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The Lowminder of Darkness
A 30-year old Minnesota jew, goes by the name of Gil Bileski. He believes that every single person are statists and likes to swat victims if they call him out over something, He has two YouTube channels, the first one (Socratic Anarchist Auditor) in which he claims to "audit" people and expose them where in fact, he's been exposing innocent people and government agencies. If he hears a innocent person admitting the truth about something, he threatens to dox them and get their information which is invasion of privacy. And the second channel (Divine Sovereign General), in which he used to steal other people's videos such as a soundboard sound track and claiming it to be his. He used to make shitty prank calls (now deleted) which were a total joke.

Gil, at one stage and possibly many other times had been admitted into the Anoka Asylum where he had been attempted to be cured of his delusion of grandeur, and narcissism. After becoming an expert of posting very poorly received comments on very popular YouTube videos, Gil felt as if he had blended in with the community, A wolf in sheep's clothing if you would. It was clear from the beginning what Gil had intended to do: To exercise his need to feel power over others as an attempt to feel in control of his life briefly after posting his terrible attempts at what even the worst prank artist would not even call "pranks," Gil discovered a place known as Prankcord where he could possibly cloak his true nature and gain the respect that he felt he deserved to be paid to him, and if anyone questioned him they would face his autistic wrath.

It was clear that if you disagree with Gil in any way he would label you an enemy and try to render the perception of you to others as worthless - A very basic tactic of a psychopath - If they cannot control you, they will control the way people see you. (Gil displayed many traits of a psychopath/narcissist and animal abuser as he allegedly harmed his dog whilst his microphone was active) After many attempts to gain power and exercise it over others by sucking up to the admins in order to try to build authority, he failed and had been kicked from various communities, which led him to making very big unsubstantiated claims, and as a result of his failure to dominate something that was purely created for fun, Gil started to flag videos on YouTube and as a result he has now been made into a soundboard as a consequence for trying to ruin something that he was not allowed to be a part of. He has been known to attempt to blank out this article and leave his delusional rants and accusations in it's place, leading to this article's protection.

Currently Known To Perform
Animal Abuse/Bestiality, Compulsive Lying, Threats/Talking Shit, Hypocrisy.

Divine Sovereign General
Socratic Anarchist Auditor

His so-called auditing videos:

Linkedin (claims to be a pet-sitter):
Gily Bileski

Dating Profile:

PetSitter Profile (which is completely bogus):
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Sup brofams. I wanna kill myself, ikr, same. So basically I have been a sleeper agent within a particular gay fucking brony and his friends. Since december of 2017, I was able to extract a near full dox including name, ip, address,and email with pictures to boot aside from his live shit. Although I can't release all that info at this exact moment to prevent it from going public immediately and destroying my cover with any harassment. Can confirm this dox with any verified staff to confirm it is not a made up person on a shitpost. Let's call him Bravo.
I have made good buds with Bravo's now ex best friend, we'll call Tango, which was considered his adopted dad in that fucking roleplay that's happened between them, In which I have destroyed completely after Bravo was attempting to pose as said friend Tango towards me. I have decimated their friendship from the inside out. Including recorded Bravo's voice calls of wrong claims with Tango and his dox. I have gained Tango's trust to join his personal 'family' fucking pony discord server. I am talking amongst like I am one of them. I am currently in the development of a dox for Tango.
From what I can see in my current interactions, their voices are fucking big alongside a dedicated all depression channel that provides juicy content to read. They are not the brightest bulbs, in which I even challenged the degenerates to a few rounds of chess and beat all their asses with one claiming to be the founder of a chess club, which I don't even wanna know what exceptional individuals are under him then.
If I were to recommend a thread, animal control, gotta euthanize this shit.
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David joseph faulkner. He might be a good one to look into. He has me pretty well blocked onall his pages so it's hard for me to get info.

Basically he runs cat pages and that's whwhy he is verified. Yes, you can apparently get verified for sitting on your ass and making clickbait.

Thishas gone to his head to the point where he refers to himself as god and goes on complete sperg fests when someone questions his authority.

