crosses the finish line of the women's marathon at the Olympics. Look, I get people finding the small positives in efforts they're putting out to achieve a tough goal; you need to mentally look at smaller steps along the way & use them to keep moving forward. But glorifying such tiny increments doesn't leave a whole lot of room for real self praise when you see you're really getting somewhere. What does she expect when, (BIG if), she drops 100 lbs - sainthood? Presidential Medal of Freedom?

I agree with those saying that IF she's dropped any weight, it was circumstantial. If the antibiotics upset her stomach that much, a lot food with have passed through without all the calories extracted. A bad sore throat would slow down eating so I can see SOME possibility of weight loss. Losing 50+ lbs. would make mobility less difficult, somewhat less painful.

But the point many have made is bang on. She simply CANNOT allow herself treats & food based outings. You don't earn special privileges by accidently or incidentally doing something you should have started doing in a serious manner years ago. If anything - maybe 1 "treat" a month - a small meal out, ice cream... but only after carefully calculating the calories you'll ingest AND removing those from your calories the week before.

If she truly wants to lose weight, (I don't think so), she needs to grasp that she'll never be able to be casual about food again for the rest of her life. Not saying she'll have to be anal about every crumb she eats but she'll have to be very careful. She's already done Lord knows what kind of damage to her body & increasingly, that can't be reversed.

I don't even want to think about the lymphoedema based issues she'll be left with, barring lymphoedema removal surgery & from what I understand, that's not always possible. I don't know all that much about that condition & the fairly small amount I know about skin removal surgery, (3 people I know who've had it done), adds up to having been told it's very painful, infection control post-op is vital & the residual scarring can be epic.

She does come across as cocky as hell. She's back on her mood stabilizers so that may account for part of it. I don't see any reason to be coming across as: "I got this!", because she clearly doesn't.

But let's just say she's somehow seen the light, has gained a shit ton of self awareness & is working hard to improve her life. Well then, how about weigh ins? How about detailing daily exercise routines? What is she keeping so 'busy' doing? Even if it's cleaning their bedroom, den & bathroom, we're talking a half day at most to dust, wipe down, vacuum, sweep; nothing earth shattering; so what else is keeping her so busy? Journalling? Writing poetry, reading? Researching college options? Therapy?


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She lost weight due to "hard work" :lunacy:

Being sick for a month and losing your ravenous appetite while still sitting on your big ass =/= having self control and discipline by restricting your caloric intake and busting your ass at the gym, you raging lunatic.

Also, I have psychic abilities, that's right. I predict that Amber will ignore this tooth situation type deal while simultaneously complaining about 'muh tooth pain' until she finally tracks down that veterinarian sweet old man 2 months from now to have it pulled. Until then a blanket wrapped around her face will suffice.

Jesus Christ homegorl out here working 100 and 300 piece puzzles, gorl WTF?? You're like 30 yrs old graduate to the 1000 piece puzzles if you actually want to "challenge" yourself at all. Why is she ordering more makeup she'll never wear? What's the point?

Also why do her and Amy's Life Journey say 'mill' instead of meal? Is that an accent or something? My ears cringe every time they say 'mill' instead of meal. Amy doesn't seem capable of pronouncing E's, like fill instead of feel or mill instead of meal. I've been watching our gorl for about four years and she's starting to get super boring, I'm about to jump ship for Amy's trainwreck.


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
I don't know how people are thinking she has lost any weight.
She is sitting back laughing at these new idiots who actually believe her bullshit lies about the last weigh in and her 50lbs.
To me- she looks around the 630lb mark.
I do not like amber but its pretty clear she has dropped some..but shes not lost anymore since January. She looked like she was going to explode last summer but now she seems just massive but can move a bit.

Shes regained and maintained because her appetite and vessel for food has fully returned.