Thomas Baden Reiss is a fake Jew with a fake Jewish name who threw a chair at a 14 year old girl - He also assaulted a woman and his ex girlfriend and has a criminal record for stalking

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Feb 19, 2021
I’ve been friends with Thomas Baden Reiss for 4 years now and I’ve met him several times IRL. I used to be a big fan of the man but I fell out with him last year during the start of the Corona virus pandemic. I’ve kept what I’ve known about him private for a while, but seeing him preening himself on Millenniyule, and pretending to be a ‘nice guy’, it’s time someone told you the truth about this arrogant, narcissistic bully. He is a fake Jew with a fake Jewish name and he also has a criminal record. He also threw a chair at a 14 year old Italian girl, and is on the public record complaining about anti-Semitism and how bad it is at the gym. The man is a fraud and a two-faced Judas rat. During the pandemic he called me a stupid goy and that is how he thinks of the rest of the DR. The irony is he’s not a Jew himself but he is the ultimate Shabbos goy.

I first started watching his videos back in 2016 and found his views refreshing and useful. Back then I thought that he was offering good critiques of the dissident right and trying to be helpful. I got to know him on Twitter and through email, and we started talking on Skype and Hangouts. We became close and he started telling me different things.

One of the things that he told me quite early on was that his name isn’t really Thomas Baden Reiss. He told me that he changed his name when younger because he converted to Judaism. A bit like Luke ford, or the Black Israelis. He said however that he wasn’t any kind of practicing Jew, and didn’t even like the other Jews he met, and that he somewhat regretted what he did, especially since getting red-pilled. He said that he changed his name as part of this process of becoming a Shabbos goy, but I also think he did it because he is a narcissist and thinks he’s very special. He’s very touchy about the subject of his name change. He loves to pretend it was what he was always called. To any Youtubers out there who have the chance to grill him on a livestream, grill him on his name. You will see him cringe and become embarrassed.

Who changes their name to something like Baden Reiss anyway? It sounds like he’s a pornstar or an actor. I mean you’d have to be very pretentious to call yourself something like that. I don’t know what his original name was. He’s very, very cagey on that. If a YouTuber gets a chance to grill him on this do it. Because you’ll see from his reaction how edgy it makes him. I suppose he’s called John Smith or something ridiculously boring and dull. He’s only middle class as well, but larps as some kind of Jewish aristocrat, like the Rothschilds, who by the way, he totally idolises. Total sycophant. And btw, he is a Jewish supremacist. Not a Rothschild supremacist. He’s trying to trick you, but this one knows how to use words to try and convince you of things which are lies. He is a Jewish supremacist. And the worst type. Because, much to his embarrassment he is only a goy, exactly like the people in the DR who he claims to be better than.

Like I say, I’ve asked him on multiple times about his name change but he always clams up and doesn’t want to talk. Honestly, it was him who first mentioned the topic to me, back in 2018, when he said he wanted to confess something. It had been playing on his mind you see. He hates living the lie. So he told me all. But then later I think he regretted it and told me not to ever say a word about it to anyone. I swore I wouldn’t but he didn’t seem convinced and whenever I touched on the subject later he just went silent and moody and I thought it was best to stay clear of the matter.

The reason I am now breaking my promise is because we fell out and he was very nasty to me. But that’s not even the main reason. The main reason is what I saw him do to a woman in London back in the summer. That act of violence wasn’t new to him either. He has a track record of it. He has a really short fuse. Total Psycho. For all these reasons I think I am justified in telling you this.

The other thing I should say is that he changed his name because he has a criminal record for stalking a girl. This happened when he was younger and it resulted in him getting a police record. But worse than that he was in one of the local newspapers who reported on the story. Apparently, from what he said, if you google his old name you can find a picture of him in this newspaper. He told me all of this in confidence back in 2018. I’ve never seen the newspaper article myself, because as I say, I don’t know what his old name was. When we met IRL we met in London, which is not where he lives. I tried asking him if I could meet him in his hometown. But he won’t do this and will always squirm at the idea. He knows that if people went to his hometown or his house, they would see his family for what they are. Which is not the Baden Reisses. Far from it. Actually, if you listen to his accent carefully, you can see he’s really common. He’s so phony and insincere. Disgusting in fact. An aspirational elite Jew, who is in fact an ordinary middle class Shabbos goy John Smith. Worse than that he’s actually complained about others not using their real names on line. But this cunt never has used his real name. He also lied about going to private school. He went to a really common school, but tried to pretend that he was some kind of upper class toff.