Since he doesnt work, he makes loads of donation pages. Every time he has been accused of stealing the money for himself despite claiming it all goes to cat charities. He most recently bragged about donating a mere 50 bucks to a cat shelter

He has been bragging about going to jail but wont say what for. He just keeps dropping little quips about it
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XD 991

“Dr” Adrian Harrop is currently in Proving Grounds. However his level of insanity has increased exponentially since he latched on to a Catholic woman who doesn’t follow his love of troons and Trannyism.

@adranharrop on twitter.

Some screenshots of this faggot’s misogynistic obsessions.

He gets easily wound up, is pompous, and is being paid by trannie organisations to promote their dysgenic filth.


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Tipster Gaming AKA Robert Santellan

I am honestly shocked this guy isn't already a regular on here. He has plenty of folks who understandably can't stand him, however he posts multiple low-quality videos per day and has done so since ~2006. With only 37k subscribers he is proud to claim youtube as his main income even though he lives with his wife's parents. His BS really needs multiple people to document, here is a short list I found on reddit

Long story short, he is an incredibly hypocritical attention whore who completely fabricates drama to try and boost his channel. His biggest claim to fame is openly doxxing a couple of people - memetroll and datagod, then going on a 15-20 video rampage (now deleted) making totally false claims about these guys. He would 100% blatantly copy their videos to his channel then get upset when they asked for credit. One of them filed some dmca or whatever on youtube which was upheld. He was with the well known cinemassacre youtube management company who repeatedly told him to knock off the lying bullshit and he ignored them. They sent him a couple of very official emails to stop interacting with these other trolls and of course fatass tipster ignored them. Then once they dropped him he went on this mini rampage and somehow talked fellow fatass boogie to interview him which was a total mess. Whatever it's small compared to his other BS

He is super anti weed which is fine whatever, but for a few years after moving into his inlaws basement he would drink tea flavored rum to the point of vomiting on camera. He has since deleted these videos but I know for a fact that someone has them archived.

He is regularly acts like some ridic victim when he is an outright bully and uses his "platform" to target and attack other people.

We need a thread to document his BS... He posts like 2-4 videos a day because he doesn't work and has to clickbait to make $4-500 a month to supply his rum tea habit
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Angry Shoes
Has anyone made an Owen Benjamin thread yet? He used to be a right-leaning "comedian" but now he just does livestreams where he gets drunk, rants about jews, and talks about how we never went to the moon.

In less than a year he's gone from a relatively normal guy:

To a raving drunk lunatic:

Here's a video with the full story:
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I'm a mess, we're done.
Marina R. Gutierrez (also known as Noncomformking / AdorkableMarina / Coretoon / SH4MELESS_KUN / Optibyte)

23 year old transgender male artist in a relationship with a 15 year old, also has drawn large amounts of child pornography and has attempted to defend it with "fiction is not reality", lusts over fictional minors. (i know its tumblr but this is arguably the most reliable source of information i have) (Their Twitter; locked)



This is the story of a racist schizo from Alabama
While surfing through discord I was invited to a server and after joining it I was messaged by someone called "BlondHotBabe", first I thought it was a troll, but then I asked for pictures to confirm the identity and found out she was real and her name is Morgan Farmer, she started calling me Garrett so I just went along with it.

She is 25 years old and lives with her grandma(Learned this after I joined a voice channel with only herself where she was ranting on something unintelligible when her name was called and she responded 'Coming Grandma'. She is essentially a neet with no job and doesnt take her prescribed pills. She has delusions of chasing a love named "Garret" who probably does not exist but she is prevented by "Garret's" girlfriend "Hailey" who also probably does not exist.

Normally, autists like these I tend to ignore but when I found out the scale of her shenanigans I was intrigued, I contacted the server moderator who told me that she had messaged and engaged in conversation with over 80 members in the server(some caps have been linked).
She proceeded to call me a nigger and began sending walls of text. In the process of getting her information larping as Garret I had to explain what a timestamp post was a received a few(imgur). Of course I demanded an apology because she came to me out of nowhere so it was her fault in the first place, and she did apologize so I left her alone. But right after that, when some of my friends joined the server she started doing the same thing to them, and when I called her out on it, she admitted it was her fetish and she was gonna keep doing it.
I have found that she is extremely attention seeking and enjoy all sorts of negative attention and is a masochist, what upsets her a lot is simply ignoring her messages. She will respond with tens or even hundreds of lines of hate fueled racist insults for seemingly no reason then beg for love.

