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Nuka Zeus
Nuka means stink in Swahili.
my name is of Nigerian decent, i purposely mispell it for the web

Nuka Zeus? Seriously, anybody who calls himself Nuka Zeus should be institutionalized immediately for being a fucking retard.
Did that idiot play to much Fallout games?

I didn't choose my name as you didn't choose your name, it was given to me

Harlock Four-Two
There is a guy in Michigan that rides around in a minivan looking for prostitutes, addicts and other general degeneracy to interview named Chosen Won I don't even know where to start with this guy, he seems to drive from Detroit to the counytryside "up North" once in a while, when he gets overwhelmed. But when he is on his game, his You Tube channel has some fantastic interviews with hookers and crackheads in Detroit.

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CEO of GiveMe Foods Inc.
Frank Jameson & Lawrence Albert Connor

These 2 middle-aged possibly-retarded men have been feuding for the past 5 years, which started because of their obsession with Miranda Cosgrove. Here is a LinkedIn post by Lawrence which discusses the origin of the feud. If you take a look at their social medias you will see they have quite an obsession with young female celebrities, the main one being Miranda Cosgrove. The more you dig into their accounts the weirder it gets.

Frank's Main Instagram and Frank's Main Youtube Channel

Frank is essentially stalking Miranda Cosgrove. He legitimately believes he was in a relationship with Miranda Cosgrove and made numerous Instagram posts talking about it. In this video you can see Frank "proving" he was emailing her but it's obviously a fake account a troll set up. Heres a video of Frank wishing her a happy birthday. here are some examples of the fight between him and Lawrence; Video, Another video. Looks like some of the older Frank content was deleted but with some digging around on Youtube you could find them.

Lawrence's Main Instagram and Lawrence's Main Youtube Channel

here is his personal website which gives some insight into the feud between him and Frank, you can also see his Miranda Cosgrove obsession on the site too. Here are some examples of the Instagram videos he makes for Frank: Video , Compilation of videos, Another video.

As you can see here, Lawrence owns multiple Miranda Cosgrove domains for some reason.

This is my first post so excuse the shittiness, it really only scratches the surface of these 2 men so I would recommend going down the rabbit hole and researching it more, its pretty interesting.
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Do we have a thread on Rebbeca Pisani Stormy? If not:

She has been accusing many Youtubers such as SomeOrdinaryGamers and MamaMax of being Child R... You know what I mean. She has a buttfuck of alts to support her own claims, and to harass said individuals.

Twitter: (archived version:
Suspected alt or follower: (archived version:
An Individuals experience with her: (very unlikely to go down)
Pretty embarrassing reaction video from alt:

The hilarious part is, the fact that I have not seen a SINGLE supporter of her, yet she behaves as if she had a bunch of em. Oh, the alts don't count.

Excuse if it is messy, I am still learning the basics of this site. Thought this would fit.

Umaru Doma

I have never made a thread, nor do I particularly want to- In general, I would rather watch the cows graze than fondle their udders. However... There is one person I would be very, very curious to see in her own thread, although it may prove difficult- Her accounts are full of botnet spam and, inevitably, all of them will be removed. The decision to write this thread would not be without risk if linked back to your other accounts, so, take caution.

Kiwis and fruits of the boards, I present for your consideration: Rebecca Stormy/Corestormy/Amanda Jenkins. Here is her public Facebook, which refuses to archive what the fuck. Here is her deviantArt. (Archive)

You may know her from this video, which is fairly entertaining, but this was a rabbit hole one could explore long, long before.

For those who have not seen the video- Amanda Jenkins is a former camgirl who began her road to infamy by accusing cam site YouKandy of honestly a lot of bullshit. For a short time she maintained a profile on "alt modeling" (softcore porn) site Suicide Girls, where she amassed a very small following of 125 people. Before that, she had a small time YouTube.

But, that's not why you're here.

For the past year or so, Amanda Jenkins has been using dozens, maybe hundreds, of accounts to stalk YouTubers such as Whang, Nexpo, NightDocs, SomeOrdinaryGamers, Cr1tikal, and many more. Why? She claims that they are part of a secret cross-platform pedophile conspiracy, that they have sent child porn to many users including her, and that she has an open FBI investigation against them due to their totally legit pedo conspiracy.