Not only is he narcissistic but he’s totally delusional. Despite the fact that he’s never published any of his books and the only reviews he’s ever got for them on Amazon are 1 stars, he still refers to himself as ‘the modern day Shakespeare’. When I first heard him call himself this I presumed he was just joking and took it in jest. But no. The delusional narcissist actually believes it. Really. Try challenging him on that. He’ll meltdown in about ten seconds. He’s got the shortest fuse on the planet. Don’t do it IRL mind. Or he’ll hit you to the ground like he did that woman. And that’s not even the worst of it. Btw he also says he has an IQ of 217, which is totally not true, and also unironically refers to himself as being more intelligent than Einstein.

I should tell you what happened. This was back in June, when we’d just come out of Lockdown. We met up in London. Thomas was already angry with me by this time. We had fallen out about the pandemic. I had believed that the thread from Covid at the time might be real. I was at least willing to take it seriously and thought that it might be irresponsible to not take the threat seriously. That was my position from early on, and back in March Thomas had had a steaming hissy fit with me online about my stance. You see he had come to me for a private chat, hoping to vent on all the people who were taking the virus seriously. He had presumed you see, because we were close and I was a big fan of his channel, that I would just agree with him. I think he felt stabbed in the back when he found out I didn’t.

Anyway, maybe the guy has been proved correct since then. I don’t want to go into it. Because it still doesn’t justify his psychopathic behaviour. He got really mad with me and that was when the mask slipped. Suddenly he revealed himself. He called me a sentimental goy. He called me an emotional goy. He called me a dumb goy. He accused me of being a goy intellectual and engaging in goy stupidity which he told me are apparently choice phrases from the Protocols of Zion, which btw, is really his favourite book. I honestly don’t know how anyone in the DR can take him seriously. Just read the first passage of the Protocols to know what he thinks of you all. He thinks you’re nothing but cattle and goyim. And to repeat, it’s made so much worse by the fact that he’s just some shabbos goy John Smith.

He was really, really vitriolic during that first lockdown. Really horrible. Nasty piece of work. He started telling me I was a goy slave who needed to be enslaved by my Jewish masters. He said I had the inferior brain of the goyim. He used that phrase a lot and that’s what he thinks of you. He thinks that Europeans and gentiles have inferior brains. He says the proof of that comes from the reaction to the coronavirus. He also hates the goy nose and considers the small goy nose a symbol of stupidity. He told me that he thinks it was mainly Jews who built western civilisation because he said how could the stupid goyim do anything? He even once argued that Isaac Newton must have been Jewish or else how else could he have achieved anything.

So our friendship was really on the ropes during the lockdown but then the summer came and I wanted to patch things up with him, because I did truly like the guy at one time, and I sort of started to see that he was right about the pandemic. So we met up in London. But it wasn’t like of old, like the first time I met him and we had a good laugh. He seemed really uptight. The sight of people in masks, the sight of people social distancing really annoyed him and made him bristle with anger. He was really terse with me and since he is bigger and stronger than me I was quite scared of him. The guy pretends to be a nice guy but when he’s in a bad mood he can’t hide it and he becomes a total bully.

So we were in this park using the toilets when this woman told him off for not socially distancing. At first he didn’t seem to know what was happening and he thought she was just saying something polite to him. But when he realised what she was complaining about the politeness vanished from his face and he became embroiled in a heated row. This woman, to be honest was really annoying. Even I thought that at the time. She was complaining that Thomas hadn’t been wearing a mask when he had gone in the toilet and that he had not been socially distancing in the toilet queue and that he was breaking the code.

At this he turned full psycho and started yelling really loudly at the woman and swearing at her in the most insane way. I’ve never seen anything like it. To be honest as much as the woman was a pain in the backside, when he flipped like that it was really nasty. He started getting embroiled in a nasty slanging match with her and people were watching and another guy came over to try and break it up. The slanging match was eventually called off and it seemed like things were over.

But the guy was utterly demented and wasn’t satisfied. The woman walked away and I told him to cool it but he wasn’t happy with this. In a right strop he skulked around the park in the opposite direction to the woman, but at the same time keeping tabs on her. I didn’t know what he was up to but I sensed he was mad. I tried to tell him to leave it but because he was much taller and stronger than me I couldn’t do anything.

So I just followed him, by this time knowing that our friendship was over and that this man was a nasty bully. We’d decided to meet up in London to try and patch up our friendship but it had ended in the worst possible way. He stealthily walked around the field and I walked behind him and in time I could see what he was going to do. The woman who had told him off was coming around in the other direction. I could see what he intended to do. There was a little secluded area behind some trees and I could see he was going to wait for her here and when she passed reignite the argument.

