[THREAD RETIRED] Isabella Loretta Janke / Bella the Chris-Chan Incest Troll and her clique of extremely sick people - Original thread. Historical purposes only. Not updated. Refer to forum for current info/discussion.

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Aug 6, 2021
Gotta disagree; it's well and fine as far as the government is concerned, to have a bunch of pedophiles running around in little Finders cults, they don't care about that because they can bury it. What they can't have involved at all is a person who is known all over the internet to be a creator of pedophile fanfiction. Can you imagine if Hoover had a publicly documented fanfiction about sexually abusing children lol.. nah. The government might be despicable, but the government also doesn't want people working for them who are 100% known to be despicable. Imagine employing a person who indisputably proves every right wing pedogate "conspiracy theory" that you've tried to memory hole for 10 years true; nahhh, I don't think she'll have a good job or much of anything after this.
Yeah that's what I was thinking too. There's some shit you just can't escape, and the alphabet soup agencies aren't retarded enough to hire someone who's allowed themselves to be compromised this badly. She's waaaaaay too high profile to be allowed into any government work at all by this point.

That hoe bouta be ostracized by everyone she knows and will probably do something drastic, that's if she doesn't get arrested. Fingers crossed the former is what happens though, that bitch deserves an early grave.

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Oct 18, 2016
What the absolute hell did I arrive to? Chris fucking Barb, I feel nothing. It was going to happen one day regardless. But this?
I feel a pit in my fucking stomach. Good lord, poor Max, he didn't deserve any of this...
How come this isn't featured up front? This might be the worst Horrorcow the Farms had the displeasure of encountering.


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Jan 27, 2021
Working on a video and I don’t have time to read a bunch of forum pages, can I get a quick and dirty cliffnotes version?

Edit: never mind. Just noticed this a new thread. I’ll just read page one for the up to date details

Edit 2: Reading that just left me with more questions. 😅
It's still in the process of being updated since there is so much to this tale, and every time we have a narrative some new info comes that makes things worse

Click the Aug 6 link at the top for the latest huge discord info drop


May 27, 2021
I don't know if you guys have heard about this but she would commonly talk about wanting to be a man and transition but not in the usual transmasc way. Rather, she wanted to be a molesting wife beater type and was sad that she couldn't be that.

Not sure if this has been shared but she roided when she wrestled back in high / middle school, can't remember when exactly. She said that she also just has a hormonal condition that causes her to have unusually high testosterone too tho.
Gee, hormones fucking up children?
Unheard of.


Aug 1, 2021
unusually high testosterone too tho
Imagine my shock.

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Aug 2, 2021
How Bella Faked the BDSM Text - an analysis and timeline
Okay, so I worked on this for quite some time yesterday, and while I know others have posted some similar stuff about how the text were likely faked, I hope this will lay it out for everyone and prove the timeline of how things went down, and also how she used both Louis and @Psychic Espeon in her plan to pose these as real texts. Some of this starts with some background information, so please bear with me. All timestamps below would be Central Time, which is because Louis and Bella are both in Lubbock, TX.

June 11th: Bella has a conversation with 646-948-9798, which is a NYC phone number. She later sends this screenshot in discord on June 29th.
(see filename, Screenshot_20210629-173236_Messages.png)


July 30th: she has another conversation with the 646 number about CWC's initial revelation that he was having sex with Barbara
at 5:46 on July 30th, she screencaps that convo then sends it in Discord
(filename Screenshot_20210730-174659_Messages.png)

10 minutes later at 5:56, she takes another screencap of the same convo and sends it in Discord
(filename Screenshot_20210730-175605_Messages.png)
This time she has changed the contact info on the 646 number from no contact info to making it appear to be from "AveryO"
"AveryO" is the unfortunate TTU student who was erroneously doxed on KF at first. This is because Avery is someone Bella knows in real life and has performed other cruel gayops on. Avery and Angelina were her former roommates in the dorms, whom she harassed and used hidden cameras to record, which ended up getting her kicked out of the dorms.


