Cultcow Thomas Lloyd / SolidMario / Blueraccoon27 / DarthChaos / CrimsonTuba1069 & many more #2 - Alt accounts, bad liar, self admitted pedo. Thread 2, discussion edition (Read OP before you post!)


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Jul 14, 2016
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Read before you post!
He has admitted to having pedo urges.
This thread is to discuss SolidMario and his antics only and he will be threadbanned from posting in this thread, so any updates and news about him can go here. As it used to be to debate him on his sock puppetry previously, considering that @Feline Darkmage confirmed they have the same IP address as each other and Guy Incognito, And @ghostyTrickster lived up to his username and got SolidMario to forget he was in the DarthChaos role on DeviantART.


It's safe to say they are not the two people living together and sharing the same bed, as that was an attempted ruse that failed.


1) If you pretend to be SolidMario or posting like he did under his sock accounts, you will be THREADBANNED so don't be a fucking faggot in this thread. SolidMario himself was constantly shit posting with FTFY and movie quotes that ultimately drove Null to lock the original thread. Keep that in mind. The real SolidMario will also be threadbanned on sight and is still not welcome to post here. Don't encourage him to return.

2) Should he appear in the thread, DO NOT ENGAGE HIM. Also watch your ratings often if you post here, if you get neg rating from a random new user in this or the old thread, there's a good chance it's a sock puppet.

3) Notice me senpai posts will warrant a threadban, no spamming Bart fucker or LOL PEDO! If you see anyone being a try hard epic troll, REPORT THE POST, I DON'T KNOW WHY PEOPLE DON'T DO THIS MORE OFTEN.

4) All other Kiwi Farms guidelines and rules apply here so be on your best behavior and use the report button to report any posts in here that violate these rules, can't stress this enough.

Other than that, enjoy the ride. SolidMario is a great cow to discuss and these rules and guidelines are in place to facilitate the best form of discussion and ridicule of him, post content if you come across it. It's a wonderful privilege to have so don't fuck it up again and ruin it for everyone else. SolidMario will win and you'll look like an assclown in the process. These rules are effective as of page 10 of this thread, his past posts will remain as they're content.

Now for content and links:
Lolcow Wiki page
Encyclopedia Dramatica page
The original, now locked thread one
Steam Account

Active dA socks, go to these and capture content(sometimes they're deactivated):

YouTube videos he's active in:
Heaven's Library SolidMario stream preview
Average Reaction To SolidMario's Gallery
BBC's preview video | 2013 edition

Highlights of the original thread:
UserAnonymous appearance, Oh, shit. thread, second appearance, third return, DarthChaos appearance, BlackBuster death threat, Thomas vs Thomas comedy hour, more coming soon.

BBC's video that SolidMario wants off the internet:

Powerword: Thomas Sebastian Lloyd
DOB:07/12/1992 Born in Tarrant County, Texas Age 25
Current address:
1907 Lantana Dr
Round Rock, TX 78664




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