Why does some mentally ill woman stalking a bunch of YouTubers matter? Well, for starters, the scale of her operation: I was able to find three two accounts, currently, but as stated above- Hundreds have existed. These accounts frequently interact with both each other and the above hit list, so, they are not difficult to find. 1, 2. One was removed as I was typing this post, so archival of any notable content is highly recommended. (Archive 1- 2) You may notice that, via account 1, one of her little side hobbies is rolplaying as the British singer Yungblood (Dominic Harrison) and pretending that the two are dating, a fact referenced in below reddit section.

Luckily, she made a subreddit to host her own posts, which mainly contain other people mentioning her and various screenshots of her being banned, as well as dead links. There is a second, empty/restricted subreddit here. (Archive 1- 2- 3) As well as a THIRD subreddit for proving the mods of a different subreddit are pedophiles. I have yet to find an active, non-suspended, reddit account.

What began all of this? The defunct video sharing/chat site, Amanda claims, perhaps genuinely, to have seen child porn posted on this website. Despite having used the website before its closure, I never encountered actual child porn (thank God), BUT. I can confirm there were several rooms dedicated to sharing porn. Just normal, clear-web porn. could only access a kind of mini version of Chrome, so, the likelihood of finding cheese pizza was slim, but not zero. The surface web is littered with pedophiles, they are everywhere. Not only that, I distinctly remember seeing rooms dedicated to "Jailbait" porn- AKA legal adults LARPing as teenagers. On her subreddit, Amanda also shows a feed from one room showing a young-looking girl showing herself in a swimsuit- Think "webcam video from" type shit. Due to all the spam I can't fucking find it again. Amanda also claims to have been sent a video of an infant being raped by user oChris, a popular uh..streaming? personality on the site.

The information we are currently given, sourced via above video, suggests that in reality it was AMANDA who has sent child porn to others, including a minor who moderated the subreddit, possibly as "proof" that she had found it which is the most illegal and dead brained way to go about it.

I obviously cannot verify this statement, as it involves highly illegal content, and how the fuck would I know what she sent some kid?

She also claims YouTuber Loeybug stalks, and allegedly raped, her son (whose existence I cannot verify- She seems to LARP as him, too.) who she claims was also stalked and groomed by oChris, seemingly because he was watching this man's streams. Another claim says that her address was posted by a user posing as her and, subsequently, she was raped by a stalker.

As you can see, there is a LOT of information here, and I am not the person to sum it up.

Due to her generally unstable mental state, as well as the gravity of these accusations, coupled with her ability to stalk her target and potentially ruin their lives, I would suggest she be classified as a Horror Cow.

Given the spammy, possibly bot'd nature of her posts, information in this cow's own (intelligible) words is incredibly sparse, so, the well of new content may eventually run dry. Taking this into consideration, I suggest the thread be used as a place to discuss/archive any important content, as well as the possibility of any ongoing legal case, as the FBI has been contacted about her. Possibly also talk of the scale/workings of such a bot operation.

In my opinion, the OP should include:
  • A summary of the YouTube video (it's very long)
  • Transcript of the FBI video?
  • Any or all of the above information + OP's own research
  • Links to the claims (on her main subreddit) that I didn't yet grab
  • Any pertinent screenshots from the above subreddits, proving or disproving her claims of CP
  • Links to any active accounts/a list of known defuncts (duh)
  • This image, which she apparently hates (as it shows the poster is a rapist who wants to feed her pills, apparently)

Never made a post like this, so, I hope I followed the rules and we can all decide whether or not to pursue. Regardless of your opinion on the above video, there is a LOT to get into here, and I do not think she's ready for what Kiwi Farms can bring to the table. Let's stalk the stalker.

Edit: did not realize there was already a suggestion, but, I hope this extra info is helpful.
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Based Department

For evaluations call 1-800-BASED
Lucas Botkin and the rest of the Botkin family. The fam has been providing milky goodness for over a decade, but they seem to have backed off pushing their unusual theology and now they shill kydex holsters and tell veterans they suck. I don't recall which brother was raised to be the Prime Minister of New Zealand, but yeah, they're real special.

This is a good suggestion. I've been following them for a while and they're getting bigger in the firearms community and acting as if they have some idea of what they're doing. The "drills" they run are laughable and while Lucas can manipulate a rifle pretty well his form is just absolute meme tier. The videos should be self-explanatory.

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Normally I'm not one for requests as I already have a thread for some game dev in the works that is keeping me busy. But can someone please create a thread for the now new infamous lolcow Alex Hirsh? He seems to be lately acting more cocky than ever since Joe Biden "won" office. Like straight up Chris Chan levels of Autism. It's so bad that I think a full thread about him would be fucking amazing and if he sees it? I hope he either laughs at it and tries to sue KiwiFarms or get so butthurt that his Dicko Mode fans try to defend him horribly. We saw those kind of butthurt fans before with One Angry Gamer simps trying to troll failed hard in Billy D's thread. I'm not much of an animation guy so sadly I would be bad at making a thread about him and copying his Wikipedia page on who he is would probably not count as lolcow material.


