Dramacow Tim Doyle / NakatomiTim / mrdoyle - Fat Neckbeard, Rabid SJW, Serial Harasser Over Petty Comics Autism, "Not here to sodomize pets", Wants Mexican kids in cages, possible sex pest

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Did Ethan Van Sciver really get fired or is Doyle lying?

  • Doyle is a Fucking Liar.

    Votes: 55 98.2%
  • Ethan was Fired.

    Votes: 1 1.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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Doyle apparently was suspended on Twitter a month or so ago.

Not that anyone cares, but, eh, there's a thread.

Why? I have no idea.

View attachment 2356333

But is now back as https://twitter.com/Nakatomi_Tim
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LOL, ban evasion, AmIRite?
I was really hoping this would be the "Tim finally _______(got outed as a pedophile...committed suicide...was accidentally shot to death while hunting Pokémon, etc) news we were all waiting for.

But I suppose a person like that getting their Twitter knees cut off is pretty devastating to them, so overall not bad.

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