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Leaving this here on the advice of @SaveTwinkie, I don't know if anyone has documented this. Might be worth an archive as Shanny for Christ is a premiere lolcow

I've archived it as well as all the other videos on Shanny's channel. I think this one will require quite the group effort to do an OP. I can only stand to watch about 30 seconds of her at a time.

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I've archived it as well as all the other videos on Shanny's channel. I think this one will require quite the group effort to do an OP. I can only stand to watch about 30 seconds of her at a time.
I agree. I really wish I had the time to devote to doing a proper OP, but I think many of us feel that way. Her voice should be used by Black Ops to get captured Taliban and ISIS fighters to talk.

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I have no idea or desire to save the videos but there's a new Twitter account that may just be Shanny herself that's posting her OnlyFans material. Warning, it's not only NSFW, it's NSFL. @SexyForChrist

*eta - sweet mother of god, I just looked to see if the account was still there and more... "content" has been added. I think Rev has a smaller baby carrot than Onision. 🤮
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Does Michael Avenatti have a thread?

Not that I've seen, but I have a feeling a thread on him would die on arrival as he hasn't really been active on social media or anywhere. Also, I'd have to wonder if we'd be breaching the "no celebrities" rule in regards to that.

I did find this article which suggests he'll have cell phone and email access at the prison he's now at, among other things. Maybe we'll see new tweets then, I'm not sure.


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A request for opinion on two thread ideas:

1. Eugenia Coomey. She's an anorexic YouTube star with countless subscribers. A KiwiFarms search shows her being referenced in multiple other threads. Not a horrible person, but refused to admit to her anorexia until her friends literally forced treatment on her. I've also heard she lets her mother control her life.

2. Lolcow community: IG/TikTok/other "models." Young, usually good-looking, mostly female people who are often incredibly vapid but think their large following makes them profound. Think "16-year old who has 1 million IG followers complains about her shitty paintings of Trump eating a globe not getting the likes and comments her bikini pictures get." On that note, a lot of "models" are quite underage, and the pedophilic nature of their own communities alone might be worth a thread.


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LOLCOW Shanny for Christ is a fat racist clown. She picks fights with people on the Internet and then spends hours livestreaming with her "husband" Jason Egroff AKA Rev on YouTube. She claims her racism and obnoxious behavior is due to Borderline Personality Disorder. If you search "shanny for christ" on YouTube you will see she has been around for a few years and that she deletes all her videos and other people repost them. So archiving is extra important for this freak. Most recently she has come into fire for calling people niggas on YouTube and for defending Foodie Beauty Chantal against the reaction channels who make fun of her.

View attachment 1025068

View attachment 1025069 View attachment 1025070

At first, Chantal defended her and then once she realized the huge backlash because people were pissed about Shanny for Christ and her racist ass husband, she decided to throw Shanny under the bus and publicly disowned her. Which, in turn, upset Shanny and she decided to make a video about it.

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She continued her racist rant calling everyone on the Internet a nigga on YouTube for the next few days

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View attachment 1025090

A video of Shanny for Christ talking about shitting her pants

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Shanny for Doxxing

View attachment 1025113

I could go on posting these all day, I highly recommend searching this LOLCOW. There is a big shitstorm going on right now involving Shanny for Christ and her husband Rev. Shane Dawson has been doing a YouTube series with Jeffree Star that has been very popular and received a lot of views. Shane Dawson included Shanny for Christ and her husband in the series finale and people are having outrage all over the internets. There have been several videos made about it. Below I will link Shanny's 2 YouTube Channels, as well as her husbands channel which they livestream from usually daily.


Shanny for Christ YouTube
Shanny Loves Games YouTube
Revelation News YouTube (her husband's channel)
Did Shane Dawson vet the people in his videos?

It should also be mentioned that Shanny for Christ was arrested for Domestic Violence Assault for slapping her husband in the face and "beating him with a whip" according to the police report pictured here.

View attachment 1025140 View attachment 1025141 View attachment 1025142 View attachment 1025143

View attachment 1025144 View attachment 1025145

This is a video that she deleted about the incident that somebody else uploaded to another channel. I think there are more videos about this out there I just have not found them yet.

I wasn’t sure where to post this so I checked the farms for this violent fat pig that has an OnlyFans, a cuck boyfriend and totally is totally sober now guys!!!.
This seems to be the best place to post so here ya go.
Chimping out about the farms and orbiting Chantal and Amberlynn as usual:


A thread about specific people you've met on such a fandom, in wich you wish you killed them with your bare hands.

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I kindly ask for there to be a thread on this man.
Jumanne shoplifts and vandalizes stores. How he acts is what intrigues me.


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So, not to almost dox myself, but I just moved back to my hometown and learned that a local burger joint that sprung up in recent years was shut down during the last year I was gone over abuses to its staff and alleged abuse of its earnings by the ministry that runs it. Accounts of those in their employ and members of the ministry describe some spooky stuff, and the whole thing gets described as a cult pretty commonly around here. Decided to do a small amount of digging on my own, and if anybody else wanted some sort of a project I figured it'd help to bring it to the attention of you fine folks.

The homepage of the ministry in question (hasn't been updated since Nov. 2019)
Local news about the whole shebang , and another one too.
Old Reddit thread on the topic
Link from the Reddit thread to an article on The Phoenix Preacher regarding the accounts

Archived statement from the Chairman

Twatter profile of the man at the center of the drama is protected, which is always a great sign.


Edit: I couldn't go to bed without posting the moneyshot from the articles for those who just wanted a quick glimpse into the potential of this lad



Mostly just putting this up for anybody with the curiosity to go find out more on their own if they were looking for a project. Religious nuts are a dime-a-dozen, but when you get them infiltrating local business through trendy chili burger joints I think you can wind up with some tales to find. Sorry if this is a waste of space. I didn't feel adequately-equipped to go and post a proper thread on the matter.
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Damn where do you people find these guys? I was just gonna suggest a thread on us talking about our local lolcows but you guys clearly have found more interesting shit


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Has anyone found the bodycam footage of Shanny for Christ being arrested? Does it even exist?

Does anyone have raw footage of Shanny talking about the incident? I can only find "drama channel" type videos about it with all kinds of interjected commentary/music/crap
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