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Haha yeah if I recall correctly, he would get loaded and go to chat about having sex with his car. He’s the one in random text that said “She’s the only car I’ve ever gotten intimate with.”
Really? That's a shame. I thought he was one of the few lolcows that had his shit under control and was fairly friendly. I haven't read his thread recently tho, so maybe he snapped. Well, snapped as much as you can for a guy who wants to fuck cars.

Stew Hex the penguin (formerly just Stew until he saw the movie Jonah Hex) is a F-A-T creepy D: furry from Toronto, Canada, who preys upon young poor furries by offering to take them out to a movie and dinner at his expense in exchange for sex. D: If they don't put out he will leave them stranded without a drive back home. He does the same thing at furry conventions by offering them cheap or free roomshare as long as they suck his tiny cock and let him hump them. By day he is an incompetent baggage handler working for Air Canada at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. If it weren't for the hydraulic baggage lifts and carrier carts he would not have the strength to do this job and would probably be flipping burgers at Mickey D's, well no, they'd fire him as he'd scoff down the burgers as fast as he could fry them ;DDD He is also very uneducated and cannot spell for the life of him. He's obviously never heard of LOL

On all his accounts he posts that he is "always looking for pets" as married life to Fuzy Sidewell is not good enough for his obese lard ass, he constantly is on the prowl for young booty to plow. He actively seeks out the desperate furs, mostly of the LGBTQ variety with family issues who are in need of a home or a daddy because their parents are unaccepting of their lifestyle choices, and Stew is ready and waiting like a hunter with a snare trap! I bet would have fun with this one along with catching many other furry creeps from Ontario who can be found here sharing furry porn art stickers or dick and boob photos >;D

Stew is also a sneaky photographer working at furry conventions whenever he can so he can get the inside scoop on his prey and get up close and personal by offering "fursuit handling" advice or offering to take "professional" photos of them. You can watch some of his videos here
Furnal equinox how to be a handler #1

Furnal equinox how to be a handler #2

Stew got fired from a staff position at Furnal Equinox and subsequently Canfurence due to allegedly groping a young female furry at a Furnal Equinox Christmas party and the cops were called to investigate. No charges were filed because the young girl was too scared to be ostracized from the local fur group due to Stew's influence and power within it. Still the FE con chairs thought it best to fire his ass to protect them from legal liability!

His online handles are :

always looking for yiffy fun."

I am looking for subs/pets and swithes who are wanting some yiffy fun. They must be local in the gta or attending furnal equilnox.

This year I will also be attending what the fur and canfurance. I hope to see u there."

Full Name
emperor penguin or western dragon
I am looking for subs/pets and swithes who are wanting some yiffy fun. They must be local in the gta or attending furnal equilnox.

This year I will also be attending what the fur and canfurance. I hope to see u there.

Relationship Status
In an Open Relationship
Looking For
Man, Woman, Trans, Other
High School
TMI Information
I love giving and receaving handjobs or finger jobs if your a female. I only do oral of i trust someone fully. Anal is only given to my mate.

Cuddling is a must. Love giving and receaving affection. Also do shower play from basic washing to yiffy fun.
Turn Offs
scat, blood, waterworks, someone trying to be the dom. also anyone older then 48
Furnal equinox.
Xbox 360, xbox one and pc. Battlefield 4. Movies"

Stew also believes that penguins should be able to fly. ;DDD

























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Best gem
Scott Cosner amassed 32000 followers on Tumblr before the site's implosion. He's a bonafide noodlesandbeef wannabe with a similar tech job in a polyamorous relationship with three other guys. All four look exactly alike. White gays, shocker.

View attachment 628842
View attachment 628847

Nowadays, Cosner and his hamily spend their time attention-whoring on Twitter+Insta and attracting the general ire of the gay community. Cosner has been alleged to have committed rape in the past, as well as spreading gossip about people's HIV status. And since these are gays we're dealing with, everyone wants a piece of the drama.

Cosner's harem currently consists of three other fat white gays ("cubs"). They are:

Sean Benfield

View attachment 628844

Sean is engaged to Scott.


Insta / archive
Tumblr / archive
Twitter / archive
Facebook / archive

Christian Chase

View attachment 628841

Christian is a barista at Starbucks. Not sure how much more basic one could aspire to be.


