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Request for Pastel Belle. I saw some posts about her in other threads but didn't go very far down the rabbit hole. Her channel:

From what I've seen, she's tries to profit from rape "survivors", threatened to dox alleged victims if they wouldn't MeToo someone, tried to interfere in a FBI investigation into pedophilia (David Torres/Dahvie Vanity). She also uses her platform to protect Dahvie's ex girlfriend and tries to hide her alleged involvement. There's a few posts about her in the Dahvie Vanity thread.

Recently, she had someone on accusing horror narrators of grooming her without any tangible evidence. My instinct is that it's made up drama for her channel because it seems like bad fanfiction. At best she's an idiot with a savior complex, but she really seems like a nasty grifter and con artist.
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Okay, can someone do some research into this shitty, unfortunate community here? There isn't a suggestion thread for Community Watch so I'll just leave it here. -> "NOLA (game) is run by two trans, queer leftists. Not liberals. Leftists. We are the SJW antifa everyone's warning you about." <- guy makes a post about a supposed game where antifa is the Suicide Squad and is run by the government, cue the calling to crucify him

There's a lot of other nuggets on that website, which is considered to be a popular hub for the ancient hobby of MUD/MUSH, but I don't want cancer. Feel free to dig.

Khabib Zabeeb

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I am requesting that someone make an asmongold thread, He is not only an a grade simp but lives in squalor playing world of warcraft with no friends ( besides mccuck who arguably isn't his friend and instead a symbiotic parasite ) and letting his hair and teeth fall out. The dude is always trying to be at the centre of drama so why not help him out.
Ha thats good to hear. Yea I think I posted the podcast here at some point (this is a big thread good luck finding it). It blows they deleted their internet history. I had a lot of fun watching their videos. He might be settling but I have no idea what her problem is. Matt is physically and mentally gross. I hope he becomes homeless. Tell Kim I'm single, I have a job and I also like racoons.
I know how to find it quickly since I've searched it up a few times, but that shit is cringy. Yeah, and the kicker is that posted about this thread on Facebook recently since he saw my comment to this site, so he is gonna block me from seeing his shit. Yeah, those relics made me laugh too. It must be her personality since she comes off as strong in some of the clues you see in their videos, and he's probably submissive because who else is he gonna be able to get at this point in his life? They moved to a different state and she's off the grid in terms of social media, but I'll get the message through lol


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Requesting a thread for general "Schools closed due to AIDS"-related news, etc. I don't have children, and I haven't been in school for a while, but I am curious to see what's up especially when I see dumb shit like this:


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Requesting this to be posted in the tranny news megathread.
"During his bid for Denton County sheriff in 2016, Republican Tracy Murphree boasted he would beat up any transgender woman who dared to enter a public restroom occupied by his daughter. Now, a transgender woman is aiming to take Murphree's job."

Bet he's not even from Bjorkland. What a ridiculous troon name.


Both a great ally and a real dumbass
Requesting to do a thread on these two The channel ImFakeStation is another clickbait channel that recently got infamy for releasing 3 am videos on Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman Lurking around the channel, I've found other things posted like 3 am videos on both Maniac Cop Motel Hell Madman (1981) Other thing of note is that they have produce a slasher film based on George Floyd that's 81 minutes long


That RE 8 Vampire Lady is fine AF
Request for a thread on Optibotimus. He’s..... been up to some interesting business over the years that I’m sure some guys outside the TF community would find funny.
A few highlights of his internet idiocy include, giving himself cataracts, having a fat porno magazine left at his hotel room, e-begging while buying high-end collectables, defending his ex-wife post divorce, adding coke-cola ads to his videos despite NOT being sponsored and being sent a C&D letter from coke-cola, throwing his fellow “reviewers” under the bus simping for Paul Feig years after Ghostbusters came out and being caught going onto 4chan to defend himself from the mean anons.
Not sure if lolcow worthy material or not, but has there ever been a thread on Bubzbeauty / Lindy Tsang? I've seen PULL and Guru Gossip discuss her. I've been trying to archive her thread since PULL will be shutting down soon. I apologize if this is not a thorough 'pitch,' so to speak.

if you need help making an op on her lmk. i hope some people who were on PULL get their own threads here soon. i didn't see a nigri thread. :(
if you need help making an op on her lmk. i hope some people who were on PULL get their own threads here soon. i didn't see a nigri thread. :(

Here's the Nigri thread.

