Thoughts on people canceling people who are awful Personally I think its gay. -

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Imagine Jerking off to Japanese mens art
I think what bugs me the most about this gay trend is that the people setting up the canceling are typically people that front like they are against it. To me it seems very hypocritical.

Your problem is watching such cringey and obvious clickbait videos, OP.
Oh I don't watch it but because of the videos i do watch youtube serves me recommendations otherwise yes I will agree with that sentiment.

They deserve it if you gonna try to go after others sponsors you have top notch integrity.

Hypocrites bitches like pokimane or h3h3h getting retribution or pure trash content creator like Jaystation getting destroyed is not a problem.
Fair enough but why endorse it especially if you front like doing said activity is a faux pas?
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As always the late-great Patrice was ahead of his time.

''Canceling" has always sounded like a dumb idea to me and it always gave me the impression that those wanting to cancel and start a mob have deeper skeletons.

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One one hand, eh once an option gets on the table it can't be removed easily.
On the other hand, using such things with such asymetric power distribution is dumb. You don't have power over the companies, you just enable them to be more bold in policing people's opinions and in the end you will be losing due to that.

An important question to ask is: what do you gain by cancelling a rando online?
Answer is: most likely nothing, you just lost somebody from online and made a precedent.