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Cheetahs' tongues are covered in tooth-like spines made of keratin (the same substance our fingernails are made of).

People who have been licked by cheetahs have compared the texture of their tongues as similar to 10-grit sandpaper.
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Porsche Briefly Discontinued the Sale of the Boxster (And Possibly the Cayman too) in the US From the 2005 - 2012 Model Years, Meaning for a Brief (And Pretty Long) Period of time, if you wanted a Brand New Porsche in the US It had to be a SUV or you had to pony up the extra cash for a Base Model 911.

Although this could just be a rumor, i'm going off copart listings and there's a Gap between 2004 (Gen 1) and 2013 (Gen 3).

EDIT: Ignore all that, I'm Looking at ebay right now and the first thing that pops up are 2005 - 2012 Boxsters, Either people barely bought it or hot damn people maintain these things like they are their babies.