Some nice information:
(256) 393-5597 - Wireless
206 Mimosa Ave Rainbow City, AL 35906-6518
Fathers name: Lary L Clark
Discord: BlondeLiLBabe#6124

Engagements in voice:

Video Apology from her(LOL):

Some caps:


I've never done one of these before, but I heard about somebody hilarious and I'll try to work on this when I have a chunk of time available. 20:00-30:00 timestamp or so has a rambling run-down on his antics.

Nathen Mazri is the CEO of GarfieldEATS, a Dubai/Toronto-based Uber Eats dealing wholly in Garfield-based food. The site is riddled with grammatical errors in English despite where it is based.
The funny stuff starts when you see that he apparently has a hobby of harrassing the mayor of Toronto to light up the CN Tower in Garfield orange.


"I am opening Garfield's world's first restaurant in Toronto & I demand you light up the CN Tower in orange. You did it for Drake in gold"
His 133k Instagram followers are basically all bots, but the photo content is where things get silly. Some of it is Garfield imagery, some of it is him with Garfield edited into photos, and then there are bizarre selfies that he hashtags with GarfieldEATS.
Other images include the same set of stock Nathen + Garfield images with different text. Think Ugojesse but for something nobody ever asked for.
Apparently he has posted 4 issues of a fake non-circulating magazine where he is the only person who's ever on the cover.
There has got to be more on this.
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Lucas Silva #4903141
I guess this is Beauty Parlor material. The early info on this one is off the top of my head, but here we go.

There once was an instagram personality named Peqeri. She wasn't very popular until she started to do cosplay. I think the one that got her really noticed was her megumin cosplay.


She got a lot of followers due to that, and other pics she posted in cosplay, but something was off about her. She looked like she was always CAKED in makeup, but I guess that's to be expected with a cosplayer. Another thing was that she would reveal just enough details about her personal life to victimize herself. As if she just really wanted to make her followers feel bad for her. Most notably, she once revealed that she was having trouble with gory nightmares, to the point where she would wake up pissing herself. At some point in 2018, she deleted the Peqeri account. This is where I lost track of her for a while, and through searching on instagram, the what I could gather was that supposedly she didn't actually want the instagram fame. We were supposed to believe that she finally got friends and fucked off from social media.

She came back as 0wiez, and was also Frokfjz for a while on IG. I think the latter account became her gf's or her sister's, I don't remember. I do recall her saying that she didn't want to be called Peqeri anymore, and that she no longer does cosplay because "yall ruined it for me" - whatever that means. She also had a MyAnimeList account, which I sadly lost the link and name of, but very recently, some serious shit went down, and now she's gone from IG.

tl;dr of this part - a very young lady got mildly popular on instagram through cosplay and memes, she disappeared once, but now she may be gone from IG for good.

She had gotten popular enough to have a fanmade subreddit about her. This ended up being very helpful for this post. Peqeri's 0wiez account disappeared on March 30. Then, some very unfortunate allegations came out.

The summary of what's going on is here. I'll quote it.
Lettie/Bea/Peqeri/0wiez/Frokfjz (18 years old) had a gf (15 years old). They exchanged sexually explicit pictures. Lettie did what is called "grooming", which is when an adult says all the right things to a child to make them trust the adult. Lettie shared these pictures with another adult, a boy she was cheating on her 15 year old gf with. Basically, she distributed child porn and cheated. Lettie has made the 15 year old out to be the bad guy, and refused to admit she has done anything wrong. Now according to Lettie's little sister, Dona, their family is moving. They are planning to send Lettie out of the country. Dona said they are going to go to the police, though it is unknown as to what they are going to be working with since Lettie really can't be defended in this case since she is 18.
The comment I'm quoting also says something about Peqeri being involved in 10+ court cases, but she's only 18, and that info hasn't been verified. Now, the bit about psychological issues wouldn't surprise me if they were true.
Even after the story was passed around on instagram, Peqeri still acted like the victim, as seen in these screencaps:


Thread about said screencaps.
Per Peqeri's sister, the family is moving out of the country. Since her family's from the Philippines, that's probably where she's going. From the USA, to the Philippines, oh boy.