And I was thinking about making a thread on Bubz but I don't know if she is really funny/interesting enough. I know the Beauty Parlour allows 'people of interest' to be posted, but I doubt Lindy will turn into a full-blown cow.
requesting a thread cause I'm new and don't really know what I'm doing, also maybe there's already a thread I'm just not seeing? but I'm pretty sure @finalgrrlz is prime material for the tumblr board, he claims he's a cherokee native american, black egyptian, chinese, mexican, palestinian arab, jewish, nondescript white, trans, intersex, autistic and gay man (but also a transwoman), and probably some other things I'm forgetting, but it all shifts with whatevers most convenient at the time and makes his opinion on any issue the most valid... for example he never mentioned being palestinian and explicitly said he wasn't black until he got called out for zionism and racism.

oddly he just looks like a white cis girl who sometimes stuffs socks in her pants for pics
they forgot he's supposed to be chinese too lol

he frequently says he's brown and looks like a poor dirty native brown rez kid and that he only looks white "sometimes" because he tries very hard to look white, I've heard he even claims he bleached his skin? but gets mad when people tell him he looks white.

past urls include amabsupremacist and twinkwife, i have some more screenshots and shit if it seems threadworthy, just don't really know how to format it all.
Has anyone made a thread on Kody Winning Allen? Idk his real name but people also call him Mr. Suboxone. Dudes basically a walking advertisement for why kids should stay away from drugs. Posts tons of milk on his Facebook and is always going live high as fuck and tries to rap. Y’all should check him out if you haven’t heard of him.
Request for Robert Mitchell Livingston.


Found his kickstarter and I've been going down that rabbit hole for an hour now. I'm not even certain how to describe him other than Time Cube guy reincarnated. His personal website is no more understandable than the kickstarter. Evidently he needs a wife.

Naturally, like any self respecting crazy person posting their theory of the universe on the internet, he randomly interjects his ramblings with: death threats to the CIA, erotica, complaints about black people, and his full name.
There's this streamer I've been following for a little while now that definitely needs a thread, his name is Nicholas Stabile III, he's been banned off of multiple sites and he streams every week from thursday to the weekend, currently at

He's got a small cult following already but I think he's worthy of a much larger audience he's got a wiki and social medias for more information, I would've linked the discord but it recently got purged by his fanbase

Youtube video is when he got swatted back in march of this year

Captain Marvelous

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Has anyone ever heard of Thomas Astruc? He's the creator of this French cartoon called Miraculous Ladybug (if it sounds familiar, Andrew Dobson's drawn fanart of the show before). On it's own, it's a pretty mediocre show, but it still has a very active fanbase that unanimously agrees that Thomas Astruc is a petty asshole who can't take criticism at all.

Astruc is notorious for lashing out against fans on Twitter who criticize his work, very much like Moviebob or Dobson. Whenever someone points out a problem in his show's writing, he'll immediately shut them down, block them, and label them as "haters".

Would anyone else be interested in participating in a thread about this guy?
Not sure if this lolcow is worthy material or not, but here it goes.

