Careercow Tim Pool - 'journalist' who claims to be a sensible centrist & sucks Sargon of Akkads weiner; Afraid of the Milkshake ANTIFAs

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Its supposedly this one



It's the same reason why his cops argument is so bad.

"Any cop that remains in a blue state is part of the problem." Uh, Tim? Some of those people have lived there for decades and have extended families in the area. You are making it sound WAY TOO EASY when you say "just move."
“It’s too hard to move” is irrelevant to his main point that any cop in a blue state is bad. They can’t move, fine, they’re still part of the problem in his argument. Just saying.

embedded for easier viewing.

I found the "launching RC cars off the skate ramps" video a lot more watchable than most of his videos lol.
Set to an appropriate timestamp 9 minutes in, because first he goes shopping, then plays 5 minutes of fucking Jenga: Godzilla Edition waiting for the cars to charge.
Beanie Man is much more entertaining on this "money to burn" channel than his political one.
Imagine being in your 30's (?) playing with toy cars. Also wasn't this guy anti-global warming? Why is he in TSLA? He also plays with some other children's toys. Holy fuck was this gay. 72k views too.

Tim is lambasting Andy because Andy had the balls to go on the ground unlike his coward ass. It really shows who the real journalist is, the one willing to risk it all by infiltrating a terrorist group, and the other who stay inside is multi-million dollar compound selling out to jewtube.

Stay inside, fuck your chickens, and buy my food buckets!


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