Backtracking a bit, on June 23rd, Bella and CWC had a text conversation about just random things
July 31st 8:26 PM central time is when screenshot was taken
Please pay note to the details of this image

Most importantly, the 8:26 PM top left, CWC's correct 434 area code phone number, all the notification icons at the top, Friday July 23rd, and message time stamps of 10:00 AM, 10:49 AM, etc

She sent this image in Discord, followed by these two images:
(filename Screenshot_20210731-203532_Messages.png) july 31st, 8:35pm
(filename Screenshot_20210731-203537_Messages.png) July 31st, 8:35PM
These are the infamous "BDSM" texts

Please note the phone number for CWC is now the NYC 646 phone number (previously shown with no contact information and then as AveryO's number), the messages are all on July 31st at 5:30ish


Next, she sends the final product in discord

(filename image0.png)
Please note the filename, which is not the format or filetype Android phones use for screenshots

Please note the new timestamp 8:26, correct CWC phone number (partially redacted), date of July 23rd, and timestamps of 10:00, 10:49, etc
To sum up, she took the time/datestamps and phone number of a legit conversation she had with CWC on July 23rd, and combined that with the fake texts she (and/or her associates) created from the 646 area code number.

The BDSM text was a gayop, and she used her associates Wildcat/Espeon and sock accounts 10anon and TernMerc (Louis) to post them in the incest thread. Let's discuss that thread now, shall we?

On July 31st at 5:56 PM Central Time, @Psychic Espeon (aka Neko/Kat/The WCT/Wildcat) posted the first screenshot of the BDSM texts to the main Incest discussion thread.
(filename Screenshot_20210731-174808_Messages.png) screenshot taken at July 31st 5:48PM CST
Please note the cropping of all identifying information and timestamps, this was basically out of laziness on Bella's part initially, as she likely just cropped the original manufactured texts from the 646 number and sent that to Espeon to post.
Link to Espeon's 5:56 PM post

Much sperging ensues, and Espeon at 6:09PM eventually claims first that "someone close to the original leaker 10anon sent this to me".

Then at 6:22 PM he claims that "a girl named Fiona on TikTok sent it to me", and includes a video of her. This was the first mention of Fiona by anyone and immediately put her on the radar. Huge attempt to throw Fiona under the bus.

Sperging continues, and Espeon says he'll "do what I can" to get his source in the thread. Enter the first appearance of 10anon, which was a sock run by either Bella (or Louis with Bella telling him what to say). At 6:34PM, 10anon posts, saying "I leaked the quote, this is mine, chris sent me this a few days ago."

Please note the language "chris sent me this A FEW DAYS AGO"
This thread is taking place on July 31st, and this would be a big whoopsie Bella has to deal with later.

At 6:41 PM 10anon says: ""Bella" is a psuedonym im a man"
Another whoopsie, I guess Espeon and Bella/Louis weren't exactly on the same page as to who this new text screenshot should be blamed on, Fiona or Bella "the 45 year old man"

At 6:45PM, 10anon doubles down hard, claiming that Barb had to be taken to the Chiropractor because of how Chris tied her up.

The thread descends into chaos for a time, with people accusing the texts of being fake, accusing 10anon of being fake, etc.
This will never do, they MUST prove that their gayops are the real deal!
Enter Bella/Louis sock number two, ternarymercury.

(Screenshot_20210731-165721_Discord.jpg) Taken July 31st 4:57PM Central
At 8:19 PM Tern posts this screenshot, which is identical to the one Espeon first dropped, except it actually shows a semblance of phone UI this time. But no time stamps on the text, no contact info, and it's clearly in an image viewer, not a messaging app. (Bella/Louis aren't very smart)
"I can confirm 10anon's latest screenshot post is in fact real. I keep close contact with this individual on a constant basis and tells me what's going on. This is 100% legit can someone tell null this or at least show him."
tl;dr "trust me bro"

At 8:24 PM, TernMerc says "I'm 10anon's friend. I know its hard to verify but you have to trust me that this is legit. 10anon will reply shortly"
basically more "trust me bro"
Also, it's believed Bella was possibly IP banned from KF at this point (I think there is some chat in the leaked discord logs that reflects this) and Louis was running both the 10anon and TernMerc accounts with Bella telling him what to say, explaining why TernMerc became active after 10anon was quiet and then 10anon returned later, he was switching between the accounts on his devices. Alternatively, Louis took over as TernMerc so that Bella (posting as 10anon) could go offline and make the photoshop to convince everyone.

At 8:33PM, Espeon chimes in, quoting TernMerc's first "trust me bro" post, saying "You should've talked to @The American Hedgehog before posting this. This was prematurely done. (I'm guilty as well for doing it)"
We do not yet know what role TAH may have played in all of this, but I will also mention that Hedgehog has been mentioned more than once behind the scenes by Bella and her cabal.

At 8:41PM, TernMerc says "Can someone put me in contact with @Null ? This is not a troll and I'm not making this up. Its just that 10anon doesn't know how to use this forum for reasons I can't explain. Or another verified watchdog user?"
Note, Bella has referred to the "watchmen" as "watchdogs" before in her messages in the discord and to Fiona.

