Tim Slosky / SniffHeinkel / Sniffeh / Sniffindahouse / Darkhusky88 - Psychotic furry so caustic he gets banned on every furry website he uses. Defends Kero the Wolf.

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My skin crawlith
Jan 23, 2018

Tim Slosky (age 41) first came to my attention when the user @Darkhusky88 posted to the farms here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/kero-...mora-yami-the-wolf.48033/page-62#post-3937900


@nonnewtonian pointed out that darkhusky88 was in fact Sniff Heinkel, based off of this socialblade account

Further confirmed by his ban from e621.net. Darkhusky88 was banned for being a Sniffeh alt

In true Aspie fashion he came to start shit with other users (poorly mind you), tried to “dox” the same user, and then promptly tried to find out how to delete his KF account.
sniff regrets coming to kiwifarms.png

So who is Tim Slosky anyways? Like most fat speds his internet record goes back years, over many different websites, and if its a furry website he's probably been banned from it for flaming and being an overall unbearable asshole. Normally a furry being an unbearable faggot is nothing new, but the shear size of Tim's autistic digital footprint and the amount of furries that hate him is impressive to say the least.

The earliest shitfest I can find on him comes from wikifur circa 2008. User Sagefreehaven states that tim was editing his wikifur page to say unflattering things in retaliation of sage saying means things on lulz.net. Im unable to find proof of it, but the whole talk page for sniffeh is an absolute goldmine that was archived.
sniffeh talk page.png

Even back in 2008 you can see the persecution complex that runs deep in Tim. He also REALLY likes to threaten communication with website owners in an attempt to get the people he argues with to kiss his ass and stop telling him he's an asshole.
sniffeh talk page 2.png

Tim was ultimately banned from wikifur due to a combination of being an asshole, not knowing how to format wiki edits, using his talk page like a forum, and arguing with moderators.
sniff banned from wikifur.png onta is mad.png


Naturally he had the same behavior on FA as well. Just searching for Tim's names on the yiffyleaks website pulls up dozens of different users complaining to Dragoneer about his behavior.

He was banned for multiple reasons, mainly his unending war with the owner of WatchYourStep, SilverAutomatic, and being annoying to the sites administration.

Arguing his WYS ban with forum owner SilverAutomatic:
Arguing his WYS ban with forum owner SilverAutomatic1.png Arguing his WYS ban with forum owner SilverAutomatic2.png

Begging Sciggles to help him with drama with another user:
Begging Sciggles to help him with drama with another user1.png Begging Sciggles to help him with drama with another user2.png Begging Sciggles to help him with drama with another user3.png

Begging Dragoneer to help him with drama on WYS:
Begging Dragoneer to help him with drama on WYS.png

Trying to DFE:
Trying to DFE1.png Trying to DFE2.png

Complaining about Wikifur to Dragoneer:
Complaining about Wikifur to Dragoneer.png

Synwolf claiming Sniffeh is harassing them:
Synwolf claiming Sniffeh is harassing them.png

Sniffeh claiming Synwolf is harassing him:
Sniffeh claiming Synwolf is harassing him.png

Onta claiming Sniffeh is harassing them:
Onta claiming Sniffeh is harassing them.png

Sniffeh claiming Onta is harassing him:
Sniffeh claiming Onta is harassing him.png

Tim has what you'd expect in his favorites on e621, but the real funny stuff is his comments. Both his darkhusky88 and sniffeh accounts are permanently banned.
90 percent of furries zoos.png

adam wan cub art.png
cub art is sick.png
prophetic comment.png

HiBillyMaysHere comment chain1.png HiBillyMaysHere comment chain2.png HiBillyMaysHere comment chain3.png HiBillyMaysHere comment chain4.png HiBillyMaysHere comment chain5.png HiBillyMaysHere comment chain6.png HiBillyMaysHere comment chain7.png HiBillyMaysHere comment chain8.png


Doesnt believe theres any proof of kero being a zoosadist.
sniff defending kero.jpg

Talking about saving media files in tailsOS
sniff suggesting dark web browser.jpg

Birthday Dec. 16th 1976
Graduated from South Gwinnett High School, Snellville GA
Favorite artist: James Hardiman (AKA Skunkworks)
Mother: Connie Slosky (Deceased 2011)
Father: Robert Slosky (Deceased 1993)

His voice from his ED page: https://www.google.com/voice/media/...NTyjR7w4_iwFhls3bRZObRMNxMUvh_I9BfoQuq2XKvEEw

