Careercow Tim Pool - 'journalist' who claims to be a sensible centrist & sucks Sargon of Akkads weiner; Afraid of the Milkshake ANTIFAs


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He's a pretty low profile personality, he claims to be on the left but seems to have typical alt-lite views and has a volatile temper. Used to work for Fusion and Vice, now he sticks his hand out for patreon gibs to make long rambling youtube videos and go to happenings.

He reported on Occupy Wall street and used drones to the point that the guardian wrote about him for creating his own DIY 1984 fantasy


He's been sperging out at Moustache Matt and seems to think he's trolling.


This is due to a prior incident, he's that touchy about his chrome dome

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I think he editorializes too much, and that has hurt him. He used to be able to stroll up to just about anyone and talk to them, (and since he's young, mixed-race and relatively unknown, people would just open up and say what was really on their minds.) but now based on his interjection of his own opinion, the left has decided that he's an enemy and the right has decided he's a friend, so it seems like all he does anymore is give a platform to right-wing views.

I will say that he's had moments that were awesome reporting, such as when he cornered a left-wing organizer and asked him how he's okay with decrying the right for tolerating violent racists in their ranks while at the same time directly benefiting from ANTIFAs violence in his own. The guy had nothing to say and it was a moment that you're not going to see in regular media these days.

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I used to watch him when he would get into the thick of antifa riots. Now though due to the aforementioned editorializing he started getting targeted which led to him becoming increasingly paranoid at protests and ultimately he quit going to them. Now he just sits around his apartment and does podcasts freaking out about how branding Antifa domestic terrorists will turn them into a legit terrorist organization and cause the U.S. to spiral into a police state dictatorship due to domino effect. Also he's telling people to buy gold and bitcoins :story:

He certainly stared into the abyss too long.


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I enjoyed his repotage when he went to Sweden after Donald trump talked about "what happend in Sweden last night" and how uncomfortable he was after beeing there. How that people are afraid to speek their opinonen on some certain issues etc. That the swedish media tried to paint him in the most negative light as possible, proved his point.

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