A little more discussion about it here.

The r/Peqeri subreddit. Archive from April 9, 2019. Right now, its front page threads are all about this shitstorm. And in the next page, you see the ugly truth of her looks. Literally.


So, what this would need is confirmation of the early lore behind her. I'm sad that I didn't archive some of those instagram stories or posts, there were signs that something dramatic was going to happen with her.
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Heinz Meanz Beanz
This seems to have broken over the last couple of days: 'Nail in the Coffin V2' (Mute if you're not a fan of Eminem) and Metokur covered it in a stream.

TL;DW, Minecraft Youtuber called archybot appears to have been sending dick pics and other really fucked up messages to a catfish pretending to be a 17 year old in his discord server to the point of him actually driving out to meet her (Video footage of this at around the 18:20 minute mark).

A lot of his messages are shown in the video but here are some choice quotes:

"What if I made you a public toilet (just piss) for a whole group, would you like that?"
"I know you want me to breed you all night"
"My favourite way is prone, just ramming it in"
"Is my baby girl's puss going to unleash me?"

And a lot of messages involving the use of shit during sex.

There were also a ton of leaked nudes on the video (censored of course) and video of him jacking it.

He's currently in delete fucking everything mode, twitter was nuked. The video contains a TwitLonger statement from him with a Kero the Wolf-esque excuse about hackers hacking someone else who had photos of him and him claiming that the feds are coming for the hackers due to his security clearance at Boeing.

Photos that I captured from the vid:


Seems to be a pretty exceptional story and I don't think he has a thread, so here you go.

Ghost of Wesley Willis

Whooping Batman's Ass in Heaven
I think we really need to do one on Thepitbulltdg/WolfMan/TheDogang/Wolf Gang:
YouTube Channel | Archive
Sockpuppet | Archive
Alt Account | Archive
Twitter Account 1 | Archive
Twitter Account 2 | Archive
Deviantart Account | Archive
Instagram Account | Archive
UploadStars Channel | Archive
Vidlii Channel | Archive

Apparently, there was a thread made on him about 2-3 years ago as, but I think it's time for a new one, or an update to the old thread. Here's what I've gotten from him so far:

He's highly eccentric and 100% convinced he can make it to the WWE with his alter-ego called Wolf Man (which is really just him wearing a wolf mask, he keeps claiming it's a different person doing wolf man)

He's prone to violent outbursts in his replies and responses to trolls and criticism, they either consist of a passive aggressive middle finger emote, a simple kill yourself, or how wolf man will hunt you down and murder you with his hammer.

In one video, he was reading comments left on his profile, one of them reading "dog came and went like a fart in the wind" and proceeded to lift his leg up and add a farting sound effect as a reply, this only gave his trolls new material, as most comments are begging for him to release another video of him farting.

His videos have a very low production value in his videos, most of them never being above 360p.

He's got a habit of getting banned and reappearing on YouTube, and this has been the case since 2011 from his own mouth

The last part would be the guys trolling him, with one group supposedly called "getbac" has been trolling him for as long as he's been on YouTube. Alongside that, he's also convinced the Illuminati, the alt-right, and the KKK are all colluding and conspiring against him to get him banned from YouTube.

Richie Ross Dawg
I searched the forum for this guy and found nothing, he is VERY deserving of a thread and I have many resources to share.

Let's start with the most recent/viral development and work our way backwards a bit.