When she approached and saw him there, she look terrified. To be honest I think she regretted ever starting the fight because he’s such a nasty piece of work. She saw him there and tried to pretend she hadn’t seen him. Clearly she just wanted to forget the matter. But Thomas wasn’t having any of it. So he quickly walked up to her and started slagging her off. He called her fat and old and ugly and started telling her that she was one of the cattle and an idiot and that Covid was all a scam and that he couldn’t wait for the Rothschild NWO because then animals like her would know her place. That’s what he’s like when he becomes hysterical, which is an easy thing to do you just have to press the right buttons. It was embarrassing frankly, listening to him lecture this woman about the Rothschilds. And telling her that on the 18th of September 2022, King William would ascend the throne and put a peasant like her in her place. I mean the guy is insane. Deranged. I was so embarrassed to be with him.

I tried to hold him back and the woman just wanted to be away. She then said Thomas was a stalker and was this how a real man treats a woman? That really made him go berserk. It was like a red rag to a bull and he walked forward and pushed her over.

She fell right over and not just onto the grass but partly onto the concrete. I was really horrified by what he had done. The woman screamed. Like the coward that he is he had picked his moment well because where we were was secluded and behind the trees so no one else saw it. It was horrible because the woman was around the same height as me, maybe 5 foot 6., but he is 6 foot 1 or something and very strong. It was really a nasty thing to do and totally unwarranted. He pushed the poor middle aged woman to the ground. I was totally disgusted.

But what he did next was the real sickner.

He immediately got his phone out, rang the police, and told them he’d been the victim of an anti-Semitic, homophobic hate crime and that he wanted them to come here and arrest a woman.

I kid you not. That was the gall of this coward. Utter scum. I absolutely couldn’t believe it. This is how these fucking e-celebs act off camera. Total hypocrites. They do all the things they complain others do. Utter scum. I was absolutely perplexed.

I think he realised he had gone too far by pushing the old woman over. I think he was frightened by what he did. And so he was using the trick of getting his story in first. But I have to say I was disgusted at him for doing this and really shocked. I was down on the ground trying to help the woman up and he just immediately got on his phone and started complaining that he was the victim. What an SJW. What a narcissist.

The police didn’t come out but rather just took a report. The woman who he had pushed was carefully picking herself up and didn’t know what was going on. She could hear him ringing the police and didn’t know what to think. I angrily went up to Thomas and asked him why he was making this up. He said he wasn’t making anything up. He said that when the woman had first accosted him outside the toilets she had muttered the words ‘faggot and kike’ under her breath and looked at him in a derogatory manner.

This was total BS and I knew it. But the thing is, because I hadn’t been with him at the time, I couldn’t know for certain. But I want to make clear to everyone reading this, the idea that this woman – this middle class Karen woman, who was probably a Guardian reader – called him a kike and a faggot, is just rubbish. And she was as shocked by the allegation as I was. Only it was his word against hers and he knew it. The bastard knew it. He knew exactly what he was doing, like he’d done it before. It was so ridiculous. But he knew he could get away with it, because at the very beginning of this incident when the woman had started berating him for not having a mask or social distancing, she had been speaking to him alone.

The police never arrived at the scene. But a file was opened. I heard later on from Thomas that the woman also launched a complaint against him. But because he got his complaint in first, it made it look like she was the wrongdoer and just trying to cover her back by making things up about him. I was never asked anything about the incident. If I had have been I don’t know what I might have said. But I was never asked, although I did think about ratting on Thomas. I didn’t. Which is why maybe now I think it’s time that everyone knows about this. Maybe my sympathy for the woman is misplaced because she was a Guardian reading Karen and in all honesty I don’t think she really got hurt badly when she fell. But all the same if things had have been different she could have landed badly and sprained her ankle or something.

Thomas also told me jokingly that he had to speak to the police in Italy after he threw a chair at a 14 year old girl in one of the classes he took. I remember him laughing when he said this. He said his only regret was that he didn’t injure the girl. He was more remorseful over the way he treated his ex-girlfriend. He beat her up in an outburst of temper one day and was served with a restraining order which meant he couldn’t ever see her again.

