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I think most of you misunderstand these videos, they're not supposed to just be relaxing, the point is to specifically trigger ASMR.

I get ASMR myself but it's not triggered by videos in my case, only rarely when people talk to me in real life. So the videos do nothing for me but i understand why people watch them if it triggers them, it's a euphoric feeling.

I also noticed that i get ASMR a lot more when i have nicotine withdrawal, so if you want to feel it you could maybe take up smoking for a few years and then quit and watch some videos!


thank you Null for fixing animated av’s <3
Apparently 8chan /asmr/'s personal laughingstock Cloveress OD in her sleep.
She was quite infamous for her Junkie lifestyle, common and reoccurring mental breakdowns, and not so subtle side porn job.




im intersex i have both uwu
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Years ago I used to watch these sort of proto-ASMR videos. Once ASMR became a huge trend though the main channel I watched started having their content regularly stolen and at one point the theft and impersonation became so severe that they stopped entirely, IIRC the main reason was that one of the impersonators was using their name in an attempt to prey on children. Now they pretty much only upload product features on gacha toys and minifigs once every couple months.


Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?
Heather Feather posted some fan art to her IG the other day. That's enough content to warrant an active Patreon account, munney pweeeeze!