Reminder that this man supports Rule34 and allow fans to draw porn of the Pine Twins fucking around and I don't mean trolling if you know Rule34?


Well, Well, Well?

An interview with some Anonymous animator who was blacklisted from animation but sadly 4Chan using their weaponized Autism found out who that is with the way of speak and doing research gave it away. But the video mentioned Alex jacking off to Porn at Disney Animation Studios but it was never said what kind of Porn he was jacking off too? That and he gave Aids to on and off again girlfriend who made the owl house so?
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just run them over
Does tippitytopkek have a thread yet? I tried looking for one and didn’t come across anything. If not this dude probably needs one, I say probably because I’m way out of loop with the dumb shit he’s gotten into, like posting his dick on twitter and acting like a sped because he finally got pussy, allegedly groping a chick or something to that effect and acting like he knew that one e girl that got her head almost hacked off. There’s definitely more but I’m too busy / lazy to go searching for more. If anyone is up to it go for it.

Talbot Grimes
is there a thread on mark "stunnaboy" jackson yet? he's a mentally ill man from long beach who is convinced that he is a rich and famous somehow

the main source of info on him is his Instagram where he posts random pictures or videos that he makes or "fans" send in, he is also well known for being a suspected pedophile (a title which he wears with pride in many of his posts), he often randomly dm's fans where he will talk in either a mix of broken english and emojis or voice messages which also consist of mostly broken english. in addition to this he is constantly looking for a "stunna girl", he goes about finding a stunna girl by randomly sending women on instagram voice messages, notably ones were he records himself moaning as he jerks himself off. there are also multiple "fan" and news accounts of stunna boy which post memes or leaked dm's of him doing what he does. much of his past is unknown, we know that his sister died when he was very young which caused his mental condition to become far worse but other then that next to nothing is known, theres not even solid information on the mans age nor how he earns money. stunnaboy is just as fascinating as he is milk-able and i think he deserves a thread



Stoplight Guy
I saw the hardcore Earthbound community being mentioned around 4chan as an example of a good game ruined by a shitty community, and so I decided to take a look for myself. What I found was something arguably a lot worse than Sonic's horrific fandom, with seemingly endless manchildren circlejerking an admittedly good game (although they make it out as if Earthbound is the best thing since air) and lecturing one another about political correctness.
It's a community I'll be keeping a close eye on to see how things end up progressing.

Giovanni spezziale
Have I flunked Search Feature 101 or do we not have a thread on Nicholas Rock Johannsen / hardrocknick / Big Dick Nick? (No, not Foles.)

This 300-pound "badass white trash millionaire" and self-adoring lady's man who says he has an 11" dick seems to be craving more attention as he nears his 50th birthday.

View attachment 662429

He displays his 100%-real!!! magnificence mainly on Instagram and on the about to be defunct Google+, posting more selfies than a troon, though there's a dead sameness among the shots (see spoiler below) and he gets very few likes despite having stunning-and-brave tattooed eyebrows.

e: His natural brows are cavemanic, so Pamela maintains his arch.

View attachment 663711

He says those eyelashes are totally real and they look totally real, don't they? Totally!

View attachment 662437

e: In profile, we the vocal sac he expands to croak at lady frogs he passes on the street. The brightly colored neck and sparkly earring also attract lady frogs who happen to stand on sidewalks a lot shaking their booties and waiting to fall deeply in love for 20 minutes.

View attachment 663732

Prowls Bumble and Tinder, but says he's not on Twitter. His YT channel has about 25 vids, but only one of them new (sad) and that may mean he'll never be a lolcow.

But he loves to complain about FB, Instagram, and Reddit haters being so wrong about him and e:by August 2017, he'd blocked 15,574 Instagram users. Surely, if he had a KF thread, he'd stop by to tell us fundamental truths. He's also at war with the makers of fake hardrocknick pages e:who have violated his intellectual property rights, so he'd probably entertain @Null with a DMCA or two.

He's content in his racism, says he gave the Trump/Pence campaign half a million dollars, and could shed his excess pounds in a month if he felt like stopping business people from treating him to steak lunches so that he'll listen to their pitches, bitches.

View attachment 662434

An hilarious Instagram Live stream about how great he is came up today on a new channel called Keynote Pablo, probably not one of Nick's own:

I've downloaded it for safekeeping.