Misery Box is not the Youtuber we Think He Is

So let me introduce you to Jimmernam, or as the internet now knows him as, Misery Box. A youtuber whose bread and butter was originally reacting to Howard Stern clips on his livestream, and cultivated a small commuunity from the Stern universe including several old wack packers who were equally desperate for attention. This was his primary income for most of 2018, as he would do nightly 6 hour+ streams where he would essientially e-beg for donations and attempt to garner views by exploiting people he deemed to be exceptional individuals. He was eventually driven insane by his own fans and their push back against many of the antics Jimmer conducted (which includes but is by no means limited to, Jammer calling a fellow streamers parents on air and telling them he is glad their older son had died of a heart complication, the on air doxxing of a cam models personal information for an audience of over 100+ people, the attempted scamming of a fan who called in to give up their social security and credit card info, physical threats made on the well being of several youtubers, and most horrendously MULTIPLE occasions where Jimmer made remarks about having sex with kids, sometimes to their face or even on one stream there was sexually comments made about a child directed towards their real mother who was on the phone.)
These combination of events resulted in him crying on air, turning against and doxxing every single one of his former co-hosts, and finally the real life doxxing of people he deemed responsible for his downward spiral which got his channel removed from youtube permanently. SHortly thereafter he went through a stint as a Basketball Vlogger where he would make videos talking basketball news, but he could not resist this whole time to still have a discord where he continued to get drunk and dox people, only this time because of his new basketball themed videos he was attracting a fan base of almost exclusively young children. Before this channel was ever monetized Jimmernam was exposed for his discord, where it was revealed he had XXX chat channels with kids as young as 12 years old as moderators. This was jimmernams second and shortest lived form, as his channel was Perma-banned for the attempted re-selling of official NBA logos on his merchandise via his youtube videos.

Video of jimmernam crying because his co-hosts had all left after the repeated doxxing of members of the show by The Jamma

Jimmernam Cries

After this episode he went into hiding for several months but was eventually found out to have returned under the moniker Misery Box, where he was reading top reddit posts for little kids on youtube. It was only a matter of time though until his dark past life of youtube streams that involved harassment, racist and homophobic attacks on people, threats of violence, sexual comments directed towards real children, and legitimate doxxing of other youtube streamers was discovered. This was all while Misery Box (Hereby referred to as Jimmernam or 'The Jamma') was under the influence of Kolonopin and boxed wine. All that went on for well over a year before the man was inevitably banned from youtube, discord, and had to completely fall off the face of the earth and re-brand himself before falling apart again.

Here is a great breakdown from someone on reddit who seems to have gather'd a lot of clips together that were used in the new expose video by illuminaghti, which was linked to above.
Misery Box is a former youtube IRL streamer that went by the name jimmernam. He is a REPEATED DOXXER, has harassed and antagonized people using racist / homophobic comments, and has made pedophilic comments about children on multiple occasions. This man who has over 100k subscribers on youtube and makes thousands of dollars a month ad revenue via clickbait and baited donations through youtube superchat such as in todays april fools stream from his new venture misery box.

There are literally hundreds of videos of his former persona jimmernam on youtube when searching the name Jimmernam. All the trademark catchphrases, voices, and visual effects are exactly the same. Plus you get to see this creeps face.

Here is a video of him calling the mom of another youtuber live on air, doxxes their full name and phone number (which is edited out of the video) as well as features a lengthy rant where he leaves a real voice mail telling a still-grieving mom that he’s glad her son died.

Then there is this video, where he tells ANOTHER MOM on the phone that he wants to have sex with her child (i’m not joking unfortunately. He really said that) Skip to the 7 minute mark

In this video, jimmer is trying to coerce a member of his old livestreams discord to pay for his legal zoom account, and is demanding the fan hand over his full name, soical security number, credit card info, and more. Skip to 1 minute 30 seconds

A distrurbed video where misery box is referring to himself as saint jimmy, and is denying chat allegations that he is a doxxer despite having the phone number of yet another youtuber on screen live

Here is a bonus video of him bragging about his analytics and former ad-revenue on his old youtube account before it was BANNED FROM YOUTUBE for the above incidents and may others.

So much content exists on youtube from a plethora of accounts that were appalled by the literal non-stop invasion of people’s privacy, harassment that went well beyond the scope of his youtube live show and involved discord, twitter, phone calls, and every single one of his former co-gosts eventually being doxxed and harassed by jimmernam until there was nobody left who supported him.

