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TIL that the differences in the Jewish and Christian concept of a messiah means that if a Christian messiah comes to Earth the Jews will consider him a fraud, and if a Jewish messiah comes to Earth the Christians will think he's a fraud. Then I guess they'll plot to kill him. Seems like I read a story like this in a book once, things didn't turn out so great.
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In Anglo-Saxon England, the shire reeve was the senior official of a town. Under the Normans, he was reduced to a manager and peacekeeper of the local peasantry. This is how the "sheriff" became a fucking cop.


Today I've finally learned area code of Greece. My cousin moved to Greece not so long ago and I'm still getting used to her new phone number, each time have to check the country code through site to dial the correct number. She told me so many interesting facts about Greece that now I want to visit this country too.
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Apparently attempting to use spraypaint on styrafoam causes it to disintigrate. Or at least that's what the metallic kind did to my crappy prop knife. Oops.
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We had to spray paint Styrofoam for "rubble" in a show I was just in. I could have warned you fam. :(

til that lgbtq individuals have a monopoly on performing in The Rocky Horror Show, and being tired at a midnight show (when you've never had to be part of one before) is a sin. Also, clearing the stage/lobby of props after/before a show is the time when the real drama happens.


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I thought the "black Irish" were descended from survivors of the Spanish Armada's shipwreck off the coast of Ireland. They are not currently thought to have been so. They represent a minority phenotype in the Irish gene pool.

Didn't exactly learn this today but it was recent.

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