Thomas Jeffrey "Jordan Gwendolyn" Davis - Jordman, Tard Raging Italian Male


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Here is an article (SF Examiner, 19 June) about Jordman. You can see he is in no danger of starvation.


"Other than a mattress and a few personal items strewn across the floor, Davis’ room is void of furniture. Davis said she can’t really afford much more with half of her roughly $1,000 monthly income going toward her rent "​
"Davis described her hunger strike as “very symbolic.” Like many of her neighbors, Davis said she often goes hungry at the end of the month."​
"While Davis is a vegan, she said that other tenants with fewer dietary restrictions than her also struggle with securing nutritious meals."​
"Following a five-month stay in San Francisco’s first Navigation Center at 1950 Mission St., Davis said she initially felt that she “lucked out” when she was offered housing in the SRO.​
But not long after, Davis said that she was “sticker-shocked” when she learned that her landlord, the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which offers housing, legal and supportive services to formerly homeless adults, charges a $500 flat fee for rent."​
Jordman really is the best match for Phil. And it is interesting that the reporter can find no one who joined Jordman in his hunger striker.
I also found this:

It seems his latest schtick is Single Room Occupancy. He even earned the moniker "San Francisco SRO Task Force commissioner"!


Welp. The position might not be remunerative, but there's bound to be lots of pizzas -- vegan pizzas -- during the meetings.
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