At 8:45PM, 10anon returns triumphantly and drops the "full" BDSM text, which Bella just spent the last 20-30 minutes photoshopping
(filename as originally uploaded by Bella is "uhg.png" -- ugh why can't these KF normies just believe meeeee)
I had problems re-uploading the image from her post, so I had to take a screenshot of it to repost here, which is why it is now jpg format.

Now faced with what looks like incontrovertible proof that the BDSM texts are legit, the thread descends into chaos.
Gayops complete.

Hope you're proud of yourself @Psychic Espeon , you helped a psychopath. Also would like to know what @The American Hedgehog 's role was in all of this. Maybe they will be so kind as to fill us in.
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Aug 5, 2021
It's most likely both, the retards and pedophiles and sociopaths do get through due to nepotism, but the feds aren't probably stupid enough to think a hive comprised entirely of Bellas would ever properly work and hired a bunch of people that actually do the work as well.
The problem as always is that retards like her somehow get in power ALL THE TIME, most likely because who the fuck wants to tardwrangle an entire alphabet agency but somehow who gets off on it.
Still gotta disagree; retards like her, but not her. The retards who manage to get power are the retards who can cover their tracks. They may be sociopaths, they may be the worst, most depraved, most morally bankrupt people in the world, but they're also competent. Incompetent people don't attain power. Incompetent people with breasts might be able to suck and fuck their way to middle management, but then ILJ isn't a prize in the looks (and I'm certainly guessing the sexual) departments either. There are a lot of attractive bombshells who are equally as incompetent but spent their teenage years giving neck in the quarterback's mom's car while Bella spent her time concocting bad anime tier "master plans" to become famous.
If ILJ spent time learning how to suck a dick, maybe she might end up a powerful person's secretary... but she didn't.


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Feb 20, 2021
What the absolute hell did I arrive to? Chris fucking Barb, I feel nothing. It was going to happen one day regardless. But this?
I feel a pit in my fucking stomach. Good lord, poor Max, he didn't deserve any of this...
How come this isn't featured up front? This might be the worst Horrorcow the Farms had the displeasure of encountering.
She’s the final boss.


Jan 3, 2020
Can confirm, had glowies advertising at my school looking for people in my field. Thing is getting clearances is a bitch and my grades weren’t going to be good enough anyway for NSA or FBI jobs. And there’s travel restrictions and shit too, just not something fun to deal with.

Cyber security and IT in general are getting massive boosts in funding now that the boomer executives are starting to see how bad a data breach can be for them.
Can confirm even further, these chucklefucks tried to recruit people in fucking high school of all places after a thing happened.
Also her step mother being a psychologist. You have to think she knows there’s something seriously wrong with Bella, or maybe Bella being such a pathological liar, maybe she hides it well.
No she knows. Psychologists are known to be massive academic cucks if you say the right phrases - just look at gender dysphoria's definition. It really is fucking baffling considering it's a study on the human mind and shit - but it could be more because psychologists are exposed to sociopaths more often and are thus more likely to get mindfucked.


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Mar 21, 2019
Nothing is going to happen to her. She will graduate and get a 6-figure job with the government. She is an ideal federal employee. She has no morals or normal human emotions. She will spend the rest of her life entrapping mentally disabled people online by pretending to be their friend so that the feds can arrest them. This is literally a perfect candidate for the bureau. Two low IQ psychopaths had a child and she's exactly what the FBI needs to make sure more lonely incels end up in fake terrorism plots that can be blamed on whatever group they're trying to ruin that year.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is your government. They're all like this. They hate you.
You know..... This whole thing is just so insanely depressing and depraved. Despite being around this shit for years, it never ceases to shock me how evil the people can be. But to surrender to nihilism is probably the greatest evil you can perpetrate. While I agree this is a strong possibility, who knows what will happen.


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Nov 9, 2015
I'll admit, that guy on the left looks pretty fucking confused about what is going on. It's perfect.
I actually did selectively and purposely caption each guy based on their appearance.

Guy on the left looked autistic so it was perfect, guy on the right looks like your average troon, and the king is a Christorian because Christorians are cultured kings.
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Nov 6, 2014
Oh. I forgot that he is an outed antisemite.
I guess Glowpops will hire her, but that's it.

Israel's Slave States will not let one thing happen: Give an antisemite power.

Perhaps Glowpop's higher ups maybe wondering where she got such final ideas from?
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