Thomas Dall / Kittystyle - Danish schizophrenic, felon livestreaming 24/7 for weed money

So... a couple of days ago, Kitty decided to make a plea to Supersusi while also telling her about 10 times that he is gonna kill her.
He has finally realized that he cannot make money streaming, as he continuously gets banned from everywhere for misconduct.
He proceeds to blame everyone else - Kovalski in particular - for his misfortune and claims his life is confirmed ruined.
The raw recording of this video is actually 2 and a half hours, but i cut out the major spergery for you here, and added a little comedic effect for transformative purposes.
Enjoy the absolute rage.
here is the raw footage if you got the time to spare, and the will to suffer a lot of dead air:


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Show us on the doll where the bad man touched you.

I will be going to the authorities, you will be reported and I will ensure everyone knows you are not a victim, you are a horrible human being who has no respect for others or living things.

Not only do you claim, once again you want to murder people! (A CRIME) you've abandoned an already neglected animal that only showed you unconditional love (ANOTHER CRIME). YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT! THIS IS A STATEMENT OF FACT, NOT SLANDER!

View attachment 709652

I want everyone who reads this to know, this piece of shit has abused everything that has ever shown him kindness or love!

Keep crying about how the world isn't fair, you get what you give in this world and your life is living proof of that.

Oh and because you claim to be such a good Christian, this is what your religion says about you. EVEN YOUR OWN GOD THINKS YOU'RE A PIECE OF SHIT


tard cum fed gimp
KITTYJESUS HAS RESURRECTED ONCE AGAIN, back on youtube crying about dlive not sucking his cock
he should be fine as long as he doesnt play copyrighted stuff.
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Seems he decided to ban most of his chat after getting pushed around a bit. Thomas will never get away from the crowd of folks that follow him around and pounce on him when he shows back up. I don't know if you would call them A-logs, he is a incestous pedophile so I understand why he is so hated.
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Seems he decided to ban most of his chat after getting pushed around a bit. Thomas will never get away from the crowd of folks that follow him around and pounce on him when he shows back up. I don't know if you would call them A-logs, he is a incestous pedophile so I understand why he is so hated.
sadly his mental illness and past depravity is his main selling point, there's nothing else he can do apart from talentlessly play guitar. he's so pathetic and depressing that trolls are the only possible crowd he can attract.
most of the time he doesnt know what to do, asks for "chat's input" all the time, no schedule, no preparation, monosyllabic basic bitch takes, imagine all of that for 10hrs a day. One must question the extent of luna's brain damage if she considered having a relationship and even getting pregnant by this subhuman trash.
he could easily pirate a couple games and throw them in the background to fill the everpresent void of "content", but this empty shell of a man seems to have lost any desire to struggle or progress in life, "WOE ME, MUH CORRUPT GOVERNMENT, MUH FACEBOOK KAHMMENT!".
and the more he gets trolled by chat, the more he feels entitled to play martyr and not improve his life.
the other day an "unknown actor" botted 5k viewers to his stream(now deleted). he was all giddy, this delusional fuck really thought he was breaking through even though only 10 to 20 people were active in chat HAHAHAHAHAHA he actually entertained the idea that 5.000 souls were so much done with life that they would be interested in watching him buy a coffee.
imagine being that detached from reality.
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I watched him some, and interacted with him a bit on, he is so boring and when you would ask his opinion on something his take was always so rambly and wrong it wasn't even funny. He doesn't understand how things work, he doesn't get the negative side of streaming at all. I mean he is happy to get viewers but he refused to consider an opposing viewpoint at all. He wants all the good but refuses to deal with the bad, and I honestly think he sees himself as some divine authority on everything. FFS he actually said "I'm going to take on these trolls and turn them all to my side" He then got his exact location released (address down to google earth images of his former home and the camper van he lives in) and didn't know how to handle it. He always had his name up on his stream page, then he said he had a right to be forgotten (some weird law) but didn't know he was always going to be a list of people that committed crimes. That "right to be forgotten" was a US law if i'm not mistaken. He is just so far gone.
One of his last streams on was a look back into his childhood, and he showed some pictures and narrated a bit. It was pretty tragic, you could see his slow descent. I was expecting a fake to black and gunshot. He has a bit of college education, but he is just.. well fucking stupid if i'm honest. His attempt to "troll the trolls" just shows how dumb he is. Sad too, I think he had a good upbringing and had a chance to have a decent life, but he did some sort of drugs and smokes pot all the time. I think the pot and former drugs has flipped some sort of switch in his mind and he can't turn it off.


