Thomas Jeffrey "Jordan Gwendolyn" Davis - Jordman, Tard Raging Italian Male


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Jordan Gwendolyn Davis, aka Jordan Opalanie, aka Jordman, aka Thomas Jeffrey Davis is a sometimes friend to both Robert Wayne Styles (aka Rika) and Phillip Haskins-Delici (aka Ahuviya). Most of his visible activity comes from his time in Philidelphia where he became known for his erratic behavior, poor hygiene, and insistence that anyone who claims to be transgender be able to use the bathroom of their preferred gender. Jordan has, in the past, had public battles with ADF and Rika, but has recently buried the hatchet.

Jordan is a high functioning autistic [archive] who claims this makes him so disabled that he is unable to hold regular employment and must collect SSDI [archive] - his only visible means of financial support. Jordan claims to be homeless, however he chose to leave his home when his father began charging him the small sum of $200 a month in rent [archive]. Jordan claims to be transsexual but is only interested in it sohe can use womens restrooms without being kicked out [archive]. Jordan claims to have experienced sexual assaults in the past but these stories are full of conflicting information and are assumed to be fabricated in part or in whole. Jordan claims to be in a relationship with "indigenous girlfriend Jessica Davis", though It is currently undetermined if they have met or have spent any appreciable time together.

Jordan has claimed for years to be a "survivor" of sexual assault, though the claims vary. At times he was raped, at others he was groped. In a public testimony set up by Hollaback, the progenitor to internet vigilante scam HeartMob, he claims a random man started rubbing his genitals on him in public while everyone watched in agreement. However, Jordan has a history of obnoxious behavior, harassment, and sexual assault.

Jordan has done copious writing for blogs such as feministing and amplifyyourvoice.

As far back as 2013, Jordan was sewing the seeds for his oppression. He has written articles comparing his struggle to use a ladies restroom to that of Martin Luther King [archive], that saying he is transgendered means he no longer has male privilege [archive], that the Sandy Hook shooting is a transgender issue [archive], and claiming to be Native American Lenape despite his predominantly polish history [archive].

A writer for the blog Pretendbians has had encounters with Jordan at a Slutwalk event [archive]. They have apparently had some history together as Jordan loiters about staring blankly for nearly two minutes until he is able to recognize her face. The women recording greet him by name. He loudly declares he is "her worst nightmare" before bumbling away.

At Bash Back 2009 convergence, Jordan was accused of sexual assault [archive]. Jordan has, under the alias TJ, assaulted someone at this event, and the organizers elected to ban him. There is not much information at this writing concerning what happened at the previous event, but Jordan's actions were of a serious enough nature to be permanently banned. It is unknown if this relates to the incident where he drunkenly assaulted a woman but claims she forced herself on him [archive].

Jordan has at length shown that he is using his crossdressing as a way to skirt repercussions for his behavior. His entire life is an act so that he can get away with whatever obnoxious behavior he wants, from pissing on Lexus's to traveling cross country with a man who spends all his money on cheap bondage wear and ice cream.

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More Jordman sperging. Enjoy.
Jordman failed out of Ramapo but claims he was still accepted into graduate school because they didn't read the transcripts.

But according to an article Jorman wrote, he graduated from Ramapo but flunked out of a forestry program FOR NO FAULT OF HIS OWN.

Jordman also has some distaste for his alma mater, probably because of flunking him for being a failure.

In my search for more Jordman at Ramapo information I stumbled on an old blog post he wrote [archive] under the "Jordan Opalanie" handle. I'm sure it's been posted before but it has some enlightening information, such as:

Jordman roomed with a LITERAL NAZI and joined in the gay-hating fun, but it was all because of his deep seated self loathing for being a faggot that brought sexual abuse on himself.

Jordman wanted to "pull a Budd Dwyer" at high school graduation :story: and almost didn't attend Ramapo due to ptsd :story::story:. The Budd Dwyer comparison has come up repeatedly, including in June of 2015

Jordman makes mention of his queer camp event he attended and was banned from for molesting a a drunk roommate. No mention of him assaulting others though, just his "Jordan the Tranny Reindeer" and his shedding the TJ alias... the shedding of which coincided with his trying to hide the fact he assaulted someone.

edit: Recent developments have Jordman unburdening himself of the albatross known as Phil. Stay tuned for more shenanigans!
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Jordman also features in the most recent Trans 100 - an annual US-wide list that "celebrates excellence within the trans community".

Here's why he made the 2015 list:

Jordan Gwendolyn Davis recently moved to California, but her work in Philly to promote transgender rights is still being felt in a big, big way. She worked with then City Councilman Jim Kenney to orchestrate 2013's LGBT Equality Bill that extended unheard of rights to Philadelphia's transgender community, and most recently she has worked with Representative Mark Cohen to introduce a couple LGBT- and trans-specific bills in the House of Representatives.
His inclusion has not been without controversy.
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Jordman also pisses on expensive cars and farts on rich-looking people as a form of revenge. Additionally, he and Ahuviya harass white, wealthy-looking people on public transportation.
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How someone can be on the same bad level of tranny-dom as ADF is mind boggling. He just looks like a fat guy in a dress. There's no attempt at femininity what so ever
Jordan also complained about being given passing advice at TransWay. This makes me doubt Jordan is actually trans.
It's a a shame Rika doesn't come here and tell us about the days he, Jordman and ADF met up at Transway, the meeting of three lolcows must have been something to behold.

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While Phil looks like he got beaten with the ugly stick, Jord here looks like he got ran over by all eighteen wheels of the ugly truck and backed over again...multiple times. That is one ugly-ass Uncle Fester-lookin' motherfucker. How are the people around him not going all Ark of the Covenant and melting?