Insta / archive
Tumblr / won't archive since blog is dash-only
Twitter / archive
Facebook / archive

Sean Collis

View attachment 628845


Insta / archive
Tumblr / won't archive since blog is dash-only
Twitter / archive
Facebook / archive

Cosner has been accused of driving one of his previous "cubs" to the brink of suicide, then trying to make the drama all about him. Many people have spoken about his sociopathic (and trashy) behavior:

View attachment 628838

View attachment 628832
(Source / archive)
View attachment 628831
(Source / archive)
Sean Collis receives an anon message about Scott's raping and responds:
View attachment 628826

View attachment 628843
Scott was accused of racism for making this joke:
View attachment 628825 View attachment 628827View attachment 628840
I'm sure you had nothing to do with those relationships turning toxic.
View attachment 628839

Facebook (archive)
Instagram (archive)
Tumblr (can't archive; blog is dash only)
Twitter (archive)
LinkedIn (archive)
XTube (archive)
Christ has someone made a thread on him yet? This shit is W I L D

A furry worthy of a thread: Steven Stark/Ruffles Ridges

A HUGE Zoophile apologist/supporter. It is currently unknown if he has actually done anything to animals as there is not enough solid evidence. Steven is also a "super hacker because I went to college" He has doxed people including a woman by the name of Tymid who has a child.

Steven also runs the following facebook pages:

A little while ago a person by the name of "Taylor Massina" (now known as Beez Zabinski) Left a negative review on the Facebook page Zeta, it was later discovered that Steven runs the page. That page took anyone who left a negative review and started impersonating them. One person by the name of Kristen Stewert even got fired from her job because of it:

Another beware post about his Zoophilia:


And of course hes defending his buddy Kero:


He also thinks his shit doesn't stink. He's super conceited.


He basically fights ANYONE who says anything bad against Zoophiles. If I had access to Tymids facebook account I could try and dig up the posts she claimed she was doxed and harassed by Steven but unfortunately I don't have them.

Pictures of what he looks like:


Current Facebook Accounts:


Other shit:




I want blood!
James Nguyen (delusional idiot film maker and Alfred Hitchcock wannabe)

To any film goer here, chances are you probably know about him. For those who don't, he's a guy who had a "one hit wonder" back in 2010, called "Birdemic" which for all the wrong reasons, gained attention from the media for a while and garnered a small cult following. A sequel came out a few years later which wasn't well received......not that it really was in the first place though. Then James has been desperately trying to crowd fund the third Birdemic film, but to little success, and it's still on-going.

I know we're not meant to talk about celebs here, but consider the fact the man's fallen deep into such obscurity now and people have mostly forgotten him, I wonder whether it's the right time to make a thread about him? He's a fascinating specimen really once you read more about him. To think that Sundance rejected his shitty Birdemic film (for obvious reasons when you watch it) so the dude actually drove all the way to Utah on his own to self-promote his own film, and by sheer dumb luck, it worked.

Imdb profile:
Youtube channel:
Production company website: (looks as if it hasn't been updated since the late 90s!)

Some vids about the guy. You can clearly see how big his fucking ego can get when people push the wrong buttons on him.

Should point out, the guy clearly has this creepy obsession in a majority his movies of self-inserting himself as the main character (always a computer chip salesman, his real life job) dating and hooking up with some beautiful blonde chick.

His latest film, "Man with the Wooden Face" is below for your interest. I'll let you make of it for yourselves.

Love it or hate it, it's been almost universally ignored by critics and audiences and it's gotten James nowhere in his career.
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GallowBoob is a Reddit spammer and powermod who's trying to turn those upvotes into fortune and fame.

He can't really handle criticism of his obvious shilling, so he spergs out and locks threads a lot. Recently, he did this and it started some drama:

He also sent nudes to a minor once and the Reddit admins banned him for it, but they eventually reversed this decision.

In the news:
He does it for free:
GallowBoob's career:

Social media:
/u/GallowBoob on Reddit
@thegallowboob on Twitter (protected)

So. Much. Drama.

Burning Fanatic

Lvl. 12 Necroposter
Global Moderator
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GallowBoob is a Reddit spammer and powermod who's trying to turn those upvotes into fortune and fame.

He can't really handle criticism of his obvious shilling, so he spergs out and locks threads a lot. Recently, he did this and it started some drama:

He also sent nudes to a minor once and the Reddit admins banned him for it, but they eventually reversed this decision.

In the news:
He does it for free:
GallowBoob's career:

Social media:
/u/GallowBoob on Reddit
@thegallowboob on Twitter (protected)

So. Much. Drama.
You've already put out a successful thread that got featured. So no clue why you're coming here to this thread.
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Jeremy Martin, the man who's running away from the government.

