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Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Null, Apr 9, 2017.

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  1. If I know for sure, rat king is a group of troons who follow one another on social media, run to each other's aid, and donate to one another's scams. In theory there is one for every first world nation.

    Photos in the OP are also helpful.
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  2. I'm thinking of making a LaVar Ball and Sons thread, but I don't know if there is enough content to support it, nor do I know if it would fit in with the Farms. I definitely think they are Cow material though.

    • Arguably the most extreme tiger parent in the history of the world
    • The Trump feud
    • Demanded $3 billion from Nike, even though Michael Jordan, the most famous and recognizable athlete in American history makes nowhere near that from his shoe deal
    • Started his own shoe an apparel company, asking $500 for a pair of shoes and $50 for shitty graphic tees. Better Business Bureau recently gave the company a rare "F" grade, numerous consumer complaints online about them taking money without delivering product
    • Youngest son said "Beat that nigga's ass" live on WWE Raw
    • Middle son shoplifted sunglasses in China, was arrested, Trump supposedly got him sprung, was indefinitely suspended from UCLA basketball team
    • Dad pulled middle son out of UCLA and youngest son out of high school to have them play professional basketball in Lithuania. Will likely result in numerous lulz.
    • Oldest son on his way to being a historic bust
    • Dad causing serious and unnecessary strife for Los Angeles Lakers organization
    Thoughts, lads?

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  3. Too much of a celebrity. Cows need to have most of their thread-worthy content be done online.

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  4. Yeah, that's kind of what I thought.

    Dude is seriously exceptional though.

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  5. Queen Hawlsera/"Jessica" Kylie Nichols-Vernon

    I found this tranny in the steam forums complaining about transphobia in VRchat. http://steamcommunity.com/app/438100/discussions/0/1621726179586489513/ <- the thread.
    This dude made a gofundme so he could chop off his cock: http://www.gofundme.com/788yn4
    His tumblr: https://hawlserasrs.tumblr.com/

    According to what he wrote here he is also apparently autistic and a furry (what a shocker)
    His blog, https://geminiweavermusings.wordpress.com
    And his twitter, https://twitter.com/HawlT
    I dont have much on this dude since i just found him today but what i found was pretty funny
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  6. The Overview:
    This guy spams a shitty cringy copypasta over /b/ for a personal army thread. I go look into it. A page called Drake Blake did nothing wrong posted his photo saying "Big trouble in little china town" and Peter and his friends decide to go apeshit.
    He sends death threats. Reports the page. Harasses the users.
    He spent 30 minutes during looking at followers of the page, which was 40k+ when the page was still up and messaged them and mocked them.
    He pussies out of meeting drake blake twice.
    He has an alter ego demon that "irl hunts rapers".
    Does a gaming challenge against his friend to take the page down, rigs the game, and still loses.
    Summons demons after Drake.
    Calls possibly the police or a bunch of his friends then tells his parole officer mom on me during the live stream.
    And a lot more I don't even remember.
    upload_2018-1-10_15-25-21.png upload_2018-1-10_15-3-7.png upload_2018-1-10_15-3-20.png upload_2018-1-10_15-3-23.png upload_2018-1-10_15-3-59.png

    Twitch(Recent freak out stream with Mom.):
    https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010013327051 (Real)
    https://www.facebook.com/Darkwinterflame2 (Alter ego or RP account)

    GF (I don't even remember her name, so bad at names):
    https://www.facebook.com/ladyicemage (Semi-Real)
    https://www.facebook.com/crimsonangel99 (Alter ego)

    Video with twitch highlights and explanations:

    Proof of the threats (I forgot one but it's in the video.):

    I have no axe to grind with the guy and I'm not doxing my self. My channel is basically for documenting lolcows I guess. I seriously don't know how to make a post here because I'm so new so I'll let you guys decide if he worthy of a thread since mine got locked.
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  8. Leftbook would be a good community of interest to look at. The most exceptional contingents of Facebook leftists, when they're not harassing each other for disagreeing with dogma or screeching about cis straight white men they're sharing the worst, unfunniest memes ever. Lots of drama and lots of stupidity.
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  9. "Corey Lift Me Up", a middle-aged guy who goes around the country taking pictures with college girls where he lifts them up. Over 12k ladies lifted. Look him up.
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  10. Not sure if this is Lolcow or Beauty Parlor
    Basically just some crazy white trash that post all of the family drama on Facebook.
    Annette Weaver, current husband/BF Dennis

    Drama son is Khris, his babymama is Tessa. Baby is Bentley.

