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Thomas Dall / KittystyleDanish schizophrenic, felon livestreaming 24/7 for weed money

Discussion in 'Internet Famous' started by Null, Dec 4, 2018 at 11:15 AM.

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  1. He's absolutely deluded, the most horrifying thing was the no remorse over potentially killing someone while drink driving and his bragging about attacking people he sees as "bad people".
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  2. Yeah, I don't feel much sympathy about what's going to happen to kitty. He's pretty much brought this all on himself.
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  3. Hope he goes to a mental institution soon, dude clearly needs that type of 24/7 help for a while, I have no idea why he went to jail over one and why he was never transferred to one during his jail time.
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  4. Going against doctor and psychiatrist advice because you belive they are in cahoots with the government. And self medicating because you think you are Jesus. I think I have read the beginning of this story before. I don't think it will end well.
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    BSV Vidar Viking Elvi
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  5. Weed doesn't cause schizophrenia, but studies imply it can speed up the progression of it if one already has it or is predisposed to getting it.

    His self medicating has very likely just taped a fast-forward button down on his illness. Taking this into consideration, the sooner he gets treated the better. This would be his only chance to become a functioning member of society, as this isn't something someone can just treat or deal with by themselves.

    24/7 psychiatry it is, yeah?
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  6. It can also trigger or prolong episodes. And even when it doesn't, people who self-medicate are often doing that in lieu of real medications, or it interferes with any medications they actually are taking, or interacts with them in unpredictable ways. In any case if you have severe mental illness throwing random psychotropic drugs on top of it isn't really helping.

    IMO weed is probably actually better for anxiety than the horribly addictive benzos, but that's the kind of thing a doctor should decide.
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    AnOminous life of the mind
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  7. Got a friend who can vouch for the benefits in regards to anxiety, but you're right.

    This is a fat L for Kittystyle though. This isn't anything new, isn't it? Schizophrenics sometimes get off their medication or distrust their doctors. A lot of them end up in homeless shelters because they refuse any help. This is the same song and dance. His government assistance and streaming merely prolonged the inability to function in society, it looks like.
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  8. His entire sperg out was completly pointless, Danish politicians have been talking about closing down Christiania since the 80's, its something they do each ellection cycle, it never goes anywhere because the truth is Christiania is too ingrained in Copenhagen culture and a tourist attraction at this point, so its not possibel to do something about it, Dutch politicians say the same thing about the Red Light district, its just virtue signaling to their base to get them out and vote.... they know well they cant close it down, and they never intended too either
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    OldGuy Oldfag Boomer

  9. Some information on "Luna" his girlfriend from New Zealand. We know she occasionally comes into streams and argues with chat.

    Name: ???
    Location: New Zealand
    Online Aliases: LunaStyles, LunaSkye, XxLunaStylesxX, XxLunaSkyexX.
    Hair: Dyed Purple
    Build: Slim (from videos)
    Mother of one and pregnant with Thomas' Child from when she visited him in the summer (apparently)

    Known Accounts:
    Steam Account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/lulaskye (ARCHIVE)
    Steam account found via Thomas' steam group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Kittystyleandfriends (ARCHIVE)

    Speculated Accounts:
    Vampire Freaks: http://vampirefreaks.com/XxLunaSkyexX (ARCHIVE)
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/XxLunaSkyexX/ (ARCHIVE)
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/xxlunaskyexx/videos (ARCHIVE)

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    #109 KOVALSKY, Dec 6, 2018 at 11:22 AM
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  10. There's a fair bit of evidence that weed can bring on psychosis among people who are genetically pre-disposed to schizophrenia. On the other hand it probably does calm other people down. I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole myself because I've known people in both groups and I don't know which group I'm in up front.
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  11. haha sorry null, thanks for the heads up
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    #112 KOVALSKY, Dec 6, 2018 at 11:48 AM
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  12. Some more information on "Luna" his girlfriend from New Zealand.

    Some images \/

    Also fucked around in skype and found something interesting.
    Notice the first one says Cassie. Then searched with few emails.
    Gmail links to her google+

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  13. you definitely know someone is a cow when they do this.

    He claims that he was in prison for 5 months but spent the entire sentence in solitary confinement with one hour of socialization and yard time a day. He claims the other prisoners treated him like Jesus. He has repeatedly encouraged me to make a thread on him, claiming he'd be made a political free speech martyr over it. It also appears his wife and child parted ways with him during his incarceration.
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  14. It really, really depends. For some, marijuana exacerbates their symptoms, for others it helps alleviate them. It depends on the individual. Also, benzos aren't the only medication available to treat anxiety. They're just the previous gold standard due to their effectiveness. But non-addictive alternatives do exist with similar efficacy.
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    Mathas Fiend Seeker

  15. Can we add "Varg's soy-filled nephew" to the title?
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  16. he needs to read some quentin literature before he hurts himself

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  17. oh shit.
    Let's just kill him.
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  18. Luna's real name is "Cassandra", she just claimed the child's from another man under the name TunaBelly on live stream, KittyStyle now known as KuckStyle.
    Also, she's Marilyn Manson confirmed

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  19. Kitty sure does have bad taste in thots. Bet he's got a few STDs from bumping uglies with that.
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