Welcome to the insane Australian conspiracy theorist who believes he's the founder of the hacking group Anonymous, posts hour long videos on youtube defending his multiple batshit crazy theories, gets in 7+ hours long arguments (or as he likes to call it, "discussions") with anyone who thinks different, and believes he's getting gangstalked. He also hates Muslims.

And yes, he's currently running from the government, who apparently tortured him many times and spies on him. Also he got kidnapped.

He tried making an ARG that no one followed (Posted on 4chan), and got particularly upset when we kept interrupting him on a discord call. He also tweets the FBI if someone does anything he doesn't like and gets easily baited. Unknown Gem.

The man with the record count on getting banned from Facebook due to hate speech.

Photos: Jeremy | Cool Jeremy | Elegant Jeremy | Dad Jeremy | Cold Jeremy | Hurt Jeremy | Buffed Jeremy

More info if you bother to look into his youtube videos enough, I did my best.

Youtube channel

The best of his Youtube videos: (Hyperlinks)

Jeremy screaming at multiple government agents who told him to mow/clean his lawn.

Jeremy teaches you on "How to DDoS like a boss"

Jeremy takes off his mask

"Proof that Jeremy is the founder of Anonymous."

Jeremy does an interview to "CCN" while on the run from the government

The great 7 hour debate with a Muslim

Jeremy explains why Muslims cannot join Anonymous

Jeremy gets in an argument with me and a few mates and gets angry

Self Biography

This video where he accidentally leaks his address, woops!

Why not make a standalone thread on him you may ask, simple:
I'm new to the forums, joined less than a month ago, and simply will lack the experience to make a good thread on him myself, probably ruining all the potential he has.

I have yet to find his Twitter again, will edit if successful.
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Lucas Silva #4903141
Oh, man, this one surprised me when she popped up again. Remember when reply girls were a problem on YouTube? They would take advantage of the old algorithm with a simple trick: They'd make a reaction video to a popular video by calling it "Re:" + the original video's title, and having a thumbnail where their cleavage is clearly visible. One of those reply girls was Laurasparkling (she is still remembered by some, as seen in this playlist), and...she had a LOT of accounts. You can read a fair amount about her and what the accounts were here:
laura reply girl.png
As that site indicates, she did eventually disappear, I believe she fucked off in 2012, after she made some music videos, and some videos pointed at her face, avoiding the cleavage. Her reaction videos were extremely lazy, sometimes she had 0 clue of what she was talking about. Almost as if she was merely trying to get attention with her boobs, oh wait a minute. Anyways, YouTube eventually changed their algorithm to get these really lazy reply girls to fuck off, and so that's what Laura did, and she was very butthurt about it (archive)...however, Laura did eventually come back.
She goes by Candy K now, and she mostly just eats food on camera. I'd love if it someone else could dig for info because I get the impression that she's legitimately somewhat crazy. I mean, just look at this video and the comments:

>says she won't do "mukbangs" (one of them has 1.2 million views) anymore because she doesn't like being fat
>needs the money, in her own words
>does them again in like, a month

Candy K has a patreon which only has 1 (one) patron to it. 9 less than her peak.


True & Honest Fan
Have I flunked Search Feature 101 or do we not have a thread on Nicholas Rock Johannsen / hardrocknick / Big Dick Nick? (No, not Foles.)

This 300-pound "badass white trash millionaire" and self-adoring lady's man who says he has an 11" dick seems to be craving more attention as he nears his 50th birthday.

asst suicide.png

He displays his 100%-real!!! magnificence mainly on Instagram and on the about to be defunct Google+, posting more selfies than a troon, though there's a dead sameness among the shots (see spoiler below) and he gets very few likes despite having stunning-and-brave tattooed eyebrows.

e: His natural brows are cavemanic, so Pamela maintains his arch.


He says those eyelashes are totally real and they look totally real, don't they? Totally!

pink gums.png

e: In profile, we the vocal sac he expands to croak at lady frogs he passes on the street. The brightly colored neck and sparkly earring also attract lady frogs who happen to stand on sidewalks a lot shaking their booties and waiting to fall deeply in love for 20 minutes.


Prowls Bumble and Tinder, but says he's not on Twitter. His YT channel has about 25 vids, but only one of them new (sad) and that may mean he'll never be a lolcow.