Nick says he was born in Las Vegas but grew up in Manhattan Beach, California, and keeps an empty 3-bedroom condo there, but claims to have six houses in total, living mainly in a Laguna Beach mansion while also spending time in Las Vegas. Says one of his residences is in Tokyo, but I haven't found any Palermoesque selfies from Japan yet.

His vast fortune comes from his real estate savvy and not, as haters say, from stealing from his mother. Yet, something may not be quite right about his fabulous life:

View attachment 662383

View attachment 662381

He has a personal chef, you guys! That's why, when he gets home from a hard day's millionairing and nutting porn stars, he spreads margarine on the chef's handmade ravioli. There's mozzarella inside! DSP couldn't have made better. e:But for some reason, his table is always set for one.
View attachment 662422

He who has a personal chef also has a private gym, natch.
View attachment 662457

As rich people tend to do, he poses tastefully in front of a lot of bathroom mirrors.
View attachment 662462

Still, he seems to want to make time on his busy schedule to be a brand influencer. e:From this, we learn he will drink, yes, SOY and takes vitamins meant for pregnant women.

View attachment 663721

View attachment 663722

Two more of his endless endorsements. Really loves wussy yuppie products. Are they classy? I'll bet they're classy!

View attachment 662410

View attachment 662493

His criteria for sex partners are every bit as refined as those for probiotic ice cream.

View attachment 662473

But he holds himself to a high standard, too: He vows before the entire world that ladies will cum the second he taps his dick on the edges of their pussylips!

View attachment 662477

This is quite incomplete. Archiving is mostly pix so far, so I can't take this post to Proving Ground, but I'm not even sure he has cow potential. What say you? |

His whitetrashmillionaire rocknrollbodybuilder channel may be waking up after a long snooze - 25 videos:

Necro'd Something Awful thread from 2015:

Exceptional individuals retardedly denying Nick's superiority:

Big Dick Nick bragging about having a barely legal girlfriend who's still in high school

Big Dick Nick’s Thoughts On Body Hair

Nicholas Rock Johannsen On Why He Is Single

Sinspirational Quote:
"When I'm out in public, everybody sucks my dick."​

View attachment 662478
View attachment 662479
View attachment 662481

View attachment 662484 View attachment 662485

View attachment 662496

View attachment 662498

View attachment 662499

All this bathroom phonography, but never any towels. No selfie stick, either. Maybe he's been Marie Kondo'd.

View attachment 662521

View attachment 662523
View attachment 662524

View attachment 662525

e:OH MY GOD, I FOUND A TOWEL! He bought one. Because he takes 2-3 showers a day due to constant sexxay. Towel must be exhausted.
View attachment 663737

Proof he didn't just fondle towel in store. It made it into his bathroom!
View attachment 663738

Towel still on dootay weeks later! Brave towel. Why does he take the same shot over and over. How much we gotta see his phone case?
View attachment 663739

Car selfies are another fav of his. You'd think he'd walk on the beach or use some Las Vegas glitz for glam backdrops, but no.
View attachment 662531
View attachment 662533

While he was feeling thick 'n rich, he suddenly got the urge to do some brand influencing.

View attachment 662535

Anybody else following him? I don't know him, so I don't have a cache of personal information to use, but if he starts providing more video content, would he be a lolcow?

Edits to fix typos and improve flow.

2/12/2019 edits to add information and images. Also moved some material into spoilers to tighten up the post.
A Hard Rock Nick Update
Nick has been up to a lot as of late: he is on TikTok (I would check it out now because i think he is going to go private soon), but that is not as funny as it is cringeworthy, he is back to private on instagram and has been banning multiple accounts (he screens accounts on Insta it's like applying to a college to follow him) Nick has also been trying to sell his used crap on Craigslist and Starsona. He has been exposed by FakeFlexingFelicia and DeepthroatBDN multiple times in 2020, he was even accused of grooming. He doubled down on his nonsense in a Youtube Live, he has also been back on the Jason Ellis Podcast. He has also added new claims to his repertoire claiming to have been in a relationship with Taylor Swift for 6 months, and to be opening an LA casino. I'm sure everyone has seen the Drew Gooden, Pyrocynical, Tosh.0, and YMH videos by now. I can tell he is trying to dial back his inappropriate behavior, he has removed some of his iconic posts and has deleted most of his live content. I also believe his instagram followers are fake! This dude is really the ideal mold of an lolcow, milk him for everything he is worth HAHAHA!
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