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High Priest Cohen
I don't know if I have the skills to make an acceptable OP but if someone finds this guy interesting he might make a good thread. Here goes:
This guy is a trans that doesn't attempt to even look like a woman. He is from Dayton Ohio. He stares out his window and talks shit about his family when they go outside. His name is Earl. He claims his brother Sherman beats him, even though this tranny is always filming and never has any video proof. Tranny Earl makes $100/week that his parents give him to do their laundry. He spends most of his time standing around complaining about his parents even though he lives with them for free. He also has arthritis and psoriasis which he bitches about incessantly.


This chick: Lurker Bunny
I found out about her from the good ole days of SomethingAwful's AwfulVision. It's a bit redundant to post that link as her videos don't exist any more, but examples of her fanart, plus a nude, still exists there.

She was the spergette version of Chris Chan, but instead of Sonic and Pokemon, she was obsessed with Robin Williams, Mork and Mindy, and the Electric Company. I wonder what happened to her especially as Williams topped himself.


Ghost of Wesley Willis

Whooping Batman's Ass in Heaven
Modern socialists act like nothing has changed since the days of The Jungle and expect people to take them seriously. Not only as candidates, nor as just ideologues, but also as champions of the working and lower class while coming from a near exclusively cosmopolitan background.

This woman here: Nads6969 a.k.a. Nadia Stepputat.
Art Station:
Fan Club for her comic:

Story: Nads6969 is known among Deviantart as the serial tracer who doesn't have an ounce of talent in her body to create anything original. She traces art from professional artists and people who have been paid to make it for other people. Whenever she's confronted she runs to her hugbox and cries "depression". This has been going on for 10 years and she still hasn't learned to draw. She is 36 years old but acts like she's 4 years old when she is told to stop tracing.

Thread worthy proof:
Callout Journals:

Her journals when she's caught red-handed



Dayton Hypernova

An unhinged 30 something unemployed tranny that lives with his elderly parents and almost-as-insane brother. He claims his family is abusive and bigoted, and so he constantly records them as "proof".

CRIMINAL that he isn't well known.
Wow...just wow. What. a. spoiled. entitled. faggot. I don't blame his brother for raging at this cunt. I hope they cut him out of their will



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Wow...just wow. What. a. spoiled. entitled. faggot. I don't blame his brother for raging at this cunt.
Dayton Hypernova

An unhinged 30 something unemployed tranny that lives with his elderly parents and almost-as-insane brother. He claims his family is abusive and bigoted, and so he constantly records them as "proof".

CRIMINAL that he isn't well known.
The fact this dude doesn't have his own subforum, let alone thread makes me doubt the autism of this website.
I've been watching his vids. I'm experiencing a mixture of hilarity and anger.
Some youtubers have beaten KFs to it

Image result for Patrick S. Tomlinson




Patrick S Tomlinson is a failed science fiction author and "stand up comedian" who got a few viral tweets a couple of years ago and has considered himself a fiery badass ever since.

In between political spergouts, Fat Pat picked a fight with beloved comedian Norm Macdonald and proudly declared being above the "comedic" stylings of the former Weekend Update anchor. This caught the attention of the good boys of Reddits Opie and Anthony board, a forum dedicated to bashing the ancient shock jock program, its hosts, and related personalities.

Patrick, being the pinnacle of wit he is, has spent months battling the r/OnA board ever since, cultivating in him attempting to take down the board with blatantly illegitimate DMCA claims due to "stolen images" over posting his Instagaram and Twitter tirades. After months, this eventually succeeded.


A tl;dr timeline of events can be found in this brief Porsalin doc

Metokur has touched on it as well.



This is admittedly a huge fucking mess atm but the O&A board was just killed so I figured I'd get something going on here for now.
You should probably link to this place, in case the guy can't get something together before scorch gets banned. I don't think most people there know about it.
The autistic meth addict truckers are probably too lazy to go anywhere but reddit anyway though.

Assassin's Aid
Tsumikiria and/or from Wikipedia. On Genderdesk, Tsumikiria was described as "nasty" and sporting "a user box bragging: 'this user loves ero kawaii art', which apparently involves children in underwear." Fae was described as "the nude bondage selfie guy, who unselfconsiously mansplains the true nature of lesbianism in his edit summaries while ripping out chunks of text." I visit Wikipedia occasionally and hadn't heard of them until recently, but they are apparently two males doing a lot of damage at women and lesbian-centered spaces, such as the Wikipedia AfD about lesbians wanting to separate themselves from the rest of the GBT community. This has brought them another level of recognition. Apparently, Fae loves to involve himself in drama and play the victim.
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I was going to request a thread about Dayton HyperNova but I see someones already done it.

Yet another situation where the overly kind and merciful parents are being abused and taken advantage of.
@Manly-Chicken @Bambi Sammich

This faggot has a GoFundMe:

TL;DR: He wants money so he can give away his shit for free to other fuck ups

@Null PLEASE do a stream on this douche. Don't let Revenge of the Cis have all the fun!


This guy:

Meet Biff Spigler.
A washed out, valley girl sounding, constantly chewing hippie, , who like Tommy Tooter posts about shit none cares about, lives in filth and fully believes in some Terry Pratchett bullshit about the would being carried on the back of a tortoise:
Unlike Tommy though, he doesn't condone sex with dogs and compares it to having sex with a exceptional teenager.

Oh yeah, surprisingly enough he's a troon:

Revenge of the Cis did a steam about him, if you want a preview:

And if your really want to destroy your psyche: his 'personal' website with pictures and erotic stories; including a heartwarming tale about how he fucked his own mother (two versions and several spinoff stories) . He has verified this by including photographic evidence:
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The mask from hell
Yeah, so this guy who goes by the name of Mark Yaskoweak has been shouting and harassing his neighbors for a while so he needs to have his own thread.



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