Dramacow Tim Doyle / NakatomiTim / mrdoyle - Fat Neckbeard, Rabid SJW, Serial Harasser Over Petty Comics Autism, "Not here to sodomize pets", Wants Mexican kids in cages, possible sex pest

Did Ethan Van Sciver really get fired or is Doyle lying?

  • Doyle is a Fucking Liar.

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  • Ethan was Fired.

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Judge Holden

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He's knowingly propagating false information. Why? What does he have to gain except WokeTwitter asspats?
...yeah....thats it.

Being seen as a good boy by woke twitter people is literally all this specimen lives for, and he has been obsessively trying to get more online asspats from them for five years now.

Basically take one look at him in this image and it will tell you all you need to know about his autism, creepery, and utter desperation for attention from the bearers of vagene


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He's knowingly propagating false information. Why? What does he have to gain except WokeTwitter asspats?
Because he's controlled by the toxoplasmosa of rage. Unlike the more grifter-y sect of Social Justice loons, Doyle is a true believer. But, as is often the case of people who get fully plugged into the Culture War, whatever admirable goal motivated their initial support of their side has become slowly overwritten with "kill the other side kill them destroy them they are evil so you should hate them hate kill rip destroy kill". The fact that this is a blatant lie doesn't actually matter, because his goal isn't to get people on his side: it's to destroy the other side by any means available. This is how you end up with people like Dan Olson, Arthur Chu, and Doyle doing stupid, blatantly illegal shit in the name of what boils down to internet fights.
EDIT: I find it important to mention that this phenomenon isn't exclusive to one side of the CW: I'd say a quick stroll through /r9k/ or /pol/ shows you the other side of this mindset (especially since post-Tarrent /pol/ has now decided that terrorism and accelerationism are "based"), and there are a few posters on this site who IMO are pretty guilty of this.
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i will eat your fucking soul
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Says a dickless fat man who wouldn't have had neither the balls to get out of his car on an interstate to gather up money, nor the basic integrity not to be a fucking thief.

So we know among other things, Tim is also a thief. Stealing shit is no moral problem for him at all.


Randy Time!
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The absolute irony of Baby Bones telling people that they are going to hell. He might want to look in a mirror and say that, but we all know he has zero self-awareness and zero morals.

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