    Previous husbands apparently have convictions for child and spousal abuse, Annette defends them, even though they are still incarcerated. Might just be one still in jail, she has an interesting past. Defends the ex who hit her with a bat and was convicted of child abuse.
    Recently indicated that her tax refund should go to buy race car parts for Dennis, while her newborn grandchild needs a pacifier. Threatens Tessa regularly to seek grandparents rights, but then they make up the next day.
    I think there is an autistic son named Peewee.
    I don't do Facebook, but will refer you to the reddit thread https://www.reddit.com/r/blogsnark/comments/7p31o5/all_aboard_the_crazy_annette_18114/

    Also, apparently a Maryland sports forum has been following her for years.
    I hope this woman ends up on the Farms, Reddit is not doing the crazy justice.
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  11. I'm too lazy to do the work, but this person is ridiculous and maybe should be researched, she's a furry who is in a poly relationship with a fictional character (from what I gather, she's too sped to understand) and calls herself Manda-Tee

    This blog post is great

    And this self portrait tells a lot
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  12. Someone I follow on twitter (Bob Mackey) , is like, obsessed with Colin Moriarty? Apparently Colin always sends his "fans" to attack said person on twitter.

    Is he some crazy right wing asshole?

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  14. Surprised Aja Romano doesn't have a thread here already. She's got a super storied history in terms of being a lolcow, especially since she has ties to literary lolcow Cassandra Clare/Claire.

    Aja's also known for some pretty dumbass shit, including a piece on the Daily Dot a few years back, wherein she pretty much defended known sociopath/scammer Andrew Blake/Victoria Bitter. Then she did an article for Vulture about a "fanfiction syllabus". After the backdraft from those hit, she scuttled away for a while and later reemerged as a "reporter" for Vice. She also tried to do a story about hockey RPF (real person fanfic) and got all petulant/whiny when people roundly shot her shit down and told her not to do it.

    She's also active on Twitter (of course she is), and she's also known for trying to burn a LiveJournal t-shirt in protest of something that happened years ago. Sadly, most of that was lost to history when Fandom Wank/JournalFen went tits up and never returned.

    Basically, she's one of those dumbasses where Fandom Is Serious Business.

    Sanitized history: https://fanlore.org/wiki/Aja
    Unsantised History up to 2015 (shortly before she fucked off to Vice): http://failfandomanon.wikia.com/wiki/Aja
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  15. This is Mr. Hate Vicious, your kinda typical MGTOW. Bitter about all women, fixated on numbers and rating women 1-10, etc. Except he somehow manages to sound like a bigger smug faggot than most MGTOWS I know of. He uses Adult Friend Finder and claims to do adult films "on the side." Most women on AFF are around a 6-7 he says. He is pretty good at picking up exotic dancers and has bed buddies, a couple girls "on the side." He's bored of sex because he's had too much of it. Him and his small fan base are pathetic and embarrassing. He makes me laugh though. Somethin weird goin on with this dude.

    2018-01-19 19_04_37-MGTOW how I releive myself sexualy - YouTube.png
    2018-01-19 19_03_54-MGTOW how I releive myself sexualy - YouTube.jpg


    2018-01-19 19_13_38-MGTOW follow your goals and lose the dream killing bitch - YouTube.png
    2018-01-19 19_12_34-MGTOW follow your goals and lose the dream killing bitch - YouTube.png
    2018-01-19 19_31_18-(12) Cameron Gallegos.png
    2018-01-19 19_28_56-(12) Cameron Gallegos.png

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