As for his criminal record, that came from stalking a girl when he was younger, but he said that was more creepy than anything violent. I don’t know what happened but from what he told me he seemed to become delusional and obsessed with a girl he’d never even spoken to and went about sending her flowers and doing other romantic things like that that freaked her out. Until she called the police on him. That was what he appeared in the local newspaper for, with a mugshot apparently. I’ve often searched for this and never found it. He said it took place in London. It was after that he changed his name and apparently converted to Judaism. He told me that he felt humiliated after the incident and wanted a new start. He liked the Jewish religion because it was elitist, satanic and hateful and he hated everyone at that time. He said he had been on the verge of suicide after the incident and because he received no support but only condemnation from his local church, he wanted revenge on them. He said he’d always liked Judas as being his favourite disciple because he always felt an outcast. He said he nearly went to a railway bridge in the middle of the night and jumped off, but that, somewhere, out of nowhere, he found a strength, the strength that came from hatred and the shame he had been put through. He said at that moment he felt special and he knew he was better than all the people who had treated him like dirt. He said he became special. And superior. And he didn’t want to suffer any more or take any more prisoners. And by the way this one really thinks he’s special. Don’t let the false modesty fool you. He definitely thinks he’s one of God’s chosen people. Although unfortunately for him, he actually isn’t, genetically speaking. If you want to insult him by the way call him a goy. A dumb goy. He hates that. But don’t call him a Jew. He loves that. He loves being the Judas of Escariot character to the DR. It gives him a kick to see the Alt righters get mad at him and say he should be put in an oven. He loves all of that. He’s desperate to be able to proudly put three brackets around his fake Jewish name. So don’t go there. If you want to push this guys buttons call him John Smith or whatever his name is. Or call him a failed writer. Or call him a sex offender. Or a stalker. Or a middle class goy. He really hates that.

The other thing I should tell you is that this failed writer also failed to get into MI5 and Mossad. He applied to both and got rejected by both. And this wasn’t some long time ago. He’s a total snake. I don’t know when he applied to these agencies but it was after setting up his channel which will tell you how he’s totally disloyal and only in it for himself. But as much as I hate Mossad, you’ve got to love them for rejecting Baden Reiss, the lowest of all Shabbos goys. I mean that’s hilarious. This guy wanted so desperately to be part of the security services – he has a James Bond complex – but they both rejected him because he’s a failure and a loser. Btw don’t ever suggest that he’s working for Mossad or MI5. He loves that. It gives him a sense of importance, like when you call him a Jew. The best thing to do is to call him a failure, a loser, a stalker, a harasser of women and a middle class John Smith goy, who got rejected by intelligence because he doesn’t have any.

Even more hilariously than that, he’s actually tried to introduce himself to the Rothschilds. On twitter of all places. Where else. I think he tried to give one of them a free painting. They rejected it of course because it was shit. He was so upset about that. A Rothschild blocked him on twitter can you imagine. The most humble Shabbos goy in the world, and yet they spat on him when he prostrated himself in front of them. Having no pride or dignity whatsoever, this Judas rat, continues to suck up the Rothschilds to this day. He is obsessed with Mayer Amschel Rothschild The 1st, Nathanial and loves the fact he took revenge on the French aristocrats. He sees himself in that story. The guy is loathsome.

He’s also obsessed with telling everyone that King William will rule the world on September 18th 2022. He actually said this to that Guardian reader woman he was having a row with. I mean honestly, imagine saying such things in public. He made himself look like a mental idiot. It was so cringe. But why he makes such silly and specific predictions is beyond me, but he does. And this guy claims to have an IQ of 217.

That’s all I really have to say for the moment. I was friends with this man for a long time and admired him so much at first. But what he did to that woman in the park last year, who for all I know now has a criminal record for committing a hate crime, has stayed with me for a while and I wanted to get it off my chest. People should know what this rat is like in real life and like I say the best way to irritate him is to take the piss out of his fake elite Jewish name, his fake persona of being really wise and smart and to remind him of all his failures and the fact that he’s a stalker of women.

Actually there was one other thing and this is really embarrassing for him. Before he got red-pilled but after he’d become the elite Jew, (((Thomas Baden Reiss))), he took part in some research about anti-Semitism in sport. You know the usual BS. Funny thing was, this dipshit was so keen to prove how much of an elite Jew he was that he took part in the research. I mean how fucking stupid was that. Complaining about anti-Semitism is a load of BS at the best of times, but when you’re just a fake Jew? I mean come on. But he did. Apparently people in gyms are anti-Semitic according to the Shabbos goy. Like I say he’s been terrified someone will find out about this for years. That’s because it’s not even difficult to search for it on the internet. It’s been hiding in plain sight all along.

Boris Blank's glass eye

Is this cultural appropriation?
Feb 13, 2020
What a riveting tale, old chap! Anything to back it up besides this wall of text?
Do you have any videos of his archived?
Do you write other genres of fanfiction?