Daniel Clavin aka CommodusDeGreat:

Hiccup for two years.
Got brain damage for abusing on drugs and alcohol.
Believe in Dark Magic.
Thinks he is some kind of Shaman.
Upload creepy videos of his Voodoo rituals to YouTube.
Uses his kids toys on his rituals.
Uses his wife underwear to dress a mannequin that he calls Cynthia, put it on his bed, pretend he has sex and upload the video to YouTube.
Drinks his own pee and dedicate it to a man he has an obsession.
Hate women in general, but hates fat women more, he often harass women on Twitter.
Invested his life savings into a scam, then he got a loan and reinvest more without telling his wife.
He is obsessed with the man from the scam he gave all his money and upload pictures of him with hearts and other lovely images.
Double face.
Homophobic, he makes fun of his homosexual neighbor and also teaches his kids to hate homosexuals.

daniel clavin.jpg

Daniel Clavin from Roscommon Ireland become famous in 2014 for constantly hiccuping for two years.


Daniel Clavin woke up from a hangover with hiccups - and is still suffering from them 14 MONTHS later. The problem is so bad they make him pass out and throw up his food and keep him awake at night. Dad-of-two Daniel hiccups on average every seven seconds - meaning he has done an estimated 5.25 million since he started in July last year. He spends many nights in the spare room so long-suffering wife Susan can get some sleep. But after more than a year of making his life a misery the 37 year-old is still searching for a cure. Daniel has seen a number of experts, had two endoscopies, a cat scan, changed his diet, taken tranquilisers and consulted a chiropractor - all in vain.


Daniel Clavin interview

After he got cured he invested all his life savings into a company that issued a shitcoin scam named after a condom "Safex ", Daniel Clavin seems to be obsessed with Daniel Dabek who is Safex CEO.

daniel dabek licking asshole.jpg

In one of the videos Daniel Clavin uploaded to Youtube he can be seen peeing inside a cup with a picture of Daniel Dabek attached to the toilet seat, after he is done peeing he drink his own pee.
daniel clavin pee.jpg

Daniel Dabek from Safex also behaves like he has Asperger, as this video show him dancing, moving his arms and moving his tongue pretending to lick an asshole.

Daniel Clavin hates women, he constantly tweet about it using his Twitter account @CommodusDeGreat, he also upload creepy edited pictures of the scammer Daniel Dabek
daniel clavin loves daniel dabek.jpg

He also seems to be obsessed with Cynthia Lathus, she was an early adopter of Safex but she left to create her own project with her husband Joey Lathus named Safeth, in a video uploaded by Daniel Clavin he tries to have sex with a mannequin who he calls Cynthia, Daniel throw a bra to the mannequin and uses a hairdryer belonging to his wife Susan who's real name is Sue Clavin Nee-Wileman who's profession is hairdresser, this creepy video seems to be taken in Daniel Clavin home 51 TARMON MANOR, CASTLEREA, Ireland
daniel clavin wants to have sex with cynthia.jpg

Daniel Clavin also likes to Photoshop pictures of Cynthia Lathus with a dick inside her mouth like she is performing oral sex to him, he makes this images using his photo editing skills with the purpose of making Joey Lathus jealous.
daniel clavin tries to fuck cynthia.jpg

The obsession with Cynthia Lathus started when a porn video (Revenge Porn) was posted on a chat room from the scam Daniel Clavin invested to, this obsession continues till today as he constantly harass her online and post images of her past tweets. A video of her husband talking about the video is in the link bellow.

Daniel Clavin also uploaded other strange videos, one using a mask and another using some toys in some weird voodoo ritual against Joey Lathus and Cyntia Lathus, this toys and masks seems to belong to Daniel Clavin kids.
daniel clavin mask.jpg
His YouTube channel, he uses another nickname

Daniel Clavin is an homophobic, he makes fun of his neighbor who dresses as female, he also teach his kids to make fun of homosexuals.

Some archive links and picts of Daniel Clavin hating women:
what daniel clavin things about woman.jpg

Now you ask, Daniel Clavin and CommodusDeGreat are the same person?

Here are the links:
1- Daniel Clavin speaks with the same accent as CommodusDeGreat.

2- He changed his YouTube account name from Daniel Clavin to CommodusDeGreat.

3- Early tweets of his twitter account @CommodusDeGreat shows he was known as Daniel Clavin.