But he loves to complain about FB, Instagram, and Reddit haters being so wrong about him and e:by August 2017, he'd blocked 15,574 Instagram users. Surely, if he had a KF thread, he'd stop by to tell us fundamental truths. He's also at war with the makers of fake hardrocknick pages e:who have violated his intellectual property rights, so he'd probably entertain @Null with a DMCA or two.


And on he ranted...


He's content in his racism, says he gave the Trump/Pence campaign half a million dollars, and could shed his excess pounds in a month if he felt like stopping business people from treating him to steak lunches so that he'll listen to their pitches, bitches.


An hilarious Instagram Live stream about how great he is came up today on a new channel called Keynote Pablo, probably not one of Nick's own:

I've downloaded it for safekeeping.

Nick says he was born in Las Vegas but grew up in Manhattan Beach, California, and keeps an empty 3-bedroom condo there, but claims to have six houses in total, living mainly in a Laguna Beach mansion while also spending time in Las Vegas. Says one of his residences is in Tokyo, but I haven't found any Palermoesque selfies from Japan yet.

manhattan beach.png

His vast fortune comes from his real estate savvy and not, as haters say, from stealing from his mother. Yet, something may not be quite right about his fabulous life:



He has a personal chef, you guys! That's why, when he gets home from a hard day's millionairing and nutting porn stars, he spreads margarine on the chef's handmade ravioli. There's mozzarella inside! DSP couldn't have made better. e:But for some reason, his table is always set for one.

He who has a personal chef also has a private gym, natch.

As rich people tend to do, he poses tastefully in front of a lot of bathroom mirrors.

Still, he seems to want to make time on his busy schedule to be a brand influencer. e:From this, we learn he will drink, yes, SOY and takes vitamins meant for pregnant women.



Two more of his endless endorsements. Really loves wussy yuppie products. Are they classy? I'll bet they're classy!



His criteria for sex partners are every bit as refined as those for probiotic ice cream.


But he holds himself to a high standard, too: He vows before the entire world that ladies will cum the second he taps his dick on the edges of their pussylips!

cum now.png

This is quite incomplete. Archiving is mostly pix so far, so I can't take this post to Proving Ground, but I'm not even sure he has cow potential. What say you? |

His whitetrashmillionaire rocknrollbodybuilder channel may be waking up after a long snooze - 25 videos:

Necro'd Something Awful thread from 2015:

Exceptional individuals retardedly denying Nick's superiority:

Big Dick Nick bragging about having a barely legal girlfriend who's still in high school

Big Dick Nick’s Thoughts On Body Hair

Nicholas Rock Johannsen On Why He Is Single

Sinspirational Quote:
"When I'm out in public, everybody sucks my dick."​


Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 8.41.21 PM.png



make money like mofo.png



All this bathroom phonography, but never any towels. No selfie stick, either. Maybe he's been Marie Kondo'd.





e:OH MY GOD, I FOUND A TOWEL! He bought one. Because he takes 2-3 showers a day due to constant sexxay. Towel must be exhausted.
towel 1.png

Proof he didn't just fondle towel in store. It made it into his bathroom!
towel 2.png

Towel still on dootay weeks later! Brave towel. Why does he take the same shot over and over. How much we gotta see his phone case?
towel 3.png

Car selfies are another fav of his. You'd think he'd walk on the beach or use some Las Vegas glitz for glam backdrops, but no.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 8.36.37 PM.png

While he was feeling thick 'n rich, he suddenly got the urge to do some brand influencing.


Anybody else following him? I don't know him, so I don't have a cache of personal information to use, but if he starts providing more video content, would he be a lolcow?

Edits to fix typos and improve flow.

2/12/2019 edits to add information and images. Also moved some material into spoilers to tighten up the post.
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Hello, I am very new to this community, although I have been keeping track of some of its basic activities and subjects (Amberlynn Ried, Temple OS, and of course Chris Chan). I'm not sure where to post this but I was wondering if Anybody had any information on the eccentric creator of this website:
The most recent posts on the site are a little outdated and I fear its too late to really get in the middle of everything while it happens, but it reveals the character of the author non-the less. What I've been able to gather from his website, the man is a raving lunatic who lives in Winnepeg Manitoba, or at least within the area. He was divorced by his wife, Rebeckya Rose McDowell (now Rose Mary McCowen) who is called a "Godless Whore" charged with "imprisoning" his daughter. Along with the judges, social services and law enforcement that aided her. He consistently reveals personal information on these people (addresses, full name, photos) hoping for someone to track down his daughter for him.

Here is the most glaring example

I would like to know anyone's thoughts on this website as well as information on where to post things like this in the future