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+SniffHeinkel / http://archive.fo/LHfzk
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfV12FKqx0FYOoKA3aC-mEQ / http://archive.fo/0iabb
Social Blade: https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/darkhusky88 / https://archive.fo/Gnebk
Tumblr (deleted): http://sniffheinkel.tumblr.com/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/darkhusky88 / http://archive.fo/cwClB
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sniffeh / http://archive.md/qtLkU
E621 (banned) (NSFW): https://e621.net/user/show/5927
SoFurry: https://sniff-heinkel.sofurry.com/ / http://archive.fo/wVqMl
Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/~sniff_heinkel
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sniffeh/ / http://archive.fo/7c7kf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sniffeh / http://archive.md/k7Jed
Deviant Art: https://www.deviantart.com/sniffeh / https://web.archive.org/web/20181031082744/https://www.deviantart.com/sniffeh

FurAffinity Accounts
SniffHeinkel (Banned): https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sniffheinkel / http://archive.fo/Yx96d
Darkhusky88 (Banned): https://www.furaffinity.net/user/darkhusky88/ / http://archive.fo/mlMjP
ablewolf (Suspended): https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ablewolf / http://archive.fo/K6hhJ
Sniffeh (Suspended): https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sniffeh / http://archive.fo/DdXxg
Sherman128 (Banned): https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sherman128/ / http://archive.fo/Vm3Pq

I want to thank @nonnewtonian and @Blade & Handle for helping search some of this stuff up, writing some of this, and providing links and archives to his accounts. I left a lot of stuff out and will add more later if it will let me edit this post, after writing this for 8 hours I need a damn drink.


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Apr 21, 2018
Lol, Thank you for making this thread. These pictures now have a proper home. @Darkhusky88 Come back, we want to laugh at all the beastiality porn you have linked to your name. I have been wanting someone to make a thread on this dumbass since took up the zoophile/zoosadist white knight position and considering what he jerks off to, his motives are pretty clear. I seriously hope he comes back so he can lecture all of us on the politics of dog fucking or wanting to fuck your dog. What I don't understand is these dog fuckers don't want this shit broadcasted, Yet they sign up for animal fucking sites with the same damn username for fucking everything and all it takes find is a simple google search. Him more or less doxing himself last night was spectacular and considering he doesn't know how to not make an ass out of himself, I am expecting many laughs in the future from this thread.



My skin crawlith
Jan 23, 2018
theres a lot of stuff saved to his inkbunny account even though the account was removed. using the search term (( site:inkbunny.net "darkhusky88" )) brings up his comments on other users accounts, and people mentioning him. you can try the same search without the quotation marks, but theres a lot more that comes up cuz i think it brings up anything with "dark", "husky", and "88"

heres one where he was commenting about dragoneer on a journal that had nothing to do with him. he deleted the comments, but dragoneer's and sciggles' replies to him are hilarious
dragoneer replying about allen.png

he also left a shit ton of shouts on this users page

heres a gift tim got for his 35th birthday


i like to wear panties.png


Edit: ill be honest, most of what this guy posted back in the day was pretty "normal" for furries to be commenting about, but it seems like he went super off the rails after his favorite artist (skunkworks) died due to diabetes complications around 2014
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Mar 22, 2017
I came across Sniffeh while looking into Levi Simmons / SnakeThing news, and he sure does have a hate boner for GrizzlyFatalis.

(Links are from my post in the Zoosadism Megathread, but I'll save you the click.)

He has claimed to be in contact with one of the officers in SnakeThing's case, and directly contradicts what GrizzlyFatalis says in a reply to the same tweet. His tactics mainly involve smudging the established truth.

His ardent defense of Kero is what he uses to claim as the reason he was "unfairly" put on the zoophile blocklist despite trying to push Kero jacking his dog off as mere "stimulation." You can draw your own conclusions on whether he enjoys "stimulating" real animals or not.

I went to check his Twitter, but something seemed to have happened with his account, on my end, at least. archive.md was able to screenshot his current profile. Twitter gave me an error upon viewing his profile, so I tried to use a Twitter analytics site and it looks like he deactivated/moved accounts*, and someone grabbed the Sniffeh username. From it being inaccessible, I'm guessing Twitter staff got involved in this affair.

* I say someone else took the username because the analytics site reports the account itself only existing for 110 days, but the original account has existed since April 2010.


Apr 21, 2018
I came across Sniffeh while looking into Levi Simmons / SnakeThing news, and he sure does have a hate boner for GrizzlyFatalis.