4- Daniel Clavin and CommodusDeGreat have the same eyes, skin color, hands, nails, and what is more obvious, wedding ring.
daniel clavin weading ring.jpgdaniel clavin weading ring2.jpg

5- Daniel Clavin has three children, an English wife, works as software tester and lives in Roscommons, CommodusDeGreat the same.
daniel clavin talks.jpg

6- Daniel Clavin lives in the same place as CommodusDeGreat, as pictures shows.
clavin home.jpg

7- Daniel Clavin and CommodusDeGreat have a common passion for photography

8- Daniel Clavin and CommodusDeGreat use the same app to create images

9- CommodusDeGreat is known to had hiccuping and many know his real identity
daniel clavin safex discord.jpg

I believe is good to keep an eye for more news of his online activity.
Daniel Clavin clearly has suffered a lot and needs to be under supervision, he cannot be left alone, people from Castlerea needs to know that this individual lives among them, he is unstable, hides his dark side, hates women and homosexuals and also seems dangerous:
Drinks his own pee.
Believe is some kind of shaman with powers.
Voodoo rituals in his home using his kids toys.
Pretend to have sex with a mannequin.
History of mental health problems and drug/alcohol abuse.
Pretend to have a normal life while hiding his dark side very well.
Hates the feminine gender and all about it.

Daniel Clavin:
Address and phone number: 51 TARMON MANOR, CASTLEREA 353949621874
Wife Facebook:
Works at BT (British Telecom) as software tester
Some archives of his youtube account

Daniel Clavin:
Daniel Clavin trying to be cool.jpg
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Not sure if this guy is worthy of a thread or not, but he's definitely a person of interest. He's a conspiracy guy who's overdosed on redpills to the point that he makes Alex Jones or David Dees look like bluepill shills.

The funniest thing about him is that he's convinced that certain species of animals are fake, either as CGI, animatronics, or men in suits, most notably penguins

EDIT: Just saw his list of Top 10 fake animals:
Isn't youtube cracking down on conspiracy channels lately? I'd suggest ripping and cataloging his videos before he vanishes into the void like millions of other lost opportunities. These people's channels can disappear in the blink of an eye. Used to be subscribed to a guy who carved an alien language into every inch of every surface in his apartment and uploaded obsessively, he must have stayed awake for weeks at a time I think he had around 40 thousand videos titled random shit like "nazi batman gangstalker cia aliens" sometimes just him screaming at people in parking lots and running away from imaginary aliens. assumed his videos would be there forever, then he decided to start carving the language into his forehead and got canned. been kicking myself over it ever since. You won't know what you got until it's gone. If we could convince penguin guy to start live streaming, i think it would be legendary. He's already got bitter normies threatening to report him and get him banned.

DJ Panz. Mentally ill Battlecam vet. Was required to stay sober in Beverly Hills in order to inherit 4 million dollars. Failed year after year.

A little loopy. Pretty sure he was court ordered to stop streaming and has deactivated most if not all social media accounts. Every subforum and channel his videos touched have been nuked so it's difficult to find his original streams containing the most entertaining stuff. Often claimed to be in contact with the FBI. Near the end of his active period he was always rambling about hidden hard drives with proof of many livestreamer's illegal operations. Heard he got arrested dressed up like spiderman brandishing a medieval replica sword in public. In and out of rehab constantly while he streamed from both a halfway house and drug fueled party mansions.

Alternate youtube channels were partyboi or partyman something like that though they've all been canned for drug use, nudity, death threats and saying nigger too much.
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Aja Narie Sor (Twitter @_ajanarie). She has a thread on LipStick Alley but they're hoe ass lames for requiring a sign up just to view pictures.

  • Had a kid at 17
  • allegedly just a pass around for international soccer teams
  • allegedly going to ireland just for a shitty soccer player boyfriend.
  • Baby daddy is allegedly a shitty soccer player
LipStick Alley

Fun fact: She has a degree in psychology.

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