Nov 14, 2012
This thread has triggered this sperg into freaking out and threatening legal action so I'm taking it out of Spergatory until I figure out what I want to do with it.

This dude properly freaks out over this schizophrenic bullshit and links the thread directly in the video description.


He says 30% of this OP is true. He accuses OP of being a "drunken transsexual woman". He says he spoke to his lawyers (plural) and that there's a prima facie case under ENGLISH LAW for defamation and explains remedies he's going to explore in England. He then says that the media might come after him one day because of it. He warns the evil Scottish Nationalists not to read this post and claim its true.

He starts up some long-winded rant about his claim there's antisemitism in sport in England does not mean he's Jewish and that people talking bad about you on the Internet is a really really big deal because someone might believe it and then you can't be an effective Internet YouTube nationalist.

He complains that people might get the wrong idea about him, as if he isn't absolutely insufferable on his own and it takes a random forum post to make him look bad. He says if you bring up anything from this post he'll block you.

In this, the fucking retard comes out the gate saying he loves to threaten people with legal action to censor the Internet. Then SOME PEOPLE told him he should crowdfund a lawsuit, including SOMEBODY WITH A LAW DEGREE. Hmm! I wonder who's British, with a law degree, and would encourage this retard to waste other people's money to file vexatious litigation.

Then he goes on to say that his fund is just to make a complaint, but he won't take it to court because he expects it to just scare us into taking this down.

He does this weird thing where his eyes dart at you and then he looks at the corner of his ceiling and then back at you. It's REALLY, REALLY awkward and I scrolled down past the video to avoid looking at him because it makes me so uncomfortable. In doing so, I found this:

He complains about the fucking Scottish Nationalists again (God save the Queen, PBUH). Threatens them with more legal action. Says this website is TRASH and educated people should not read this site ever. Says he'll delete any comments making fun of him again.

Also, grandma is sick and he's troubled over it so please don't cyberbully him because his grandma is sick. Leave thoughts & prayers in the comments (but don't talk about Kiwi Farms).
Last edited:

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May 11, 2019
Thanks Josh. When I came across this, I didn't know what to make of it.
Still don't know, but I've got my eye on it.


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Feb 16, 2016
Well...he uh...he has a tiktok.
If I ever wanted to watch someone that reminds me of an AIDS patient with the personality of a ricecake work out to generic house music this is where to find that top tier content.

He's got an art...pal?
Looks like some shitty art, one of which is a self portrait:
Get it on a mug, ladies!

His Amazon results are by far my favorite though:
He's written 4 books, or at least they claim to be books...and then you scroll down and it's just unrelated Thomas the Tank Engine results which is befitting his autism. :story:

Scolopendra Dramatica
Jan 6, 2021
What an absolute retard! We were happy to write off OP as a sperg and let this drop until he started piping up and letting us know said sperg might be onto something.

Lolsuit threatening is a fantastic start too.

Are we, perchance, witnessing the birth of a new cow? Ahhh the wonders of nature....

Jun 8, 2021
Thing is with this guy is-he desperately wants to famous as a speaker- he wanted too be a stand up comedian, wanted to and thought he could `win Big Brother,` but he cannot even make a youtube video in the total no pressure environment of his own bedroom, with as many takes as he wants to do, without having to look up at his notes literally every 3 seconds.


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Aug 11, 2020
I actually enjoy this guy's schizo fever dreams about the Rothschilds. He always had cow potential but is a pretty obscure British wignat. He constantly punches up and clout chases, so seeing him melt down over a random post is pretty rich.

Fyi, he is an open bisexual and has been an internet friend of a certain Scottish rent boy for some time now, make of that what you will.

It will be interesting to see where this goes, I've followed him for some years now and have never seem him so mad.

Jun 17, 2021
Great Article Napoleon,
I hadn't heard from or about Kiwi Farms for a good few years, but when I saw Thomas was trying to get money online I immediately saw that this will go very much more wrong for him as it's a hair-brained road to further discomfort. He's going to pay for this foolishness, of that I'm certain. I don't even know why he's so upset about the story. Anyway, he thought that when that Millenial Woes got doxxed(shock horror!) that that was really bad and not really mundane.
I mean who's going to be trusting some anonymous and evidenceless detractor on this site any way?
What I'd like to ask you all is where's the hilarous picture of Luke McKee with his face on the altered picture of the penis airships floating about with search lights and him running away? He loved that one. I think he might have done it himself. He was very proud of that one. Any help most appreciated.
Thank you all,