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THOMAS' BIG NIGHT OUT (tldr at the bottom)
friday was a pretty entertaining night.
it started with kitty recalling the episode of his former neighbour assaulting him and dislocating his shoulder because of his frequent nightly disturbances.
as you may know if youre familiar with this specimen of sped, past misadventures are recurring themes.
he got particularly assblasted over a person in chat saying his former neighbours were "well adjusted productive members of society" for kicking his ass.
not acknowledging his victim status is kitty's kryptonite.
he rees a lot:
he also recalls(dont remember if in the same video), of another quarrel with law enforcements: he tracked down and harassed a member of the police(maybe one of those who did not arrest his neighbour) while off duty, in public, accusing him of corruption, making sure to be "very loud".

back to our story, he calms down with lots of wine, then after an hour of back and forth decides to go out and get some poosey.
he meets a fine dame at the entrance of a club and woos her with his booming Streaming Empire.
as you can see, it only takes mere seconds to make the encounter awkward.
he goes to the dancefloor with her but ends up awkwardly leaning against the wall while she dances with other men.
then the unthinkable happens. out of nowhere this sad m̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶f̶u̶c̶k̶e̶r̶ sisterfucker starts approaching a gambian man hanging out at the club...
they get acquainted, thomas yells "LET'S GET POOOOSEEEEYY" and says theyre now "best friends"... you know, classic white guy who's never been around blacks and tries to be overly friendly for (((some reason))). poor bastard must have tought "dis nigga gay??".
he even tries to set tyrone up with a roastie of too low of a status to be with the man, the legend himself, thomas dall.
at this point the night is dying out, tom mostly stays on his own while looking at chat degrading him, says a few words every once in a while, a couple random strangers pop on cam to say hi, chat calls tom a cuck and a disgrace to whites.
after yelling unintelligibly like a exceptional monkey, he goes away, empty handed, no poosey.

note: in his opinion clubs are shit for meeting women cause theyre either 19 or 36, and as you may imagine, thomas only deserves la creme de la creme of female companions, it's not like he cant get any cause he looks like an unwashed bum..

and being that he looks like a bum, he decides to also act like one, taking a piss at a street corner (this becomes relevant later).

on the way home he overhears some girls do karaoke from a window on the street, peeps in; he's still starving for da coochie and is questioning, in his numb drunken stupor, if he should knock on the window and ask to join the party and "get some".
he knocks at the window, nothing happens, so he goes away.
but he stops "this is onne of thouse niiughts enything can huappen, u shuod pursuse evry oppprtnyy BRAAAAP"
so he goes back, lingers at the house door, he's hesitant, peeps through the window again, knocks at the door, but the house is now silent.
the ordeal lasted 10 minutes maybe more, the whole time he lingers there like a complete deranged creep lurking in the shadow.
chat goads him to steal one of the decoration plants from the window.
the night is over.

at home, peeping tom passes out a couple times, then stream goes offline.


in the morning a mistery awaits our brave and vibrant gambian prepper: there is a "liquid" at his door entrance. plus the legs and the back of his pants are drenched seemingly with the same substance.
chat's theory is kitty pissed his pants in the streets while pissing, then wore his trousers backwards while still releasing urine. he then probably pissed himself again on the door carpet since, you know, he's a drunken sped.

TL;DR scandinavian boy goes out to get poosey. becomes tyrone's prepper instead.
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Stop stalking REEETHAN! Take the graphs away!
Poked at Dale-Bold (Kitty's personal defense force) for a little bit yesterday.
Did some digging and found a potential match. If correct, Dale Bold is circa 28 years old and a felon, with 2 accounts of theft on him going back to circa 2013 and is 5'9" 175 pounds according to court records.

Additionally here is a matching facebook: (
Friends list: (

PDF of full dox attached.


It would appear as if this may have angered someone however as the following messages were posted around midnight PST, 9AM Denmark to a board thread on Kitty. It's worth the read.

Go kill yourselves. Nobody likes you. Your existence doesn't matter. Your whole life is wasted. So please do the world a favor and end your life. That goes for every single person in this thread. If you think your life has value - you are wrong. And you should kill yourself. Nobody likes you and you are a fucking loser. End your life. End it now end it today. Just do it and kill yourself. Everyone will be happy when you are gone. You, yes you who post in this thread. You who post on mlpol. Your life has no value. You are no asset to this world and nobody likes you or loves you. Everybody hates you, that's why you come here. You failed at life. Even more than this guy and others you stalk. You are really a sad excuse for a human being, please end your own suffering today. Make us all happy. Do it, just do it. End, your, life.
Liars to to hell. When you lie about someone to burry their name, you create karma for yourself. Since you are anon, you try dodge that karma, but trust me the universe knows what uve done. U can't escape your fate. That's why you should do the right thing and end your life, you bring nothing positive. Your whole life and existence is meaningless if you don't actually do anything good. And don't tell me making 10 lies per post to ruin a man is an actual life. It's not. You are pathetic. End it, please fast.
Kill yourself. Please please kill yourselves. You should really kill yourselves.
All this time and energy and you haven't moved yourself, you haven't made this man better, uve only ruined a bunch of people's lives. You are still as miserable, and nobody still doesn't like you. Your parent hate you, your friends hate you. Your fake friends on the internet. Yeah they aren't your friends. Do you think this is life? Think again. You failed. Life is love. You misunderstood that. You ruin all that is good. You ruin people, and I mean you, who post in here. Your reason to live isn't a reason. You take up the space, the air and the internet. For what? To spend ur living hours projecting hate onto people who've done nothing to you. People who should be allowed to live a life, yet you are here, making it impossible for people, because you lack love in your own life. But there is something fundamentally wrong with this life. You see, people are getting sick of your lies and your shitty ways, uve actually become worse than the person you hate. Think about that. Your existence is truly horrofic. Your existence is worthless… You are worthless. You should go die.
lol - the projection is strong here.

Any bets on who author(s) is?


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