I can explain his hateboner. Over a month ago I posted those pictures of his torrent history to Kero's thread and I guess even though grizzly is banned, grizzly still used what I found against Sniffeh. Ever since then, Sniffeh thinks I am grizzly, Even though I have been on this forum long before the zoosadism shit. Then the night before last, Sniffeh comes into Kero's thread saying I am grizzly and he doxed himself with the darkhuskey88 identity. Most of us weren't even aware of this identity and it give the forum something to look into. It was soon discovered Darkhusky88 is a sniffeh alt and things were discovered about this identity. I am compiling all the juicy shit and needless to say, dogfucking wasn't the only sick shit linked to this name


Sep 13, 2017
I wouldve missed this if didnt see the dark shadow fox thread. I think any people linked to kero etc should go right to the animal board cause a lot of people dont check proving grounds


Apr 21, 2018
Lol, he came back to the internet already. Since he is back I am going to post some of the weirder shit that our boy sniffeh is into. Some back story, the same night he doxed himself, he started closing out accounts like mad. and one of the more fucked up places I found him was on a lolicon forum desperately trying to close his account. The place wouldn't archive but I did get snapshots of everything he favorited

His explanation of the events from a few nights ago is fucking hilarious


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Straight Outta Vellie
Dec 8, 2014
I think I have the story of what got Tim banned from WatchYourStep (a defunct furry drama forum) and FurAffinity. Mind you that because WatchYourStep went down many moons ago and no archives exist (to my knowledge), I'm only able to go off what I can find through YiffyLeaks, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Tim's own words.

It all starts with a furry named Lupine Assassin, aka Allan Greenwald. Allan is infamous for being so addicted to furry porn art that he wound up homeless. In 2009 he begged people to help him out of poverty, only to turn around and spend the donated money on more commissions. After he got caught he promised to repay all the people he scammed to make amends. But with no job to speak of, nobody knew where he was getting the money from.

Our friend Timothy and some other WYS users found out that Allan was using welfare money to pay people back. While none of them were happy about this turn of events, Tim in particular flew into a rage. He sperged non-stop about Allan abusing government assistance. When people told him lol calm down, he started sperging at them until SilverAutomatic, the owner of WYS, stepped in and banned him. Tim took to FurAffinity to continue harassing SilverAutomatic and the WYS users who didn't agree with his anti-Allan tirades. Eventually someone on FA found his dox. With his personal information uncovered and people on both WYS and FA mocking him, Tim begged FA's owner Dragoneer to let him delete his account. When he found that wasn't possible he posted a journal on FA threatening to kill himself. At this point Dragoneer had had enough of Tim dragging WYS drama onto his site and banned Tim.

Tim has tried to get back on FA through a number of sock accounts, with each one ending up banned or suspended because he does such a poor job of hiding his identity. His most recent attempt was in September of this year.

The best part?

Tim is also on government assistance and more than likely blows it porn.
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Apr 21, 2018
Well, if you're going to go down with a fight like in wikifur, yes, do it. It would be amazing.
I don't understand what you mean.
View attachment 584933
Tim is also on government assistance and more than likely blows it porn.
After just doing some basic googling of his darkhusky alias, All the different fucking porn sites, I fucking agree with you there, He's on all sorts of weird porn sites, Hentai foundry, inkbunny, beasttracker, pornsocket that weird lolicon forum that he wanted to delete his account on. How much fucking porn does 1 person need, there is more than enough on Pornhub and that shit is free


Apr 21, 2018
Probably an alt-furry too, and we all know how smart these individuals aren't.
Are alt-furs into dogfucking too? I am not in the community so I can't say I really grasp the little sub-cliques of the community, but from my understanding of alt-furs is they don't tolerate that kind of degenerate shit and with the vast amount of bestiality that this guy has been trading around, and by his own admission, he is into shit like dog fucking

Mammal Pod

Pi is equal to 3.2546373698888...
Oct 23, 2018
Are alt-furs into dogfucking too? I am not in the community so I can't say I really grasp the little sub-cliques of the community, but from my understanding of alt-furs is they don't tolerate that kind of degenerate shit and with the vast amount of bestiality that this guy has been trading around, and by his own admission, he is into shit like dog fucking
Most alt-furries are degenerates too. No different from the kids who get supported by their rich parents while whining about how "Capitalism bad" and Communism is "totes great, u guis" despite them being the first ones going to be lined up against the wall.


Important and Neat
True & Honest Fan
Jul 10, 2017
Most alt-furries are degenerates too. No different from the kids who get supported by their rich parents while whining about how "Capitalism bad" and Communism is "totes great, u guis" despite them being the first ones going to be lined up against the wall.
All of these people just have a “strict rules for everyone except me” ideology.

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