this video is so raw you guise fawk—2/26/2020 -

these videos are so consistently boring these days - they dont even suffice as background noise anymore. If her videos carry on like this i'm fairly certain her views will dip because no one wants to sit through that shit. :optimistic:
At least haram amy has the child abuse and wtf guardianship arcs, and chantal has the breakup and impending homelessness arc (not to mention the impromptu border crossings for exotic (to her) fast food). The only thing amber has is treatment-resistant infection colonizing her body, and she's not even upfront and detailed about that. Amber is like a bad quality show on it's 14th season, where the writers have repeated the same plot for the 8th time, and the audience is like "ok, now it's just an insult to our intelligence"

Turd Fergusson
I think that this bra has given the ghost a long time ago. Has other said, why bother.

Even Torrid clothings expect the wearers to have a waist and somewhat of a women body proportion. The picture of the model in the red dress shows that. However, Amber has lost that proportion 200 pounds ago, so everything that she wears it ghastly. Even if she loses 200 pounds, the sagging skin would not improve her shape. Anything flowing would be much better than the clinging fabrics that accentuate her misshapen body. I hate to say this but Becky dress better for her size, but she should stop wearing the juvenile t-shirts and something more age appropriate.

....Also why do her and Amy's Life Journey say 'mill' instead of meal? Is that an accent or something? My ears cringe every time they say 'mill' instead of meal. Amy doesn't seem capable of pronouncing E's, like fill instead of feel or mill instead of meal. I've been watching our gorl for about four years and she's starting to get super boring, I'm about to jump ship for Amy's trainwreck.
Pretty sure it’s the KY accent.
I lived in KY for a bit over 10 years