That is when he was banned from youtube and slowly created the misery box account. Now he is making more ad revenue then ever despite being permanently banned, has a new discord where he is active daily and is comprised almost entirely of children whom he is known to make disgusting remarks about. Nobody should support this man, but furthermore he should be exempt from youtubes rules and ABSOLUTELY should not be leading a parade of impressionable pre-teens online. Hopefully some people will read this and spread awareness until he is stopped.

So now we hopefully are seeing the picture a bit clearer, a man who is incapable of stopping himself from returning to his own ways, has now blew up THREE DIFFERENT youtube channels all covering different topics in a desperate attempt to avoid having to actually work for a living. He is now under a fourht youtube channl, r / reddit stories where is is re-uploading old videos in an attempt to get back on top of his ad revenue scheme.
Here is a video where a youtuber named Cuestar re-edits the previously linked expose with updates to show jimmers new channels, of which there are multiple

To further highlight how fucking crazy Jimmernam is, here he is on reddit a mere couple days ago demanding a fellow reddit user offer up their legal name to him, AFTER the expose video was already released.

I have been following this lolcow since 2017, and I see no sign that he will be stopping his schemes anytime soon. He also is incapable of resisting his deviant little shock jock style pranks, as a mere week before he was exposed by his reddit community for constantly attacking their members, he was on a show called SaiyanZ Entertainment where he was berating the mans wife on air for having a dead father, which resulted n the wife threatening to kill jimmernam. It's crazy stuff, and I am very new to this place and am hoping this tickles your guys fancy as it does mine. Somebody with the time and know-how could make a very substantial thread on The Jammer that I think will be a source of many future lols, as the man shows no sign of being slowed by any of his hilarious downfalls.

Jimmer two weeks ago, on Saiyanz entertainment
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Found a cow deserving of a thread.
this bully goes by the name of John Jugovic

this is chris chandler level shit

but wait there's more:
attacking a disabled women too

prior warning this website will hurt your eyes

Brian Harvey.

Former popstar in the UK, kicked in the late 90's for admitting taking drugs in an interview. Claims he was phone hacked in 2002. Obsessively posts videos repeating the same things on loop. Recently was vlogging from hospital after being voluntarily committed. Is convinced he's under surveillance (literally a helicopter flies over his home - in London - and he streams over 2 hours). Convinced he is going to 'take down' Rupert Murdoch and various other people in the media/law enforcement. Has a loyal army of followers who are unwittingly gaslighting him with his paranoia. Also convinced youtube is hiding certain videos of his. Watch one video, you've watched them all.

Currently has his twitter deactivated.

etc etc...
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I found this user on reddit who goes by u/SakuraDiaperLover. This "person" constantly posts things about being a trans-woman, constantly goes on about their love for diapers and that they should "lose bowel and bladder control". They claim they are only 16 years old, but I mean come on, this is the Internet, it's probably a 50 year old neckbeard lying about their age. Here's their profile:

I don't know much about this person yet, but they are a true lolcow. Anyone grown ass adult who dresses in diapers and goes in "ABDL" groups is clearly a pedophile that needs to get shoved off of a cliff. This person also says they were abused and that diapers are their "coping mechanism" which to me just sounds like a shitty excuse to continue on with their extremely autistic (and borderline pedophilic) behavior. Just check this user's profile out, they are a pathetic sub-human.

Brian Harvey.

Former popstar in the UK, kicked in the late 90's for admitting taking drugs in an interview. Claims he was phone hacked in 2002. Obsessively posts videos repeating the same things on loop. Recently was vlogging from hospital after being voluntarily committed. Is convinced he's under surveillance (literally a helicopter flies over his home - in London - and he streams over 2 hours). Convinced he is going to 'take down' Rupert Murdoch and various other people in the media/law enforcement. Has a loyal army of followers who are unwittingly gaslighting him with his paranoia. Also convinced youtube is hiding certain videos of his. Watch one video, you've watched them all.

Currently has his twitter deactivated.

etc etc...
He's live RN

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